Your Truth Is In Your Core!

Albert Einstein, my favorite spiritual teacher, is known for saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I’ve taken this idea one step further, “The real definition of insanity is believing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, because actions always stem from beliefs.”

Beliefs are in the mind, desires are in the heart and truths are in your core. You core is your power center, your place of truth, the place from which deep inner knowing arises. I work with your core – your inner teacher – helping you connect with your truths to override past beliefs and expectations, and reach for higher ground.

Through Core-Centered Living, my work is to facilitate your personal evolution and the evolution of humanity out of the present fear-based reality and into a new reality based in love. As each one of us is lifted up, all of life on earth wins.


There is a life-purpose and a higher purpose for those who are willing to accept it. As an oracle I work with your inner guidance and higher-self, along with utilizing my intuition and numerous years business experience, to assist you in discovering and moving forward in your next purpose. This may also include spiritual and relationship guidance if you are feeling the need for a higher perspective. I am available to work with you one-on-one or in a small group setting. In our intimate gatherings we work to help each other change old beliefs and habits and make new commitments that transform the direction of lives and professions.


Changing your life begins with changing your story. Nearly every person has a pain story filled with fear-based beliefs, and that story can either block their path or propel them forward. The Transcendence Process uses the principles that were given to me by my inner therapist as I processed my own pain stories. This process, combined with my intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience, assists you in rising above your fear-based beliefs and turns your pain story into the wings that help you fly, rather than a burden you drag behind you. Transcendence sessions are individualized to your personal needs and the Transcendence Gatherings create a safe space as you work with like-hearted individuals to deeply support each other’s internal transformation.


If you want to change the world, tell a better story. Learning how to tell your story in a way that transforms your readers and audiences, requires telling it in a better way, from your own transformed perspective.  The Reverberation Formula teaches you how to tell your story as a SHero’s journey for maximum impact in creating a better world. Not only does this help in creating a better core story for your business, it gives you the courage to step into your own higher-purpose with greater clarity and courage. When enough of us start telling better stories, we can transform the landscape of our world. I work with you personally, using higher-guidance, as well as in Reverberation Retreats, to help you create a better story worth telling.


Healing your memories in this, and past lives opens, the space for you to live in your full potential. Releasing your karmic patterns and healing your subconscious memories is a visceral experience using an Integration Process combined with communicating with your higher-self and other non-physical loved ones. We work together to locate the hidden stories and hurtful beliefs then overwrite them with your own loving truths. Healing sessions are in-person only and are most effective individually or in an intimate retreat setting with others in a safe and mutually supportive space.


➊ Discover how to free yourself from emotions of guilt, shame, regret and feelings of unworthiness AND learn how to listen to your own core councilor.
➋ Receive cutting edge tools to help you get past the past so that it no longer affects you AND see your pain story with a bold new perspective.
➌ Learn how to recognize false beliefs AND override them with your core truth.
➍ Find the courage to make self-empowering choices AND be completely neutral about other individual’s perceptions of you.
➎ Learn how to see all of life through the eyes of Unconditional Love AND trust your own path and purpose.

*Some traumas may require professional therapy. Victoria’s services are provided in association with professional therapists and are not in lieu of.

Christine“Victoria Reynolds, from the instant you are introduced to her, you can be assured that something has already shifted in your life.  I know firsthand because this is what happened when we first met.  Through her life story and the story she helped me voice and articulate for myself, I was reinvigorated about my purpose in life in a whole different way that I had not experienced before.  She provided me with an invaluable tool and practice to helping me overcome a limiting belief I had.  From the time I started working with Victoria’s program, things and people began to immediately fall into place.  Victoria, I am deeply grateful for your time, care and attention.  You truly are an inspiration and role model for us all!”

Christine Lenches-Hinkel | Founder & President of Waste Less Living, Inc.

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“After working with Victoria I am experiencing a new kinship with money accompanied by a sense of freedom. I am in love with money in a way I never expected. “

Joi Napurski

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krystin“Victoria Reynolds beautifully writes and lectures about the process of leaving a life that is unconsciously based in fear. Her gift of wisdom and unconditional love nurtures others into self-discovery, genuine happiness and freedom. She inspires us to respect human justice for ourselves and for everyone. I am grateful to know such an amazing woman and call her friend.”

Kristyn Decker | Author of Fifty Years in Polygamy UncensoredScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.23.29 AM