CORE Services

Through her Entertainment Company C.O.R.E.,  Victoria and her team offer a variety of professional services to help you grow your personal and corporate vision, strengthen your core message, get your passion project into the world and produce your program.

Personal Services

Purpose Empowerment

Wondering what’s next or how to turn your vision into a realty? Victoria’s has an intuitive gift for helping you find your purpose, locate your core story and envision your direction, plus she has the business background to help you write your plan and move you forward

Story Healing

As an Intuitive and Luminary Victoria’s x-ray vision helps you find your internal beliefs and stories that need remedying. Through processing those beliefs and stories you are able to follow your purpose with greater courage, enthusiasm and wholeness.

*Some traumas may require professional therapy. Victoria’s services are provided in association with professional therapists and are not in lieu of.

Christine“Victoria Reynolds, from the instant you are introduced to her, you can be assured that something has already shifted in your life.  I know firsthand because this is what happened when we first met.  Through her life story and the story she helped me voice and articulate for myself, I was reinvigorated about my purpose in life in a whole different way that I had not experienced before.  She provided me with an invaluable tool and practice to helping me overcome a limiting belief I had.  From the time I started working with Victoria’s program, things and people began to immediately fall into place.  Victoria, I am deeply grateful for your time, care and attention.  You truly are an inspiration and role model for us all!”

Christine Lenches-Hinkel | Founder & President of Waste Less Living, Inc.

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“After working with Victoria I am experiencing a new kinship with money accompanied by a sense of freedom. I am in love with money in a way I never expected. “

Joi Napurski

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krystin“Victoria Reynolds beautifully writes and lectures about the process of leaving a life that is unconsciously based in fear. Her gift of wisdom and unconditional love nurtures others into self-discovery, genuine happiness and freedom. She inspires us to respect human justice for ourselves and for everyone. I am grateful to know such an amazing woman and call her friend.”

Kristyn Decker | Author of Fifty Years in Polygamy UncensoredScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.23.29 AM