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Transcending Fear

The Journey to Freedom
and Fulfillment.

Free Your Spirit

5 Steps to Becoming Fearless and Trusting Your Own Path.

Own Your True Worth

Vital Keys to Living Your Full Value


A Simplified Guide to the Great Awakening, Spiritual Revolution and The Ascension

INVOCATIOn and Affirmations


for Creation and

Affirmations to Live By

Dawning of a New Day

Online Courses

Transcendence Process

Get out of the 3D funk and feelings of not being enough and rise above the fear-based matrix into a life you love.

The Transcendence Process is a 9-part self-mastery program with my personal guided assistance.  


This course is dedicated to playing in the field of prosperity. It is fun, enlightening and delightfully transforming.

Learn how growing money in the etheric field manifests on the physical playground while doing what you love. 


Once you begin awakening you see there is more to freeing yourself from the fear-based reality. Spiritual counseling  sessions are dedicated to assisting you in rising into a greater version of yourself and providing you with an increased capacity to be of service to others.

  • LIFE PURPOSE: connecting in with your higher-self and your future-self I gain clarity about your direction and higher purpose as you move forward in the New Earth reality.
  • HEART HEALING: fear encapsulates the human heart, preventing it from working to its fullest potential. Using a combination of spiritual psychology, higher-guidance and energy transference, I assist you in healing your heart passageways, allowing you to move forward with greater ease.
  • STORY PROCESSING: those with the most painful past have the greatest ability to impact the world. I assist you in processing your pain stories, so they become your power stories. Through tuning into your higher-self, and the higher selves of others involved, if necessary, combined with spiritual psychology, I assist you in your healing process.  
  • KARMA RESOLUTION: as a moderator I assist you in resolving karmic relationships. This is especially helpful in healing relationships with family members who have passed or who are no longer in physical communication.
  • SOULULAR INTEGRATION: this is a process of bringing together all aspects of every timeline of existence into this one ascension timeline and healing all disowned aspects into wholeness so that all of you ascends.

Online Courses

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