Morning invocation for Creation and Protection

Clear and protect your field of creation

Have you been wondering how to create a more peaceful daily experience?

It begins with clearing your field of any negative energies and protecting everything in your domain of care from infiltration from anything that is not loving.

This invocation is part of my own daily practice. It keeps me grounded in love, connected to Source, and protected from harm.

I’ve also created it as a video for those who are more visual and for the hearing impaired. 


MP3 & MP4 Download Only $15

People say…

“It was really wonderful and relaxing especially with the chimes in the background. I love how you covered many aspects of love, light, freedom as well as including a protective bubble around one’s home.”

Christine C.


“I watched your video. It’s amazing! … At the ending, the galaxy spinning spiral motion powerfully impacted me like “ GO FOR IT” After this meditation video I went out for work, then it had such calming effects on me I had very little fear. Now, I know the more I am doing this mediation and connection with the universe it will take me to the next level and see more realistic, no reason to be afraid.”

Lynda C.