Self-Worth Hand-Me-Downs

For many people, their beliefs in worth, in themselves and their life’s work, came from hand-me-down beliefs based on misguided perceptions of ancient text, stories, and fables. Many people, consciously or unconsciously, cling to the security blanket of ancient beliefs because it is much too frightening to think outside the box. Those old beliefs are just that, old news. News…

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The Virus of Doubt

Doubt is a deception, a virus in the human mind. It is based in fear and therefore nothing but an illusion.

Love Your Enemy?

As a little girl, I was often told and retold the stories and teachings of Jesus, whom I now prefer to call, Master Yeshuah. The one who lived his life in the Christ Consciousness of unconditional love. One of the most difficult teachings for me to grasp until several years ago was the teaching of “love your enemies and pray…

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Patriarchy Comfort Zone

My mother was not a feminist. In fact, by today’s political divisiveness, she would be what many call Alt-Right. She was so far to the right that she had no rights.

Taking the Leap of Faith

Synchronicity is the magic of the universe and when it’s right, it just is.

Secret Cult Stuff…

I’ve often heard the middle of the night wake-up as the witching hour. Somewhere our religions seem to have confused the inspiration that comes when there are no distractions, with something outside of their control. My childhood system of belief called it temptation, I know otherwise. We all have access to divine inspiration – not just the supposedly appointed few….

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Back In The Speaking Race

It’s official, I’m back in the public speaking and on-camera race. A couple of years ago I decided to step off the big stage and away from the camera to focus on finishing a few book projects, up-leveling my leadership skills and laying low with my family. Braces helped to solidify that decision ! My smile needed a face-lift. In the…

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Command Your Own Ship

A few days ago, I had a huge insight while navigating the subconscious patterns of my past so that I can remedy them and not take them into my future. Navigating and over-writing the past is essential to creating a joy-filled life. I came to see that throughout my lifetime I had been deferring my own greatness to other people.  For example,…

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The Joy and Suffering Paradox

The paradox of suffering and joy exists. How we work with the paradox is how we find joy. This is with our own suffering, as well as the suffering of others.  The paradox of joy and suffering are a part of the human experience, as paradoxes are. The paradox exists as a medium for growth. There is a difference between embracing…

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Telling The SHeros Journey

This past year my entire focus has been on fully stepping into my highest purpose. This has meant letting go of my coaching business as a solopreneur (which was great when my children were small) and creating the entertainment company I’ve always envisioned. For the past 6 years the idea has been brewing as I’ve been learning the processes and accumulating…

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