The Transcendence Process

Are you ready to fast-track your new reality?

process your past to create a blissful future

The Transcendence Process Learning Lab is dedicated to helping you to recognize the fear-based beliefs from your past, rise above their presence in your current reality and fall in love with the potential of your life.

(It’s also available one-on-one if you prefer anonymity over mutual support)


9 week course Only $333

No more guilt or shame about past choices and experiences


No more wondering if you are worthy of their utmost dreams


Know what it really feels like to be in love with life and living a life of purpose

The Transcending Process Is…

The Transcendence Process Learning Lab is based on the process I used during my own Spiritual Awakening to help me remedy my then broken life. This process skyrocketed me to happiness when I thought happiness was impossible, and it helped me to find my life purpose in the chaos around me.  

This process will help anyone looking to uncover and remedy their fear-based beliefs to rise above them, particularly those fear-based beliefs resulting from religious dogma and blocking a deeper connection to Divine Love and heaven within. 

The Transcendence Process is currently available in a small group setting to ensure every person receives the teaching, personal share time, one-on-one Q&A, and loving mutual support. 

Because this is a life-transforming program, and not a quick-fix, it is stretched out to 9 weeks thus allowing time for integration between classes.


what people are saying…

“Dear future Transcenders, I recently completed this course with Victoria Reynolds. I had been doing my ascension course but I am so delighted that I was guided to do this course. It was extremely well structured around Victoria’s excellent book and is a very practical and detailed process to increase your speed of ascension, whilst also ensuring all necessary steps are taken along the way. Victoria also structured the zoom meetings to ensure everybody participated and a beautiful universal love theme developed amongst the group. The whole process was broken down into steps that were easy to understand, ascension can be made to seem very complicated, but Victoria demonstrated that can be broken down to a few core principles. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to start or speed up their progress on their ascension path, it was of immense benefit to me. Love and Light”  Rick T – New Zealand

“The transcendence class is truly transformative and uplifting. It was wonderful to connect with other people that were there to listen, share and uplift each other. Victoria’s teaching and class materials were informative and thought provoking. Victoria is with you every step of the way and you can feel she really cares about you. ….” Trish M

“Victoria’s Transcendence program made such a difference in my life I can’t thank her enough. There was an issue in my past I hadn’t been willing to face because there was so much pain around it. Victoria helped me see it in a way I could not see it before, and I’ve been able to let it go because of her support and understanding.”   Susan C – Beverly Hills, CA

 “THE TRANSCENDENCE PROCESS online class with Victoria Reynolds was an ascension gift chosen for me.  I was going through a fearful & stressful period, trying to assimilate the truth regarding the change of our political/social culture.  Victoria’s life experiences, writings and guidance has a very unique way of communicating soul resignation and transcending through the fear process.  I have found a calm and knowing place within my light …” Janet H – Bozeman, MT

“My first encounter with Victoria was by phone. I purchased her The Transcending Process, I asked her to contact me and she did, which was Amazing. Victoria goes Over and Above for her clients. While taking her class Victoria was present over Zoom each week, which is the core reason why I will take future classes from Victoria. It’s Truly Amazing to be in a group where the Coach is fully present, the recordings came after the class. Since the Class has been completed, Victoria is still available for her past students. I Highly recommend Victoria Reynolds and getting her courses, E-books, and more. Victoria gives from her Heart ❤, Genuine, Real Love for ALL of her Students ❤. Victoria Truly demonstrates her Love, Compassion and Encouragement for all to be Successful by offering 1on 1 Coaching. Thank. You Victoria.” – Karla Michele – Mexico



This learning lab includes…


9 weeks of live on-camera teaching, listening & sharing


Daily Transcendence Journal pages


Accompanying home-study assignments


Transcending Fear 10th Anniversary edition (not yet available to the public)


Recorded video of each week’s teaching session


Private community for Q&A and connection


44 Affirmation printable cards (to create your own card deck)

Your Teacher

In 2010, I Victoria, Elohim of Freedom, began communicating with my personality-self, (Margaret) teaching her how to remedy her then broken life. Recognizing how much those teachings radically shifted her life, and discovering me as her inner-counselor and higher-self, she/we chose to share these teachings in the book Transcending Fear.  This Transcendence Process Program is an extension of the principles outlined in Transcending Fear and is an outpouring of everything I brought forth to learn through and put to use in my own life.

The idea for this course came from readers who read Transcending Fear and suggested I create a course made from it for deeper learning and integration. This program is truly from my heart and serves your higher purpose.

This is for…


Those who are ready to leave the old world behind and begin creating a new reality for themselves and others.


The person who are tired of repeating the same cycle and are ready to break free into the next level of who they have the potential to be.


Anyone who hasn’t been able to figure out on their own how to get past whatever it is that’s blocking them.


Those who want more out of life and want to make a difference in the world, and are tired of the status quo.


Anyone wanting to be of greater service in the world and knows they need to let go of their own baggage first.

The next Transcending Process Learning Lab starts on Monday, January 10, 2022 at 4:00 pacific time. Each class is recorded for those who cannot attend the live classroom.


Only $333.00