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Spiritual Healing & The AUB

Over the years since I began my own journey into spiritual discovery and what it means for me, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting other like-minded and like-hearted women who use their past pain experiences to impact the world with the lessons they have learned along the way.

One of those women is a television show producer in Northern California named Rebecca Kimbel.  Last summer I spent a week with Rebecca, sharing hours each day interviewing and talking between interviews. Like me, Rebecca grew up in the A.U.B., a Fundamentalist Mormon cult not affiliated with the official Mormon Church.

During our week long conversations, some on camera, and some off, we talked about everything from polygamy and women’s rights to religious abuse and recovery. Most of all we talked about the healing process and the limitless joy that comes with following your own truth and trusting your own path.  Described this way it might sound a little boring, but most of our time on camera involved a lot of laughing and insightful conversation.

It’s definitely not boring if you are into that sort of thing.

Rebecca sent me a stack of CD’s with our interviews for me to upload onto You Tube. I put the polygamy interviews on my Polygamist’s Daughter You Tube and all of the rest on my official Victoria Reynolds You Tube channel.

I’ve sorted them into an easy playlist of television interviews (a few are interviews other than with Rebecca) for you to follow and keep track of.

7 of the videos are based on the principles in my Transcending Fear book, so they are a nice little bonus for you readers out there.

Each video is a teaching video of approximately 28 minutes and have been edited for television episodes. So, grab a cup of coffee, head to my You Tube channel, and get ready for some witty banter conversation and heart-centered learning.

Until next time, be Fearless, Fabulous and Free!   


Throwing Stones

I almost never remember my dreams but this one stuck with me. I had a dream last night about a young giraffe. It had done something wrong and was standing in the dirt and tied to a tall Palm tree unable to move. A group of men were standing around it and throwing rocks at it to punish it for what it had done. In the dream I stood off to the side watching helplessly. I thought to myself, “That poor giraffe, I wonder how it feels not knowing why people are throwing rocks at it.” Then a voice in my head said, “You know exactly how it feels, remember.”

Then I woke up and realized that I was the giraffe. A memory from my childhood came flooding back. I recall I was around eleven years old. Some people called me a giraffe because of my long, thin neck. 

My father had recently dug a big hole in the hillside of our back yard. It wasn’t much of a yard really. It was a few acres of rocks, dirt, pine trees and ragweeds, along with a small patch of grass. In the memory I was standing in the yard and a group of boys were pushing me into the hole and throwing rocks at me. “Stone her,” they were yelling. Cornered in the hole I stood there crying and trying to protect myself with my hands, then crouched into a ball helplessly screaming with my arms wrapped around my head.

I can’t remember what I had done or said that made the boys feel justified in throwing stones at me. I don’t know that I even knew at the time it was happening. We all knew the Bible said that boys should throw rocks at girls who were bad and I had apparently done something bad in their eyes. I remember how glad I was when it was over that none of the rocks were boulders and aside from my broken self-esteem I sustained no lasting damage.

As I tune in and ask with that bigger meaning is I can see that it is a reminder, that as we heal our own individual stories and learn to see them through they eyes of compassion and understanding, we also heal our collective story.  

This isn’t just my story.  It is the story of masculine domination and is the story of how women were belittled and abused, simply for being women. It is the story of misinterpretation of ancient beliefs and practices for the justification of continued suffering on others who are seen as less-than. It is also the story of how we as women have risen above the misconception that dominion is synonymous with domination. It is a reminder of how we are rising above our pain stories and restoring our place in balance and harmony alongside the masculine, rather than beneath him.

It is a remembrance for all of us that as we heal our collective human story and see all of it though the eyes of compassion and understanding, we can move forward in peace and prosperity for all.


We Are the Love Makers

We are the lovers and we are the makers of love. 

Every once in a while I find myself needing to make a clarification about who I am, what I believe and what I teach. Sometimes I am involuntarily included into both religious groups and atheist groups. Rest assured that I am a follower of neither one.

I am spiritual in nature which gives me the ability to see across multiple platforms and belief systems without attachments to any of them. For me, God is a label, a nickname we have given the invisible forces of creation. Creation is a very complex interplay between all life on earth, along with all of the energies that coexist on the infinite cloud drive of the Universe. That cloud drive, memory bank, all consciousness, infinite knowing is what many call God.

