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I have a confession to make – I’m no ordinary girl.

My childhood was far from ordinary too. It was almost unfathomable yet it was very much real. I grew up in a Fundamentalist, Polygamist, Patriarchal Cult. Think Puritanism on steroids backed by Old Testament justification. You can imagine the insult and trauma to my mind, body, heart and spirit that resulted from that coercive and belittling environment – at least it was for me.  The fear inducing nature of my childhood led to me being severely bullied as a teen. I found myself in a constant battle with suicide until I finally made the choice between life and death by running away from home.

That childhood upbringing eventually brought me home to my own truth.

Disbelieving everything I had been taught to believe took time and eventually I created the life of my dreams. Then the 2008 economic crash threw me into my mid-life holy bleep – what I now lovingly call my midlife rebirth. It broke down everything I thought I knew and launched my transformation into who I’m really here to be. It brought up all the ugliness from my childhood and forced me to begin processing my story. Spiritual gifts from my childhood started showing up along with other things I didn’t believe were possible because of the limited beliefs of my extremely religious parents and my own subsequent atheism.

In my awakening and processing I discovered my higher purpose, which is simply to inspire you to rise to your own magnificence. And that’s what I share with you.

I am a Spiritual Luminary. I’ve always been but just didn’t know it for a very long time, or at least was afraid to admit it. I have the ability to see above what is occurring in the world around us from a higher perspective. I see an expansive picture through multiple levels of understanding and dimensions. I receive messages and inspirations for humanity’s collective evolution. I am a messenger on behalf of the Mother aspect of Source. I hear and see Her side of the story.

I am an Oracle, meaning that I can see a bigger picture for individuals. I suppose in a way I am a prognosticator. I help them process their story to find their own higher purpose, discover their truth and let go of pain attachments to the past. And, I help them get clear on the direction that is calling to them. I call it grounded spirituality – stuff that isn’t fluff. And yes, I hear dead people.

I am an Author. The books are backing up in my metaphorical birth canal because they aren’t mainstream enough for a traditional publisher to risk publishing. I might need a c-section to get them all out. For this reason, I’ve started my own publishing company, not only for myself but to help others write and speak their truth. More details on that coming soon…

Ultimately my soul’s highest purpose is to help liberate humanity from the prison of fear-based beliefs, many of which are found in hand-me-down dogmas, and return to the truth of Love. 

One thing I’ve discovered over the years is that those of us who are here to make a big impact in the world, also have a big, painful story to work through. We were different from who we were told we needed to be.

Leaders can’t lead when they are part of the crowd!


Professional Bio

Victoria Reynolds is an internationally known author, presenter and consultant. She has appeared as an expert on Investigation Discovery, NBC News, Fox TV, The Shriver Report and MORE Magazine as well as dozens of media appearances.

Victoria works with individuals and organizations to help them improve their personal, business and family dynamics through understanding how deep-seeded beliefs affect actions to create long term results, and through assisting with project and people management to help them grow their vision.

Victoria’s clients achieve dramatic results in their personal and professional lives with thriving businesses, loving partnerships and solid home foundations. Victoria has worked with individuals from single moms to CEOs, helping them recreate their lives in alignment with their own core truths.

She has spoken on stages around the world and won numerous awards for her presentations. She was named National Association of Professional Women VIP Woman of the Year and is a member of the Continental Who’s Who.

Victoria is a human rights advocate focused on restoring freedom and dignity to all people everywhere. She insists that her greatest achievement to date is learning how to love all of life despite its many imperfections. She lives and plays in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes, California, with her husband, two children and one shy tuxedo cat.