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Humanity is at choice point. Will we default into global totalitarianism and becoming digitized humans or consciously create a world based on humanitarianism and restore the Divine Human design?

Archangel Metatron is the Scribe of God and scroll keeper of the Akashic Records – the cloud drive of the known universe. Metatron’s Cube contains within it all building blocks and sacred geometry for all creation.

Recreating Earth: Metatron’s Blueprint for a Whole New World, is channeled directly through Victoria Reynolds from Metatron to the people of Earth. He has given Victoria a vision and description of Earth once humanity moves through the present storm of division and confusion. He provides suggestions for how each person can play an active role in creating this new world.

Each of us play a vital role in the destination and creation of our collective reality. When we work together in unity and harmony, all things become possible. Peace and heaven on Earth are written in the stars and will physically manifest when enough of us take Divinely inspired action to make it so.

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About Victoria

Victoria Reynolds is an angelic soul with a fierce and infinitely loving commitment to the betterment of humanity and all life on Earth.

As a Spiritual Luminary, International Speaker, Media Personality and Conscious Creator, Victoria’s books, on-stage talks, camera presentations and media content are all designed to help others learn to love this wild world where everything seems upside down until we turn it right-side up.

In short, Victoria is on a mission to help free individuals and humanity from a reality based on fear. She has dedicated her life to helping as many people as possible see their reality from a new perspective and find the courage to manifest the visions wanting to be expressed through them.

Since 2010, after her midlife transformation (what others might call a crisis and she sometimes calls her Holy Shift) she’s been teaching inner freedom and helping students create more inspired lives. Everything she teaches comes from personal experience and what Divine Love inspires through her. She teaches grounded insights and practical spirituality, and yes, she can be a little woo-woo, and sometimes that's exactly humanity needs most.

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New Earth is Coming…

We the people of planet Earth are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.

Together we will create a whole new world