This is what I refer to as the womb of creation. It is where all of the elements come together energetically and begin the process of manifesting physically.

For me, that which many call God, is simply an energetic field where all thoughts, beliefs, emotions, perceptions etc. exist unseen and yet are always creating. It is the collective consciousness of all that has been, all that is and all that will be. It is where everything that is non-physical rests and we all have equal access to It. It has no form or specific function. It doesn’t look or act human and It has no gender. It has no emotion or judgement and all of It is held in the vibration of Love. Love is the glue that bonds all that is.

Love is all there is and when we make Love we are creating the energy many call God.


Love and light to you my Dear Ones. May all of your creations be beautiful as you inter-create a new earth reality based in love.

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Emerging As The Butterfly

This year has been one of the most transformational and liberating years of my life. Yes liberating, almost as liberating as leaving home so many years ago, only under very different circumstances. When I left home as a teenager it was to escape my life in search of myself and freedom from the feelings of suicide that plagued me. It was, in every sense of the word, a choice between life and death. In choosing life, I chose freedom.

I have habutterflyd a truly extraordinary life as a result of trusting my own path, rather than blindly following the one that had been supposedly predestined for me.

In October of 2015 I made the decision to attend the University of Santa Monica and earn a certificate in Spiritual Psychology. It was a course designed perfectly for me and I had been hearing about it for several years. It combines two of my favorite subjects, spirituality and psychology, into one learning program created to teaching students how to resolve unresolved issues and how to facilitate the healing of memories with others.

In the final summer lab intensive I discovered that my gifts went beyond being a messenger for the Divine Feminine. I discovered I have a gift for communicating with my client’s higher selves, deceased family members and higher-selves of those who need issue resolution.  All of this is in service to healing our stories and releasing the karmaic attachments that follow us and are embedded into our familial DNA.

Utilizing these gifts of healing my own story while assisting others in healing theirs fits perfectly in alignment with the work I feel I am being tugged to do. All of it is coming together in service to the greater good and healing the hearts of humanity.

Until next time, be fearless, fabulous and free!




I Have Been Outed

Five years ago I wrote a page of intentions for myself and titled the page, “I’m Coming Out.” It was a list of intentions for myself and who I wanted to be professionally. At that point I was well aware of my spiritual gifts but not yet ready to own them.

No wonder I wasn’t able to meet the intentions on my list – I wasn’t delivering the message I know I am here to deliver! My intentions were written in future tense rather than claiming it as the present. What we say as our present state of being is what creates our reality. “I Am” are the two most powerful words in the Universe. There is no such day as someday and the only time that is real is now. Several months ago I started coming from under wraps regarding my gifts and I’ve changed my intentions to “I Am Now!” What is really amazing, is how everything has started falling into place as if by magic. Coming out of the spiritual closet, completely owning my gifts and teaching what I am really on planet Earth to teach, has opened doors that I once only dreamed of.

My purpose is to teach spiritual freedom and evolution into higher understanding of spirit. It is to teach Her side of the story as the Divine Feminine teaches it to me.

Religion as a whole is undergoing a huge shift as humanity collectively outgrows the fear-based beliefs found in much of religious dogma and we return to unconditional love. I was raised A.U.B., short for Apostolic United Brethren, although I didn’t even know it had a name until a few years ago. I grew up simply calling it “The Work.” It is a belief system I walked away from over thirty years ago because it never felt right for me. I had a gift of understanding that allowed me to see a bigger picture than what I had been taught by my parents and religious leaders. I had insights and questions that were beyond their ability to explain to me and instead, I was taught to be afraid of my my explainable gifts. Fear and lack of understanding eventually drove me to find my own path.

Fear-based religious dogma itself causes the separation from God and keeps humanity stuck in hell on earth. That is the power of fear. It is so sneaky that many people don’t even know how to recognize it and yet it is written into our religiosities and disguised as love. Even those who teach it don’t recognize it as fear. 

