Morning invocation for Creation and Protection

Clear and protect your field of creation

I am creating all my meditations as both MP3 and video to support everyone’s needs and make it accessible to the deaf community.


MP3 & MP4 Download Only $15

People say…

“It was really wonderful and relaxing especially with the chimes in the background. I love how you covered many aspects of love, light, freedom as well as including a protective bubble around one’s home.”

Christine C.


“I watched your video. It’s amazing! … At the ending, the galaxy spinning spiral motion powerfully impacted me like “ GO FOR IT” After this meditation video I went out for work, then it had such calming effects on me I had very little fear. Now, I know the more I am doing this mediation and connection with the universe it will take me to the next level and see more realistic, no reason to be afraid.”

Lynda C.