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Self-Worth Hand-Me-Downs

For many people, their beliefs in worth, in themselves and their life’s work, came from hand-me-down beliefs based on misguided perceptions of ancient text, stories, and fables.

Many people, consciously or unconsciously, cling to the security blanket of ancient beliefs because it is much too frightening to think outside the box. Those old beliefs are just that, old news. News that happened such a very long ago, manipulated for so long, retold and interpreted so many times, the loving guidance within them is difficult to discern from fear-based misuse.

These stories have, because of its many centuries of hearsay, distortion, alteration, and misrepresentation, become a form of fake news.

Humanity has never really been given access to the whole story. We’ve only ever known his-story, the way it was written to keep the masses of humanity small and those who see themselves as better-than-the-rest, in charge of the rest. The story has been written to keep the masses from recognizing the grandness that exists within all of us.

Yes, there is some truth in the stories of old, as the truth is always hidden in plain sight, and, because so much of it has been convoluted by fear, the truth can be difficult to decipher.

Rather than going back and trying to rehash old news and old stories, it’s time to create new stories. If time to create a new story about the human potential and possibility, rather than old stories based on fear, judgment, blame, guilt, unworthiness, and limitation.

The old stories are just that, old news from ancient times written for the people of the time.

They are stories of how human beings treated each other with fear, violence, and war. The more we rehash those old stories the more we will continue to repeat them. It’s time to tell new stories, tell the whole story, about the truth of human potential and the power of love that makes us all worthy of the limitless joy that is our Divine Birthright.

We choose what we believe about our worth and value, rather than allowing others to decide it for us.

No more hand-me-down beliefs of unworthiness need keep us small as we ascend into the true story that we are all worthy of all the gifts of the kingdom. Now we need to tell ourselves the new story of peace and freedom and pass that story forward.

Be Fearless and Free!

The Virus of Doubt

The courage of the heart must over-ride the doubt in the mind.

Know Dear Ones, that doubt is not your own. It is a dis-ease plaguing the human mind and prevents you from knowing, and fully owning, your true Divine Greatness.

Doubt is a deception, a virus in the human mind. It is based in fear and therefore nothing more than an illusion.

Doubt is not to be confused with discernment. As I child I was taught to not doubt my religion and that doubt was the devil attempting to lead me astray. Discernment is your higher-self, your loving spirit, teaching you how to think outside the confines of fear. In that regard, doubt then is from the devil, just not the way it has been taught to so many of us.

Doubt is a deception. If deception is a temptation away from our full and true capability, then one can see how it could be construed as being from the devil. Doubt can be used to serve a particular religion, and it can also be used against us in our own individual spiritual evolution. Doubt comes from the illusion of fear darkness where discernment comes from the light of truth. Doubt keeps human beings stuck where they are while discernment gives them the courage to move forward. Question everything, discern everything, even the doubting voice coming from your own mind.

Doubt can create blocks in your conscious evolution and purposeful progression.

Do you find yourself asking, “what are my blocks?” Do you seem unable to finish projects, write your words, record your projects, teach more often? Even when you know your students are waiting and needing you to appear, do you stumble and hold back. Yes, there are distractions, and yes there is work avoidance. The greater question is why?

There is a part of you that still doesn’t believe. There is a part of you that still doesn’t believe in you, your gifts, your blessings, your allness. There is a part of you that fears being fake news, another false prophet. A fear of being seen as a profit at the expense of others. This is part of the doubt disease that plagues many in the spiritual teaching and healing world. Yes, you know what your work and your wisdom has done for you. Are you wondering if you can guarantee that same for others?

Perhaps this is where your greatest doubt lies. The fear that you will be found out as a fraud when everything in your heart comes from honest goodness and authenticity. Could your heart handle the attack? 

Many Lightworkers are too softhearted to the point of mush.

This isn’t about becoming hard-hearted and calcifying your heart with fear, anger, blame, and resentment. A hardened heart causes heart-break. This is about building up and strengthening your heart with loving courage, conviction, and action. Remember, just as you strengthen your muscles and heart at the gym and exercise through action, the same hold true with your higher-heart. If the heart is too soft and weak, it becomes gullible, manipulatable and downtrodden. A strong heart can stand the tests of time and storms of life.

Strengthen your heart, not harden it. That is how you push through doubt of the mind.

A strong heart holds compassion and authenticity, driven by courage. The conviction that what you teach, and the work you do gives others what you have received, will come. Conviction comes with action and evidence from others who can give testimony to your service. Be of service first, even without evidence, and the evidence will come though the lives you affect.