We are ascending into a higher understanding of spirit which is based in love, resurrecting the Divine Feminine and seeing the second-coming of Christ Consciousness of unconditional love. We are in the midst of the great time that was once foretold. The term “apocalypse” that so many of us were taught to fear simply means “a great awakening.” Many  people don’t recognize that we are in the midst of The Ascension because it doesn’t look the way our religions taught us it would look like, based in the interpretations of men in their own understanding.

I suspect what everyone is really searching for is connecting with and understanding of their own possibility. In short, we are collectively outgrowing our archaic fear-based beliefs in search of higher understanding. 

So, what is this coming out all about?  Five years ago I discovered I have a spiritual gift that I never imagined was even possible. Particularly because I had the misconception that only men could have such a gift based on my childhood religious teachings. I have a gift of direct knowing, that is, knowing what I cannot possibly know based on anything I have read or heard. My knowing comes directly from Source, or what others call God. Five years ago I began channeling an energy named Victoria, and took on her name so that I could teach and embody her messages through me. Now I am openly admitting that I am an Oracle, more specifically an Oracle of Freedom and teacher of the messages of the Divine Feminine. The Universe and what we have called God, is so much bigger, much more loving and so much more vast than our young minds have been able to comprehend… until now.

My messaging and branding are all shifting into this higher knowing as I openly teach what She teaches me.

Stay tuned as my brand evolves and my blog along with it. It will no longer be about me and my past and instead focuses entirely on uplifting the whole of humanity. There are enough other people out there talking about the pain – I am here to teach a new perspective and higher possibility for all humankind where no one gets left behind.


Healing Trauma to The Human Spirit

For me, soul and spirit are have two separate distinctions. The soul is that part of you that is connected to all that is. It is your inner intelligence that knows what is best for you and progresses trough its own evolution through the cosmos. Spirit on the other hand is energy. It is a common term used for what we cannot see yet can feel.  Love is the spirit that all things are made from and is the energy we all create. The soul is perfect and can never be damaged and yet it feels for so many of us, that at points in our life, our spirit has been broken. For some, like me, breaking my spirit was intentional as part of my religious dogma.

Spiritual trauma is simply the result of our spirit, the electromagnetic energy of the heart, being encapsulated and controlled by fear.

The bushel of fear around our heart disconnects us from our true divine nature, which is love. This is the heart’s light that is spoken about in scriptures, books, movies and music. The heart is the first sign of life in an embryo and when the light goes out, physical life comes to an end. The light within us, is what we are all ultimately trying to find – it is the source of love.

All of the unhappiness in the world is the result of the belief that we are disconnected from love as fear takes hold and diminishes our light.

This of course is on an unconscious level as our ego’s and many of our belief systems teach us that love and worthiness have to be earned. At the core of who we are, we are all worthy of love and no one can take it from us. We have never been separate from love, aka God, except that our beliefs have made it so. All of the beliefs about trying to get back to God, are really about finding our way home to our true divine selves. The light and way are within us, and only through the “self” can one get to God.

Beyond the fields of broken hearts and shattered dreams is love attempting to find its way home to you.

Here is a short video affirmation to remind you of who you are.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe and love has the power to transmute all fear. When you are in the vibration of love, all things are possible.

Until next time, be fearless, fabulous and free, and be Love!


She is Risen

Knowing what I now know through listening to my inner truth, Easter has a whole new meaning from what I once believed. For me it is a celebration of the Divine Feminine.

As a little girl I was taught that Easter was a Pagan holiday and should not be celebrated. Although I had no idea what “Pagan” meant, it was clear by the way my parents talked about it that was evil and it was something to fear. In the tiny commune of my childhood only holidays that were sanctioned by our unique brand of religion were recognized and celebrated. We celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus on the 6th of April every year, rather than following the phases of the sun and moon that determine Easter’s dates.Resurrecting Divine Feminine

By the time I reached high school the eggs, bunnies and other Pagan Easter traditions could no longer be squelched, although for many years I felt very confused about what bunnies and eggs and phases of the moon had to do with The Christ’s resurrection. As I began researching what I call “the evolution of belief,” I began to understand how Christian holidays merged with pre-existing traditions that celebrated and worshiped the Mother. Individuals were allowed to keep their traditions if they disavowed their beliefs and became Christian, or succumb to death for not conforming.  As religion came to rule the world, humans began to see worshiping the Divine Feminine as something to fear, feminine gifts were considered witchcraft and all things feminine were reduced to near nothingness. The more than men and their religions ruled the world the less valuable women and spirituality became.

