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In short, my childhood sucked. I suspect for many of you reading this, you can relate. One thing I’ve discovered over the years is that those of us who are here to make a big impact in the world, also have a big, painful story we’ve needed to work through. We were different from those around us and sometimes that really hurt. One thing I know for sure is that we weren’t meant to blend in – we were meant to stand out. Leaders can’t lead when they are part of the crowd!

My story is your story with an uncommon extreme.

I was born in a secret religious cult in Montana where polygamy, obedience, fear and coercion dictated my life. As a little girl I had a gift for understanding spiritual concepts beyond what my parents and religion were teaching me. Out of their own fear I was taught to deny my gifts. My parents and those around me believed that my free-spirit and strong-will needed to be broken by whatever means necessary. After years of suffering and long battle with suicide, I escaped into the real world – a world I had been taught my entire life to fear.

My childhood experiences had left me feeling broken and resentful until I found the process to mend my life and reconnected with my true-self.

Mending my past resulted in creating a life I had only once imagined. As I worked my process I came to realize that my story and understanding is also meant to serve others. Those principles and insights I now share through my personal blogs, books and programs.

Throughout my adult life I wanted nothing to do with spirituality of any kind – I was almost an atheist. Following a mid-life crisis that I now call my midlife rebirth, I had several almost indescribable experiences. In my awaking I discovered that I have a gift for spiritual counseling, inner knowing and communicating with non-physical energies. I was in refusal of these gifts until I could no longer deny who I am here to be.

Now I get to use all my gifts, hard earned wisdom and a lifetime of skills to assist the awakening and evolution of humanity.

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Professional Bio

Victoria Reynolds is an internationally known author, presenter and consultant. She has appeared as an expert on Investigation Discovery, NBC News, Fox TV, The Shriver Report and MORE Magazine as well as dozens of media appearances.

Victoria works with individuals and organizations to help them improve their personal, business and family dynamics through understanding how deep-seeded beliefs affect actions to create long term results, and through assisting with project and people management to help them grow their vision.

Victoria’s clients achieve dramatic results in their personal and professional lives with thriving businesses, loving partnerships and solid home foundations. Victoria has worked with individuals from single moms to CEOs, helping them recreate their lives in alignment with their own core truths.

She has spoken on stages around the world and won numerous awards for her presentations. She was named National Association of Professional Women VIP Woman of the Year and is a member of the Continental Who’s Who.

Victoria is a human rights advocate focused on restoring freedom and dignity to all people everywhere. She insists that her greatest achievement to date is learning how to love all of life despite its many imperfections. She lives and plays in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes, California, with her husband, two children and one shy tuxedo cat.