The Transcendence Process

Transcendence Process

Raise your vibration to create a life you love

Get out of the 3D funk and feelings of not being enough and rise above the fear-based matrix into a life you love.

Experience a truly transformational process where you will locate and resolve issues and process them to live more freely as  you move onward on upward with greater grace and ease.

The Transcendence Process is a 9-part self-mastery program with my personal guided assistance.  


No more guilt or shame about past choices and experiences

No more wondering if you are worthy of their utmost dreams

Know what it really feels like to be in love with life and living a life of purpose

The Transcending Process Is…

A 9 part series which incorporates the principles outlined in Transcending Fear. It involves direct teaching about each of the principles and how those principles can be utilized and integrated everyday life. I also include what I call home play assignments which involve the transformational process on your own time. I also include meditations to help integrate the learning. Printable home play assignments, 9 part video series.

This product is hand-crafted from the heart and is the process my inner therapist gave to me to fix my life and find my higher purpose. This comes from my own personal experience and inspiration from my heart to yours.

Your Teacher

In 2010 my inner therapist began teaching me how to remedy my then broken life. Recognizing how much those teachings radically shifted my life, I chose to share them forward in my book Transcending Fear.  This Transcendence Process Program is an extension of the principles outlined in the Transcending Fear book and is an outpouring of everything I have learned as I put this process to use in my own life.

The idea for this course came from readers who read my book and told me they would like to see a course made from it.  This program is truly from my heart and serves your higher purpose.


What will you learn


What is transcendence and the fear-based reality.

Principle One

Gateway of Gratitude

Principle Two

Depths of Understanding

Principle Three

inner guidance system

Principle Four

Self centered living

Principle Five

personal power

Principle Six

new vision

Principle Seven



Living in the Loving

Bonuses You’ll Love

Bonus One

Transcending Fear Book

Bonus Two

Transcendence Card Deck

Bonus Three

Private Facebook Community

How it works

The Transcendence Process is a self-mastery home study course that you can take with you wherever you go. It includes a video series that you can watch on your portable device. It includes PDF and printable home pay assignments and an interactive Facaebok group where I do regular updates and moderate the group along with answering questions you might have in the group While this is a home study course I’m not abandoning you to do it all by yourself.

This is for…


People who believe they want something better for their life but feel like they are stuck somewhere and not sure what it is that’s standing in the way of their progress.


The person who fears repeating the same cycle that’s been going on for many years and they are really wanting to break free into the next level of who they have the potential and possibility to be.


Anyone who hasn’t been able to figure out on their own how to get past whatever it is that’s blocking them.

You if you want something more out of life and are tired of the status quo
You if you want to be a person who is here for a person and serves the greatest good.

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