Unfortunately, in our collective evolution, much of humanity stopped recognizing the Divine Feminine when man created God in man’s image.  Slowly She almost ceased to exist. Were in not for the indigenous peoples and polytheistic beliefs, we may have destroyed Her, and ourselves, altogether.

This time of year is a celebration of the Divine Feminine, whether we recognize it or not. Easter is celebration of the return of warmth and renewal. It is a celebration of
the nurturing, loving, healing, giving Mother. It is a celebration of the birthing and renewing life. It is a celebration of the Earth restoring life in all of Her abundance. It is a celebration of Her generosity and unconditional love. It is a celebration of the light and hope for the future. It is a recognition of our own resurrection and ascension in the cycle of life.

Each year when we celebrate all of the Goddesses represented by Easter traditions, and the resurrection of Jesus in Christianity, we are celebrating life being restored to it’s fullness as new life emerges from the depths of the earth to live again, renewed and whole it is perfection. We are celebrating Her resurrection.

Love is rising!  

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Speak Your Truth!

It took me a very long time to find the courage to speak my truth. In some ways I’m still working on it.

Why?  As a child my voice box was broken and it’s still being repaired. Collectively as women, many of us are still struggling with thousands of years of being kept small. I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to meet with Neale Donald Walsch, one of my favorite authors and a man with the gift of conversing with the Divine, a gift I also have but have been afraid to admit. In our conversation I admitted that there is an underlying fear that my head will be lopped off for speaking my truth. I wasn’t all that surprised when women in the audience said they have felt the same way.  It seems that being hung, having our throat slit, burned alive or drowned, just for being strong, opinionated women still rests in our collective DNA.

As a little girl I was not allowed to have a voice. This went beyond the old saying of children being “seen and not heard.” It was a pervasive belief in my community and within my parent’s fundamentalist religion that females had nothing of value to say.

Looking back I suspect I was more boisterous and outspoken than most girls or possibly most children for that matter. We were taught to keep our arms folded, our legs crossed, our mouths shut dalai lamaand our minds closed.  I had an issue with these rules according to my parents and I was constantly reprimanded for being too loud and opinionated. I was even told once by my mother that at a point in history I would have been burned as a witch for having my opinions. Talk about scaring me into keeping my mouth shut. Even my own mother fell for the belief that men and their opinions mattered more than women’s.

Yet somehow my spirited, and what my parents and everyone around me called my rebellious and stubborn nature, could not be completely squelched, at least not as easily as my parents and my leaders would have preferred. I refused to play the role of the subservient and meek female I was expected to be. It isn’t that that I did not want to be what I was expected to be, I really did want to be good girl, it just wasn’t in my nature to sit still and keep my thoughts to myself.

I’m sure I would have been labeled with some kind of disorder if the labels existed back then:)

That was until one day when I took my desire to be seen and heard to the stage. It was during a fundraising auction for a community/church event (they were one and the same) where teenage boys stood in front of a crowded room and offered up their time and services to the audience. I proudly took the stage among the boys in full confidence that what I had to offer was just as valuable as anything they could offer. Unfortunately for me and my already fragile self-esteem, my actions were considered blasphemous and members of the audience booed me off the stage.

The humiliation of that experience and not being recognized for having any value affected me unconsciously for much of my life. It took me another thirty years to take the stage again. And it took me just as long to write my story and tell it in confidence. That was, until my calling to inspire others finally overtook my fear of being ridiculed.

Now I proudly share my story with others through public appearances and in my writing. My story finally has a voice. Giving a voice to my story has been truly transformational in so many ways.  And the best part is that in sharing my story and my truth, I have seen it change the lives of others and I can finally see the value in my story, and in me. Seeing the value in my story gave me the ability to not only forgive it, it gave me the ability to learn how to love it. And it gives me the ability to see the power in other people’s stories as well. We all have a story and we are all on our own transformational journey.

