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Award-winning international speaker, inspirational author and thought leader, Victoria Reynolds shares with audiences her powerful and transformational insights, concepts and learning experiences on the subjects of self-worth and conscious evolution. Her entertaining and enlightening presentations are dedicated to teaching individuals how to break free from fear, trust their unique path, own their true worth and move into higher consciousness.

Victoria is a highly respected and sought-after speaker for colleges, corporations, women’s organizations, association conventions, entrepreneur assemblies and spiritual centers. Her presentations are easily modified to meet the needs of meeting planners and the vision of her hosts.

To book Victoria for speaking engagements and media interviews, please contact her at

Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

  • Keynote Presentations & Seminars:  Victoria is a master at communicating messages unique to the audience as requested by her hosts. By invoking her higher-self and the Divine Feminine she is able to teach what the audience needs to hear. Victoria’s focus is what she refers to as Grounded Spirituality and Conscious Evolution. Grounded spirituality is understanding our core human nature as loving, and the roles that fear and love play in our individual and collective reality. Victoria’s presentations are ideal for any audience with a high-minded focus. For more information visit Victoria’s You Tube channel.
  • Titles and focus are available at the request of the organizer and host. Sample subjects include:
    • From Polygamy to Me: How to Become Fearless and Free
    • Own Your True Worth: Clear Out The Cobwebs of Unworthiness
    • Victim to Valiant: Use Your Pain Story to Empower Your Purpose
    • Bullied to Emboldened and Beyond: The Gift of Resilience
    • Recovering from Religious Trauma Syndrome
    • Spiritual Freedom and Trusting Your Own Truth
    • Recognizing Fear-Based Beliefs to Overwrite Them With Love
    • Conscious Currency: Cultivating Beliefs that Put You In The Flow
    • Resurrecting the Divine Feminine: Her Side of The Story
    • The Power of V: Receiving, Multiplying and Flourishing
    • Spiritual Evolution: Understanding the Evolution of Belief
    • Conscious Parenting: Raising High-Minded Children
    • Reawakening Magic and the Gifts of the Feminine
  • Workshops & Weekend Retreats: Intimate gatherings that facilitate inner transformation through a hands-on approach are available in a variety of group formats.
  • One-On-One: Victoria’s programs are also available as one-on-one personal guidance. Visit the Programs page for more details.


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As a provocative and entertaining live event and keynote speaker, Victoria brings to life her stories and inspires her audiences to see their past, present and future with new eyes.

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