Heal, Process, Resolve, Integrate,  Ascend

Every time you resolve and clear fear-based attachments you are raised up into a higher consciousness. Each session is dedicated to your personal growth and ascension. In each activation session I tune into your higher-self (your over soul) to assist you in healing and processing your life in order to rise above it.


How it works


using a combination of spiritual psychology and higher-guidance, this session is dedicated to processing one area in your life where you need healing. I tune into your higher self, and the higher selves of others involved, if applicable, for healing your broken heart.


through tuning into your higher-self I assist you in processing your pain stories so they become your power stories.


as a moderator I assist you in resolving karmic relationships. This is especially helpful in healing relationships with family members who have passed or who are no longer in physical communication.


this is a process of bringing together all aspects of every timeline of existence into this one ascension timeline and healing all disowned aspects into wholeness so that all of you ascends.

About Victoria

In 2010 my inner therapist began teaching me how to remedy my then broken life. Recognizing how much those teachings radically shifted my life, I chose to share them forward in my book Transcending Fear.  This Transcendence Process Program is an extension of the principles outlined in the Transcending Fear book and is an outpouring of everything I have learned as I put this process to use in my own life.

The idea for this course came from readers who read my book and told me they would like to see a course made from it.  This program is truly from my heart and serves your higher purpose.