I’m not the only one finding the courage to speak my truth. Women all over the world are standing up and becoming the leaders we were born to be and birthing a new humanity, rather than just babies. We are the ones the world has been waiting for. We are the voices in the forest that will heal the hearts of humanity and heal the earth. As the Divine Feminine is resurrected to take her place beside the Divine Masculine, in balance, equality and harmony, women are coming out from under wraps and from behind closed doors. Our messages of strength, courage, compassion and healing are just what humanity so desperately needs and our gifts are finally beginning to be recognized for their true value.


It’s Time to Own It

Oprah Winfrey said, after interviewing thousands of people, “The show has taught me there is a common thread that runs through all of our pain and all of our suffering, and that is unworthiness. Not feeling worthy enough to own the life you were created for. Even people who believe they deserve to be happy and have nice things often don’t feel worthy once they have them…”

What a relief it was to know that I wasn’t alone in my struggle with feelings of less than – beliefs in unworthiness appeared to be epidemic.

Except for those who take the time to really look for it and work through their feelings, I suspect it may be getting worse.  It isn’t’ that our feelings of unworthiness are getting worse. The issues have always been there, the only difference is that we are finally recognizing, acknowledging and wanting to heal them.  We are no longer willing to let others beat us down and tell us we don’t deserve what we were created for.

That is precisely why I wrote the guidebook Own Your True Worth: 7 Secrets to Free Yourself from Beliefs of Unworthiness.

This guidebook is now available on Kindle and is coming soon as a pocketbook to carry with you when you need a little boost.

3 reasons why you want to pick up my new e-book:own_your-true-worth-cover

1) You’ll get access to my seven secrets for really “owning it.”

2) You will understand where self-esteem comes from and why low self-worth is such a difficult habit to kick.

3) You will receive new tools for recognizing issues of worth-lessness and how to boost your self-worth from belittled to bold.

Living a life you love is the result of freeing yourself from liming and fear-based beliefs that stand in the way of being completely joyful and fulfilled.

• Are you ready to live that you dream of living but doubt gets in the way?
• Are you working at your dream job but are afraid it won’t last?
• Did you finally get the gig you’ve always been after but still haven’t cashed the check?
• You found Mr. Perfect but wonder what he’s doing with you?
• Does it seem like every time you start getting ahead something happens to ruin it for you.
• Maybe you have everything thing that “should” make you happy but it’s never quite enough.

Perhaps the real issue isn’t your circumstances at all….

Perhaps the real issues instead stem from your unconscious beliefs about your worth. While the issue is the issue, how you see yourself in the issue is also the issue. Feelings of worth can be as subtle as feeling less than, to all consuming feelings of unworthiness.  Unresolved issues surrounding self-worth manifest in everything you touch, from relationships to earning a living.

This guidebook gives you an understanding of where self-worth comes from, how it gets belittled and bullied out of you, and how to remedy it so that you own your true value and live a life you love.

Until next time, be bold, fearless & free. 

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Soul Sucking Jobs

Have you ever had one of those jobs that feels like it is sucking the life out of you? Do you have a job that you want to love and commit to, like your other relationships, but it makes you sick to your stomach when you think about it?

A friend of mine calls this a “soul sucking job.” For many people, having a soul sucking job is the result of workplace bullying, or at least the perception of it. Workplace bullying, just like other forms of bullying isn’t always easy to recognize. Sometimes what feels like bullying really isn’t and sometimes what feels like simply being treated unfairly really is bullying. Sometimes what starts as bullying becomes harassment and can even lead to abuse. One thing is clear, bullying hurts everyone it touches. What causes the pain isn’t the words or actions of others but the way they are received.

“Whether it comes from your church members, family, partners, peers, co-workers, leaders or stranger’s, one thing is clear, coercion, bullying and belittlement  hurts, sometimes leaving scars can last a lifetime. The only way to end the pain is to heal the cycle!” 

Bullying has become a catch-all label for various forms of physical and emotional trauma. Humans have always had to deal with issues of drama and trauma, the real difference is that we are no longer willing to tolerate it as normal and acceptable behavior. “Boys will be boys” and “that’s life” doesn’t cut it anymore. As the collective heart of humanity opens we are no longer willing to tolerate abuse, however it is justified.

