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Empower Your Story – Turn Your Pain Stories Into Power Stories

From growing up in a polygamist cult, experiencing sexual assault, being homeless, losing nearly everything, and raising two children with learning disabilities, Victoria knows what it’s like to face adversity! She also knows what it takes to work through it, rise above it and find her true power. That journey is what she shares with audiences. 

Whether you are looking for a unique and powerful keynote speaker, an entertaining storyteller for a luncheon or breakout session or great content for your next media interview, Victoria has you covered! 

Award-Winning International Speaker, Inspirational Author, Story-Healer and Luminary, Victoria Reynolds shares with audiences her powerful and transformational insights on the power of Better Stories Worth Telling™.  

When we tell better stories, everyone wins! 

To book Victoria for speaking engagements and media interviews, please contact her at

Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

Through a combination of storytelling, insights, metaphors and processes, Victoria helps audience members transform even their most painful experiences into stories that empower every area of life.

Victoria’s presentations are carefully created for colleges, corporations, women’s organizations, associations, entrepreneur assemblies and spiritual centers. 

Victoria is a master at communicating messages unique to the audience as requested by her hosts. Each speech is hand-crafted for the particular audience and utilizes a unique blend of Victoria’s own story-crafting and intuition to meet the meeting planner’s and organization’s needs.

Along with her entertaining keynotes, Victoria is also speaks on the subjects of healing from Sexual Assault, Spiritual Abuse, Patriarchal Polygamy and Religious Trauma Syndrome. 

Keynote Titles: 

If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story: Why Telling A Better Story Can Shift Your World

It seems in today’s world, all we hear are the two extremes. We hear stories of suffering, who is to blame, what went wrong, why we can’t be happy… Or, we hear the happy ending and see the success other people are having. We rarely hear the in-between or the real stories about real people. 

What we don’t hear about is the story in-between, the hero or shero journey (yes, I like this word better than heroine) that came between the separation from happiness to the success at the end. 

Victoria encourages audiences to become more transparent and vulnerable when telling their stories. True stories of rising-above circumstances and not just the fluff, are the way to create a better world where everyone wins.


  • Every admirable person has a pain story they surmounted
  • All circumstances are opportunities for growth and learning
  • Courage often stems out of desperation for change
  • Practical tips for telling the story as a positive rather than negative

Stand On Your Story: How to Use Your Story to Serve A Bigger Purpose 

Every person has a pain story and every pain story has within it the ability to become your power story. As your power story it can propel you into the future of your dreams and a greater life purpose.

How you tell your story determines whether you go through life feeling empowered, as well as empowering to those around you, or keeps you stuck in feelings of being less-than. 

This presentation is intended to help listeners to re-frame their story so that it serves a greater purpose in/on any stage of life, whether that stage is physical or metaphorical.


  • Learn to re-frame your story from one of pain to one of empowerment
  • How you tell your story determines your connection with others
  • Why telling a better story can affect every relationship in your life
  • Enhance your workplace culture through positive storytelling

Own the Sage Stage!: Embrace Your Hard-Earned Wisdom and Start Leading The Way

When a woman turns 50 she enters the sage stage. Embracing this stage of life is embracing the wisdom of the ages. 

As women enter their middle-age and beyond, they reach the age of fully empowered wisdom. Hollywood may paint women of this age as worn-out, but as many of us know, we are just getting started. Throughout history, the matriarchs of society were the medicine women and the wise counselors. It’s time for women to re-embrace this as the age that illuminates the power of our voices. 

In this keynote, Victoria teaches her audience the value of being an empowered and wise woman.


  • Embrace the hard-earned wisdom that comes with wrinkles
  • Own the power of the feminine voice to transform landscapes
  • Feel the courage of speaking your truth with bold compassion
  • Take the lead and go where women have feared to tread

Luncheon/TED Style Titles:

Flip The Script: Tell a Better Money Story and Watch Your Money Grow

Conscious and sub-conscious hand-me-down stories about money often keep the most deserving from receiving and using money to its full potential. Telling better money stories allows it to flow with greater ease.


  • Learn the top 5 hand-me-downs that no longer fit 
  • Create new powerful beliefs that help you grow your own money tree
  • Learn how the Law of Attraction really works on your behalf

Free Your Spirit: Kick The Fear Addiction and Unworthiness Habit

Oprah once commented on how she was surprised that even some of her most successful guests still felt unworthy of their success. 

This presentation is focused on recognizing the fear-based beliefs and feelings of unworthiness found in your story,  and how you can use the power of love to free yourself from the limitations of unconscious and hand-me-down beliefs.


  • Learn to recognize the difference between a fear-based belief and a love-based truth
  • Give yourself permission to disbelieve what you have always believed
  • See how to own your true worth and intrinsic value

Breakout Sessions & Retreats

Story Mastery: Craft and Tell A Better Story

Using her own stories as examples, Victoria teaches attendees how to turn even the most painful story into a power story.  She teaches how to tell the story in a way that inspires everyone who hears it, including the person telling it.


  • Learn the formula for Better Stories Worth Telling™
  • Craft the basics of your 15-20-minute talk or core story.
  • Practice telling the story in front of a live audience (time permitting) 

Story-Spelling Writers Retreat:Turn Your Story Into A Spellbinding Book and Complimentary Speech

This week-long retreat in an intimate and luxurious setting is designed to help you write your story as a memoir-based novel and combine it with a spellbinding speech. Our coaches will be on hand to help you create your masterpiece.


  • Learn the tips and tricks for getting published
  • Craft your presentation to include the best stories and lessons
  • Write a first draft of your book or fine-tune your book in progress

5 Reasons to Book Victoria

  1. She’s the real deal! Victoria doesn’t just tell you fluff she learned from someone else. She speaks from first-hand experience and hard-earned wisdom.
  2. She’s a Storyteller! People learn best through stories. Victoria tells stories with a purpose and inspires her listeners to take heart-felt action. 
  3. She knows how to make a connection! It’s one thing to be talked at and another to be spoken too. Victoria speaks to the audience in a way that brings the message home. 
  4. She’s an entertainer! Combining stories with anecdotes, action and humor, Victoria reaches into the heart of the listener. 
  5. She’s Inspiring! Beyond storytelling and teaching, Victoria knows how to lead people to rise to their own occasion. 

A Few Testimonials

“I have heard Victoria Reynolds speak on several occasions. Each time, she has stirred me emotionally.  Her messages are extremely profound and leaves the listener with hope and a call to action to improve their life and the world.”  Susan Carlson – Skin To Love

“Thank you very much. You have a very interesting story. I enjoyed listening to you speak. Keep up all the wonderful things you are doing.” – Karin Baker – Events Coordinator, Toyota International


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As a provocative and entertaining live event and keynote speaker, Victoria brings to life her stories and inspires her audiences to see their past, present and future with new eyes.

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