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Talking Trump

In the midst of taking rugs and comforters to the cleaners, making a crock-pot of turkey soup from the Thanksgiving carcass and creating a flyer for my upcoming Spirit Lift events before running off to pickup my kids from school, I received a download about Donald Trump and who he really is. Yes, I am mostly vegetarian but occasionally join my family in eating meat as part of traditional celebrations. Otherwise my husband would think I’ve lost my mind turkey-soupentirely. As long as a turkey has sacrificed its life to feed my family, I am going to make use of all of it, even the bones from which I make healthy, organic soup to last all winter.

Back to the story. Several years ago I received a message from Spirit, by whatever name or label you give non-physical inspiration, that Hillary Clinton would be a part of exposing the corruption in our country. I was also told that there would be a man with credibility that would be a part of bringing our disease out from under wraps. It had to be someone who had enough credibility whose perspective wouldn’t be seen as conspiracy theory. I wasn’t given a name, simply an impression. That person is Donald Trump.

As with so many other people, I found myself getting caught up in the political hoopla, even when I have a greater understanding of what is behind it, simply because I am human. One of my daily mantras is to ask myself, “How can I see this through the eyes of love?”

The message I received about Mr. T. this morning as I went about my work, comes from the Divine Feminine, more precisely, the Mother aspect of all that is. Below is Her message to me.

“It is time to see that my children are children of an unconditionally loving mother, not as the children of men or a judgmental male God. The misconception that children are of men still plays unconsciously in every role across the planet. This belief that children are the property, prodigy and offspring of men is the underlying cause of war and discord. Men attempting to please their fathers and their Father God holds the ego as a broken little boy. You are all in that essence, little ones still looking and hoping for Daddy’s approval. The one you call child3Trump is simply an outward expression of that little one inside who is acting out and seeking approval, while never really feeling good enough. He is an outward example of attempting to fill himself up from the outside, and never able to feel full, as his fullness depends on the love and adoration of others that money could not buy him as a child, and still cannot. He is an outward expression of what so many feel inside, particularly those men who have been unable meet the expectations of the men before them. This is where women come into their own and see the broken male through the eyes of compassion, rather than blame. He is merely a broken little boy who needs his mother to tell him everything will be alright, and that he is loved, no matter what. No amount of money can ever buy what he needs and no fame or fortune can make him feel whole. His eyes cannot separate this from genuine love. Real love is what he needs and it can only come from within himself. He is his own savior, as all of you are for yourselves. In his feeling of brokenness, it is a desire to be whole that drives him. Send him love that his heart will be made whole and he will be healed of his brokenness. As every being is healed of their suffering, the entire consciousness of your planet is lifted.”

So there you have it. This is how I see our president elect through the eyes of love. This is what Yeshuah (the man many call Jesus) meant when he said to love your enemies and pray for them. Donald Trump is playing an integral part in bringing all of our collective diseases to the surface so that they can be healed, and we can evolve into a new level of consciousness. He has no idea the role that he is playing in our collective evolution, but for those of us who can see it, we see him for who he really is.

Until next time, be fearless, fabulous and free!


We Are the Love Makers

We are the lovers and we are the makers of love. 

Every once in a while I find myself needing to make a clarification about who I am, what I believe and what I teach. Sometimes I am involuntarily included into both religious groups and atheist groups. Rest assured that I am a follower of neither one.

I am spiritual in nature which gives me the ability to see across multiple platforms and belief systems without attachments to any of them. For me, God is a label, a nickname we have given the invisible forces of creation. Creation is a very complex interplay between all life on earth, along with all of the energies that coexist on the infinite cloud drive of the Universe. That cloud drive, memory bank, all consciousness, infinite knowing is what many call God.

This is what I refer to as the womb of creation. It is where all of the elements come together energetically and begin the process of manifesting physically.

For me, that which many call God, is simply an energetic field where all thoughts, beliefs, emotions, perceptions etc. exist unseen and yet are always creating. It is the collective consciousness of all that has been, all that is and all that will be. It is where everything that is non-physical rests and we all have equal access to It. It has no form or specific function. It doesn’t look or act human and It has no gender. It has no emotion or judgement and all of It is held in the vibration of Love. Love is the glue that bonds all that is.

Love is all there is and when we make Love we are creating the energy many call God.


Love and light to you my Dear Ones. May all of your creations be beautiful as you inter-create a new earth reality based in love.

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Healing Trauma to The Human Spirit

For me, soul and spirit are have two separate distinctions. The soul is that part of you that is connected to all that is. It is your inner intelligence that knows what is best for you and progresses trough its own evolution through the cosmos. Spirit on the other hand is energy. It is a common term used for what we cannot see yet can feel.  Love is the spirit that all things are made from and is the energy we all create. The soul is perfect and can never be damaged and yet it feels for so many of us, that at points in our life, our spirit has been broken. For some, like me, breaking my spirit was intentional as part of my religious dogma.

Spiritual trauma is simply the result of our spirit, the electromagnetic energy of the heart, being encapsulated and controlled by fear.

The bushel of fear around our heart disconnects us from our true divine nature, which is love. This is the heart’s light that is spoken about in scriptures, books, movies and music. The heart is the first sign of life in an embryo and when the light goes out, physical life comes to an end. The light within us, is what we are all ultimately trying to find – it is the source of love.

All of the unhappiness in the world is the result of the belief that we are disconnected from love as fear takes hold and diminishes our light.