Mary’s Story: I never worked for men again after that

Depressed-Woman“I was an executive assistant to a high profile executive who brought in a lot of money for the company.  I had a beautiful office in a high rise building tons of natural light in a meticulously decorated space. They even had fresh flowers delivered to my office every day. At the beginning the job seemed like a dream come true and could hopefully lead to advancement in the company. It was a company with a strong reputation in commercial real estate. It didn’t take long to realize that my new boss didn’t see as anything but a lowly assistant. Actually I was more like his personal servant. Every morning I got to the office before he did. All of his employees get to the office before he wandered in. It became pretty obvious that his mood was determined by the success of his date the night before and he seem to have any qualms talking about the most recent lady in his life. Sometimes he had temper tantrums like a two-year old and I suspected he forgot his meds. Of course I wasn’t surprised one day when he asked me to go to the pharmacy for him while I was out picking his dry-cleaning. The men in the office laughed at his crude jokes but they never respected him. He had them on eggshells too. I took the job thinking I was getting a high profile position in a company that could move her into management, but I started having my doubts.  He obviously had no respect for me because he had no respect for women in general. He made that pretty clear I was very good at my work and was making great money for the position, so I didn’t want to complain. But inside, I started feeling more and more depressed. I started dreaded going to work but I needed the paycheck, and I still hoped I could maneuver my way into a better position eventually. Click here for the rest of the story…

Jose’s Story: I was fired 12 days before Christmas

“I use to like people but a bully shot me down! Bosses should lead employees not bully them! People talk about teenage bullies but what aworkplace-bullyingbout work place bullies? Remember bullies come in all shapes and sizes. I was bullied by an adult, my manager at a high level financial institution. After he successfully made me sick with nerves and caused my blood pressure to go up. He fired me via UPS 12 days before Christmas while I was out on a workers comp pending case. My family will never forget the pain he caused us! I haven’t worked since due to all of this. He once told me that I couldn’t wear the hats I’d been wearing to work for almost four years with no problem. He said it was companypolicy yet there was nothing in writing. I called HR and they said there was nothing in the codes about hats. About six weeks later he decided to tell me that I could wear hats again but only a couple days a week. I asked him what about the policy and he replied, “I’m in control.” It was his way of throwing his weight around, what a bully! Click here for the rest of the story…

Amy’s story: I was in my forties and crying like one of my kids. I felt so ashamed.

woman_crying“I started a new company a couple of year ago. It was a business I had been dreaming about for years and thought for sure it was the business that would make my mark in the world and make a difference in other people’s lives. I consider myself a heart-centered entrepreneur. Coming up with the money to start my new concept was a challenge but she found a willing investor who also became my partner. I was to run the day-to-day operations of the business and the investor was a silent equal partner.  Almost as soon as the doors opened my partner began hovering. Nothing I did felt good enough. Everyone knows it takes 2-3 years to become profitable, but when the company still hadn’t broken even after three months, my so-called silent partner made it clear that I wasn’t performing my job. I was pounding the pavement every day doing marketing and managing employees at the same time. I thought I was doing great but it wasn’t enough according to her. My partner began showing up at the facility without notice, telling employees what to do and telling me how to do my job. I had to make this business work, my name, reputation and family depended on it. My partner seemed relentless on telling me everything I was doing wrong and confused employees didn’t know who to report to. Employees became disgruntled and started blaming me for everything that was wrong and the good ones got so frustrated they just left.  The business that I had always dreamed of having become a nightmare.” Click here for the rest of the story.

Where are they now? The three individuals in this article have moved on. Mary used her experience to leave the corporate world behind. She used her experience as the impetus to start her own company and is happily self-employed. Jose’ is still unsure what his next step is with his career and he is using his experience to become an anti-bullying activist. Amy has started another company, this time venturing out own her own, free from the encumbrance of a partner.

In the end, all three of them came to see the value in their experience as an opportunity for personal growth. 

Until next time, Grow Bold, Get Fearless and Be Free!