“Know YOUR truth and the truth will set you free!” – Victoria Reynolds


I see you and I hear you.

I know your suffering and I feel your frustration. I can see your pain. I sense how hard it’s been for you, and I know how desperately hard you’ve tried. I know sometimes it hurts too much and you wish you could just throw in the towel, if you could only find one soft enough to dry your tired eyes. You’re tired of playing small and tired of not being seen. But still you keep pushing forward because you must, because something inside of you tells you there’s so much more for you, that you exist for a bigger purpose.

Sometimes life is pretty good, but there’s still that thing, that one thing that you can’t seem to shake. You wonder what is stopping you. What you want is to be accepted and acknowledged for who you really are, the whole of you. You want to exist for something more and you want others to see you, your gifts, your wisdom and your heart. You want to feel what it means to belong. You want to have the courage and freedom to really trust the truth that tugs at you, whether others agree with you or not.

Perhaps a part of you is afraid of being seen and you may be shrinking yourself to fit. You hope for acceptance, when what you really want is to come out from hiding in your secret closet, whatever that closet looks like for you. You want to rid yourself of whatever it is that has you feeling not-quite-right and allow the world to see your brilliance. Deep inside you suspect you weren’t meant to fit in – you were meant to stand out!

Trust me Dear One, you are not the only one. Welcome home. I see you for who you really are. Now, let’s get to work releasing and letting go of who you aren’t.

I look forward to getting to know you and what wants to emerge through you, as you.



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