Own Your True Worth

Vital Keys to Living Your Full Value

This book is about discovering where your beliefs of self-worth come from and how to change them so that you are no longer disempowered by issues of unworthiness and deservedness.


This book is for…
  • Entrepreneurs and creatives who love their work and want to make a bigger difference in the world but find it difficult to ask clients for money.
  • Anyone struggling with financial issues and find it challenging to get past, “making ends meet.”
  • Those who are tired of grappling with feelings of inadequacy and suspect there is an inner block keeping them from being of greater purpose.
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About Victoria

I’m a Spiritual Luminary and Ascension Activator. Some people call me an oracle. I’m here to help people navigate their Shake Awake, aka the Global Great Awakening and help raise human consciousness so that together we can create a New Earth based in love, freedom and peace.

Since 2010, after my own personal Holy Shift (and a few other names…) I’ve been teaching spiritual concepts and helping students create more inspired lives. Everything I teach comes from personal experience and what Spirit inspires through me. I teach practical spirituality and yes, I am a little woo-woo, but hopefully not so over the top that I seem totally wack (a term I picked up from my teenagers.)

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