This of course is on an unconscious level as our ego’s and many of our belief systems teach us that love and worthiness have to be earned. At the core of who we are, we are all worthy of love and no one can take it from us. We have never been separate from love, aka God, except that our beliefs have made it so. All of the beliefs about trying to get back to God, are really about finding our way home to our true divine selves. The light and way are within us, and only through the “self” can one get to God.

Beyond the fields of broken hearts and shattered dreams is love attempting to find its way home to you.

Here is a short video affirmation to remind you of who you are.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe and love has the power to transmute all fear. When you are in the vibration of love, all things are possible.

Until next time, be fearless, fabulous and free, and be Love!


It’s Time to Own It

Oprah Winfrey said, after interviewing thousands of people, “The show has taught me there is a common thread that runs through all of our pain and all of our suffering, and that is unworthiness. Not feeling worthy enough to own the life you were created for. Even people who believe they deserve to be happy and have nice things often don’t feel worthy once they have them…”

What a relief it was to know that I wasn’t alone in my struggle with feelings of less than – beliefs in unworthiness appeared to be epidemic.

Except for those who take the time to really look for it and work through their feelings, I suspect it may be getting worse.  It isn’t’ that our feelings of unworthiness are getting worse. The issues have always been there, the only difference is that we are finally recognizing, acknowledging and wanting to heal them.  We are no longer willing to let others beat us down and tell us we don’t deserve what we were created for.

That is precisely why I wrote the guidebook Own Your True Worth: 7 Secrets to Free Yourself from Beliefs of Unworthiness.

This guidebook is now available on Kindle and is coming soon as a pocketbook to carry with you when you need a little boost.

3 reasons why you want to pick up my new e-book:own_your-true-worth-cover

1) You’ll get access to my seven secrets for really “owning it.”

2) You will understand where self-esteem comes from and why low self-worth is such a difficult habit to kick.

3) You will receive new tools for recognizing issues of worth-lessness and how to boost your self-worth from belittled to bold.

Living a life you love is the result of freeing yourself from liming and fear-based beliefs that stand in the way of being completely joyful and fulfilled.

• Are you ready to live that you dream of living but doubt gets in the way?
• Are you working at your dream job but are afraid it won’t last?
• Did you finally get the gig you’ve always been after but still haven’t cashed the check?
• You found Mr. Perfect but wonder what he’s doing with you?
• Does it seem like every time you start getting ahead something happens to ruin it for you.
• Maybe you have everything thing that “should” make you happy but it’s never quite enough.

Perhaps the real issue isn’t your circumstances at all….

Perhaps the real issues instead stem from your unconscious beliefs about your worth. While the issue is the issue, how you see yourself in the issue is also the issue. Feelings of worth can be as subtle as feeling less than, to all consuming feelings of unworthiness.  Unresolved issues surrounding self-worth manifest in everything you touch, from relationships to earning a living.

This guidebook gives you an understanding of where self-worth comes from, how it gets belittled and bullied out of you, and how to remedy it so that you own your true value and live a life you love.

Until next time, be bold, fearless & free. 

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Love Is All There Is, Really!

Recently I had the opportunity so share my message of Love Is All There Is to the congregation at the Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide in Palm Springs, CA. I shared my story of growing up in polygamy, how I ran away as a teenager and my  awakening experience that came with fully understanding that love really is all there is.

I’ve edited my presentation into three videos for easy viewing. Here is part one. Be sure to checkout the other two.  The real punch is at the end.

This whole idea that, “God Is Love” and in exactly the same token that we need to “Fear God,” is one of those dichotomies that seems to keep people spiritually stuck and confused. Do we love him or fear him, is he unconditionally loving or angry and vengeful? Why do we have to prove ourselves worthy of him if he doesn’t judge us? Hello?

Tweetable: God is love, period. Everything else was created in the minds of men.

Okay, I’m putting it right out there that to me, God is not some mystical, magical man in the sky. The God that I was raised with seems a bit like Santa Clause, naughty and nice and all that jazz, and they look very much alike according to my kids. For much of my life I believed in the God of man but now that concept seems far too small for me. I find it nearly impossible to limit infinite love, infinite intelligence, infinite wisdom and infinite creation into the shape and form of a man.  For me, the infinite energy that many call God is the energy of Love. Love is all that it is. It is without shape, form or function and is without limits. We are all one with it and it is one with us, because it is pure energy. It is the energy of love and love is the energy that creates all things. Science is beginning to prove that.

You may or may not agree with me and I’m okay with that. Ultimately we all have our own paths and perceptions, and perception becomes reality.

The belief that God is a man came from a time in our human evolution when it was all that our young minds could conceive. Perhaps it is time to evolve our beliefs into a higher understanding of Spirit. Perhaps it is time for our belief systems to catch up with science. Perhaps it is time to evolve all of our beliefs out of fear and into love.  When all of our religiosities evolve to teach love rather than fear, I believe humanity has a real chance at peace on earth.

There is a revolution underfoot, a spiritual revolution. If you want to be a part of the revolution visit

If you haven’t received your free gift just pop to the top of my website and enter your details. I just created a new free guidebook that is available for the first time.

Until next time, find courage, trust yourself and be free!




Let’s Talk About Courage

Courage is something we are born with and is a core part of who we are. Without courage none of us would have ever learned how to walk. Unfortunately we fall down in life, we learn fear, and discouragement sets in.

Discouragement is based in feel while encouragement is based in love. When you fall in love with whatever it is that calls from inside you, it will give you the courage to step out and become who you know deep inside you want to be.

Courage comes from love and is fueled by the fire of the heart’s desire.

When you tap into courage it will give you the ability to change your world! Courage gives you the power to push through fear and become all that you were born to be.