Heal, Process, Resolve, Integrate,  Ascend

Through a combination of communicating with your higher-self, your guides and guardians, along with spiritual psychology, I assist you in  mastering your human experience through discovering your soul’s purpose, help you process your past painful stories, rise above the fear-based reality, heal your broken heart and resolve karma issues.


How it works


Through listening to your higher-self, the higher-selves of those involved in the issue and spiritual psychology, I assist you in past and present issues, allowing you to move forward with greater ease and clarity. This helps to break karmic cycles and heal relationships with friends and family members, including those who have transitioned out of physical form, or who are no longer in physical communication.


Those with the most painful past have the greatest ability to impact the world. I assist you in processing your pain stories so they become your power stories through tuning into your higher-self, my own higher inter-standing and spiritual psychology. Processing your story aka shadow processing, allows your story to no longer be baggage you drag behind you. Rather, it becomes a purposeful back story that gives you courage to be who you were always meant to be.

life purpose:

In this time of great change, many are wondering what is next for them. Connecting in with your higher-self and your future-self I gain clarity about your direction and higher purpose as you move forward in the New Earth reality.

heart passageway healing:

Fear encapsulates the human heart, preventing it from working to its fullest potential. Using a combination of spiritual psychology, higher-guidance and energy transference, I assist you in healing your heart passageways, allowing you to move forward with greater ease.

Session includes membership to HEART OF FREEDOM, Victoria’s Private not-for-profit membership association.


“Victoria Reynolds, from the instant you are introduced to her, you can be assured that something has already shifted in your life.  I know firsthand because this is what happened when we first met.  She helped me articulate and be reinvigorated about my purpose in life in a whole different way that I had not experienced before. “ – Christine L.H.

“Victoria, I want you to know you were my angel, there at the right time, saying the right words, speaking to my heart and healing a part of me that was needing a miracle. I am eternally grateful.” – Abbigale M

“I’ve used Victoria not only for personal guidance but for business guidance.  She is a sage. She really taps into Source and helps you move forward and put you in alignment with your life. What she has done for me is help me to see what I need to be doing in my life, and she even helped me with marketing copy. She provides so much wisdom in so many areas of your life, you will be so happy you found her.” – Janet M.

“A thousand thank you’s… Yesterday was soo much fun and I learned so much.  I keep going over it all in my mind.  It gave me the insight I was looking for.  Feel confident about where I am going in spite of my age.”        – Mary Z.


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