Heal, Process, Resolve, Integrate,  Ascend

Every time you resolve and clear fear-based attachments you are raised up into a higher consciousness. Each session is dedicated to your personal growth and ascension. In each activation session I tune into your higher-self (your over soul) to assist you in healing and processing your life in order to rise above it.


How it works

heart passageway healing:

the power of the human heart is infinite, yet is diminished through fear and traumatic experience. Through energy transfer, combined with communicating with your higher self, I assist you in clearing up the heart passageways so your heart light works to its greatest potential. When the heart is working at its fullest, all things become possible.


using a combination of spiritual psychology and higher guidance I assist you in processing one area in your life in need of remedying. I tune into your higher self, and the higher selves of others involved, if applicable, for healing and resolving your story. Your story then becomes your strength rather than your burden as you move forward into your higher purpose. 


as a moderator I assist you in resolving and healing karmic relationships with family members who have passed or who are no longer in physical communication. This is what it really means to do work for the dead. As you heal family relationships of the past the karmic cycle no longer affects future generations. 

About Victoria

In 2010 my spiritual gifts became activated, or rather re-activated. I had them as a child but turned them off due to dogmatic fear. In my mid-life awakening I began communicating with my higher-self, ascended spiritual masters and angels who are assisting in the ascension of Earth and all her creations. I also found my direct stream of consciousness to Source (aka God) to bring in messages and understanding for all humanity. 

At that time I began spiritual counseling sessions with those who needed assistance with processing their past. Over the years my gifts of knowing and healing were expanded to assisting others with deeper healing of their stories and relationships., and helping them trust their own spiritual journey outside of “shoulds.” Now, as of 2021 I’ve also been given the gift of Heart Passageway Healing. This is an energetic modality which clears fear out of the heart passages and allows the heart light to work to its fullest potential.