What exactly is it?

A program for self-motivated women who are ready to take full responsibility for the creation of their reality. You want to know how to earth the money that deep inside you know you are worth. With access to Victoria’s’ programs you will:

• Uncover beliefs that are sabotaging your success
• Learn practical tools to help you get past even the most painful past
• Realize how many of your beliefs about money are upside down
• Discover how to overwrite limiting beliefs with powerful truths
• Gain and understanding of how to make money in a woman’s world
• Get the confidence to ask for the sale with female clients
• Receive support and ask questions when you need it most

Who is this for?

Evolve, Cultivate and Innovate is for the woman who feels stuck. She may be a business professional, entrepreneur or somewhere in between. She is looking for the clarity and confidence to make a leap in her life. This is the perfect starting point if you understand the value of investing in yourself and you choose to later up-level into Victoria’s mentoring programs.

These programs are the foundation you need to turn your world right-side-up and succeed in business and in life.

How can this help you?

Victoria overcame the limiting beliefs that resulted from years of physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse she endured in a polygamist cult as a child and young adult.

Through her own process she found her true worth and value. She broke all of the rules that were placed on her as a child and became a successful entrepreneur, owning, operating and selling multiple companies. She teaches you the process she used to get past the past and shatter her invisible barriers.

Victoria has built her name and reputation on giving you practical tools and not just fluff. Plus, she likes to have fun. As she says, if it isn’t fun, why do it? With Victoria’s boundless help and support you will get exactly what you need along the way as you move in the direction of accomplishment.

What’s included?

You will get access to every program as it builds on the next. As a bonus, once your program is paid in full, you will have lifetime access to the membership site. You will also get unlimited access to a private group where you can ask questions, get support, ask for accountability and create collaborative relationships.

Over the course of the program you will gain access to:



In this program you get to the roots of why you haven’t made your dreams come true and locate any hidden beliefs that have been blocking your happily-ever-after story. You will learn how to look at your story through the eyes of love and develop a loving relationship with yourself, which ultimately leads to falling in love with life. VALUE: $597.00



This one-of-a-kind program will teach you how to see money through the eyes of love, how many of the pervasive beliefs about money are upside-down, and how to make money in a woman’s world. VALUE: $97.00



This program is dedicated to entrepreneurs and organizations that are ready to embrace a new way of making money. Understanding how women communicate, work, play, develop relationships and choose to buy is the key to success in todays’ female driven economy. VALUE: $597.00



Gain access to Victoria and an exclusive group of motivated women. Ask questions, get answers, and get support along the way from Victoria and other women who have been in your shoes. VALUE: $300.00


BONUS: You will receive lots of home play assignments to help you create breakthrough after breakthrough.

VALUE: $5000.00

The total value of the programs individually are $7091 and that’s not what you will need to invest!



Why Join?

Until now, these programs have exclusively been available to my personal mentoring clients. I am now taking them out into the world and making them available to everyone. While having my time all to yourself is fabulous, being part of a community catapults your learning process and provides you with the support you need on your journey to creating a life you love.

And, since you get access to a new program each quarter you won’t feel the immense load of overwhelm. You will have adequate time to process, internalize and utilize what you learn before jumping into the next module.

Of course everything I do is ultimately about you, helping you get where you want to go and earning what the world needs you as a woman to make.

headshotVWho is Victoria Reynolds?

I am a rebellious, highly spirited free-thinker. You think that got me some unwanted attention as a child? It took me many years to learn to love those bold aspects of myself and see them as strengths rather than weaknesses.

When I ran away from home at seventeen I never saw it as being courageous until recently, when I discovered that courage is often the result of desperation. Being bold, and getting courageous is what was necessary to create the vivacious life I now have. From having nothing, gaining everything, losing everything and finding it again, life has been one heck of an adventure.

I am the only wife to the love of my life, a mom of two amazing high-vibration children, author, speaker, and mentor who is dedicated to helping other women have loving relationships with themselves and committed to making a difference in the world.

How much is the combo program?

If you purchase each of these programs on their own you would invest over $7091 but by joining them together in one package you will save over $6594 just on the programs alone. You can get started for as little as $127 this month to reserve your space?

You will also be given access to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support.

Plus, we will give you tickets to ELEVATE: BECOME THE STAR THAT YOU ARE event, where you will learn from the best of the best to help you get clear, get seen and get heard, which by itself would be worth your investment.

What type of members are inside?

This is not for women who think they need to be rescued by a prince or who enjoy being a drama queen. My programs are only for self-motivated women who are ready to take full responsibility for the creation of their reality. And these are women who understand their lives serve a bigger purpose than the number of shoes in their closet or the labels on their handbags.

Will I get rich in a very fast time without any effort?

Synchronicity, God, The Universe, whatever you want to call it, might place opportunity in your path, but what you do with it, is entirely up to you. No one is going to magically put money into your bank account without you providing some form of action and reciprocation. While I can give you the tools and help you find the resources, the rest is up to you. The best part about that is, you get to own your value, rather than giving someone else ownership of it.

Can I order then ask for a refund?

Sorry, there are no refunds. Remember, this is about you valuing yourself enough to invest in. When you ask for a refund you devalue yourself, and I will play no part in reducing your worth and value. And since my work has a track record of transforming lives, I stand behind everything I teach.