Are You Afraid of Money?

I know the idea of being afraid of money sounds ludicrous from a logical perspective, but I can’t help but wonder how many people have a fear of money, lurking just under the surface.

That was me a few years ago. Money, although not really a bad word, actually triggered me a bit. The word itself made me just uncomfortable enough that I couldn’t say it without a little inner cringe.  Instead I used words like, “abundance” or “prosperity” to make me feel more comfortable around the subject of money. Although I didn’t see money as a monster, in a way, that’s exactly what it was. When I started digging deeper into my beliefs around money I found a boat-load of them and they were all bound by fear. No wonder I kept finding unconscious ways to sabotage myself every time I go close to “making it big.”

fear-of-moneyNow I find myself teaching workshops and programs on money and self-worth. I see how much damage the fear of money has created on our planet and now I teach others how to see money though they eyes of love.

In pondering on money a few days ago, these are several messages that came through:

“Money comes and appears in many forms and it is vital that you see it all with gratitude. Clean up the money clutter that dams your flow and you will surprise yourself how easily it will come to you. Focus on the clearing of any clutter, mentally and financially, that blocks your free flow. Clean up any messes you have made. No “buts,” as they too are dams to what you want. Everything you seek to fulfill your higher purpose is already on its way to you. You simply need to un-damn its flow. Release any and all blocks, de-clutter your physical and metaphysical house and watch all that you desire flow to and through you with greater grace and ease. You have released all contracts of poverty from your younger years and now success, physical and financial, yearns to flow through you if you will let it. You heard me, money wants to flow through you. As energy, it wants to flow though you as easily as water, air, electricity and love. Money wants to flow through you as prosperity is encoded into the DNA of all things. Release any and all energy blocks and see what magic occurs. All things are created to flow with prosperity in its energetic veins. As are you!

This came the following day:

“This morning we are continuing on this concept of money. Money is energy. It is the physical, and now becoming less and less physical, as it returns to its original form of the energy of ex-change. It is merely  a physical symbol for gratitude and giving. The issue is that some have hoarded it and attempted to dam it from others. Just as there are some who have attempted to dam all other resources to withhold it for themselves. Eventually those who hoard too much, lose what they have, as the dams can only hold so much or the dam breaks and the flow returned to the people. If it were possible to control air and sunlight, they would, and there are those who have tried. This is not a judgement, simply a reflection of the human condition when the heart has a heart-condition. The cause of the condition is fear, which then becomes greed and the belief of win/lose. None of this is true of course, as the way of Earth and all of the Universe is abundance. Growth and prosperity is the one guarantee that exists in all things. It may not always look that way as the cycles of feast or famine are played out and yet, they are cycles. No one has ever needed to steal from another. Cooperation is the driving force behind human evolution – not competition. Human being’s ability to work together ensures survival of the species. That is why so many of you now are being called and compelled to cooperate. As your world hangs in the balance, this co-operation will take you into the next phase of your collective evolution. Yes, it will still include money – money infused with a higher vibration that re-balances the field and makes all things possible. Clear your money clutter and release your damns – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, so that this new money can flow to you with ease. “

Yes, I spelled the words correctly, as they came to me. Some of this is a play on words, what is often referred to as the alchemy of language.  When we damn anything we also dam it. Any time we speak badly, or more precisely, poorly about money, we damn it, and as such we dam its flow. Anytime we damn someones else who has money,  we dam ourselves from having more of it. Anytime we see money as a cause of evil, rather than a tool for transformation, we dam our own flow. Anytime we complain about what we don’t  have, we are telling the universe to give us more of what we don’t have. The universe is abundant in all things, even those tings we don’t want.

Unconscious fear-based belief about money can be hazardous to one’s health, well-being and ability to be of greater service. It is impossible to give what you don’t have. Those who have any part of them that is resistant to having money and seeing money through the eyes of love, may be damning money and damning their own flow.

If you hear or see the word money, and feel uneasy about how the word resonates within you, check your beliefs. They might surprise you.

Until next time, Be Fearless, Fabulous and Free!



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