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Empower Your Story – Turn Your Pain Stories Into Power Stories

From growing up in a polygamist cult, experiencing sexual assault, being homeless, losing nearly everything, living with an alcoholic husband and raising two children with learning disabilities, Victoria knows what it’s like to face adversity! She also knows what it takes to face it with courage, work through it, rise above it and find her true power. That journey is what she shares with audiences. 

Whether you are looking for a unique and powerful keynote speaker, an entertaining storyteller for a luncheon or breakout session or great content for your next media interview, Victoria has you covered! 

Award-Winning International Speaker, Inspirational Author, Story-Healer and Entertainment Project Manager, Victoria Reynolds shares with audiences her powerful and transformational insights on the power of Better Stories Worth Telling™.  

If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story!

To book Victoria for speaking engagements and media interviews, please contact her at

Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

Through a combination of storytelling, insights, metaphors and processes, Victoria helps audience members transform even their most painful experiences into stories that empower every area of life.

Victoria’s presentations are carefully created for colleges, corporations, women’s organizations, associations, entrepreneur assemblies and spiritual centers. 

Victoria is a master at communicating messages unique to the audience as requested by her hosts. Each speech is hand-crafted for the particular audience and utilizes a unique blend of Victoria’s own story-crafting and intuition to meet the meeting planner’s and organization’s needs.

Victoria is also speaks on the subjects of Conscious Parenting and Conscious Relationships along with healing from Sexual Assault, Spiritual Abuse, Patriarchal Polygamy and Religious Trauma Syndrome.

Keynote Titles: 

  • Stand On Your Story: How to Use Your Story to Serve A Bigger Purpose 

Luncheon/TED Style Titles:

  • Flip The Script: Tell a Better Money Story and Watch Your Money Grow
  • The Twin Powers of Courage and Resilience
  • Free Your Spirit: Kick The Fear Addiction and Unworthiness Habit

Breakout Sessions & Retreats

  • Story Mastery: Craft and Tell A Better Story
  • Heroine’s Journey Writers Retreat:  Write or Tell Your Story as a Heroic Journey

5 Reasons to Book Victoria

  1. She’s the real deal! Victoria doesn’t just tell you fluff she learned from someone else. She speaks from first-hand experience and hard-earned wisdom.
  2. She’s a Storyteller! People learn best through stories. Victoria tells stories with a purpose and inspires her listeners to take heart-felt action. 
  3. She knows how to make a connection! It’s one thing to be talked at and another to be spoken too. Victoria speaks to the audience in a way that brings the message home. 
  4. She’s an entertainer! Combining stories with anecdotes, action and humor, Victoria reaches into the heart of the listener. 
  5. She’s Inspiring! Beyond storytelling and teaching, Victoria knows how to lead people to rise to their own occasion. 

A Few Testimonials

“I have heard Victoria Reynolds speak on several occasions. Each time, she has stirred me emotionally.  Her messages are extremely profound and leaves the listener with hope and a call to action to improve their life and the world.”  Susan Carlson – Skin To Love

“Thank you very much. You have a very interesting story. I enjoyed listening to you speak. Keep up all the wonderful things you are doing.” – Karin Baker – Events Coordinator, Toyota International


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As a provocative and entertaining live event and keynote speaker, Victoria brings to life her stories and inspires her audiences to see their past, present and future with new eyes.

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