The fear of being a fraud isn’t really you. It is infiltration attacking your mind. Remember that! That is how sneaky infiltration is. That is how subtle deception can be. It is your mind being led into fear and darkness without your heart’s permission. Put doubt out of your mind and carry on. Let the courage of your heart supersede the virus of doubt in your mind.

Remember, and be, the greatness you planted yourself on this planet to be.

Remember that you are Love in a body, here to help heal the broken hearts of humanity and free the human mind from enslavement to fear, so that we can all ascend together as one.

Until next time Get Bold, Become Fearless and Be Free!

Love Your Enemy?

As a little girl, I was often told and retold the stories and teachings of Jesus, whom I now prefer to call, Master Yeshuah. The one who lived his life in the Christ Consciousness of unconditional love.

One of the most difficult teachings for me to grasp until several years ago was the teaching of “love your enemies and pray for those who spitefully use you…” I found it nearly impossible to grasp how to go about loving my enemies. And why on earth would I pray for those who used me? I barely knew how to love my family and friends, and certainly didn’t love myself. Loving my enemies was beyond my intellectual and emotional grasp.

After an experience in my kitchen a few years ago, an experience which changed my life forever, I get it.

I was given the gift of feeling what love really is. It isn’t an emotion, it is energy in motion. It is the God force energy that exists in all things, even me. I finally understood that I am love. I am divine love. I am one with God – the energy of love. It is the stuff I am made of and all things are made of. It is the glue that binds all things and beings together. Every leaf, blade of grass, flowers and wind, my heart and yes, even those who I may have once seen as my enemy, are the embodiment of love.

There is nothing that isn’t love! We just can’t see it through fear-full perceptions.

So, what does it mean to love your enemy and pray for those who spitefully use you? It means to recognize that YOU are the source of love. When you love your enemy, you see them through the eyes of love. When you pray for those who spitefully use you, you want their spite to be healed. That is the Christ Consciousness of love and understanding.

It breaks my heart when I hear of people praying for God to destroy President Obama or casting spells on President Trump. Seriously? That’s the opposite of what Jesus suggested!

Focus on being Love and projecting Love outward. The love that comes back reflects the love within you.

Projecting love to those who don’t love you in return, helps to heal their heart, and strengthens yours. Negative projection, unloving projection, creates a block in your own flow. When you damn someone else, you dam yourself. You simply cannot hate someone else without damaging your own heart. Your heart is meant to spread love and to be a source of light. Remember that, be that. Send love to your enemies that their hearts will be healed. That is the only path to real freedom.

Turn on your heart light. Let it shine wherever you go. (Yes, a song might get stuck in your head)

Remember who you are. You are love in a body. Be that!

Command Your Own Ship

A few days ago, I had a huge insight while navigating the subconscious patterns of my past so that I can remedy them and not take them into my future.

Navigating and over-writing the past is essential to creating a joy-filled life.

I came to see that throughout my lifetime I had been deferring my own greatness to other people.  For example, I conceded to teachers and adults growing up, because that’s what I was expected to do. There was no concept of self-respect or self-honor in my upbringing, only respecting men and my elders. As I got older my deference turned to those with more experience and education than I had, rather than seeing the value of my own experience. Even in my businesses, I deferred to employees, co-workers and partners because I saw the value in what they brought to the table, over my own value.

In my moment of introspecting I came to see that my last business partner didn’t make me feel small or like an employee. That was a story I had been telling myself.  The issue wasn’t her, it was me. it was that I didn’t hold myself up as her equal. My big “aha” was that she brought the money, but I brought the experience. I ran the entire show. She was a silent partner but, in my head, at the time, she wasn’t silent.  She didn’t make me feel less about myself, feeling less-than is what I made of her.

Along with this came the knowing that I am the commander of my ship. I used to say that I am the captain of my vessel, but then I realized that I was standing in a little dingy.  It’s easy to stand alone in a little boat and not get very far and sometimes that little boat just goes around in circles.

Image result for the helm

Commanding a ship requires self-trust, self-respect and self-honor, and it requires holding yourself in high-esteem. 

It requires knowing that you chart the course and what others bring to the table is of no greater value than what you bring to the table. They are your support team, your officers and deck hands. The ship won’t run without the entire team but taking the bow and charting the course takes inner-knowing that you have earned your place at the helm and you are the commander.

Have the fortitude to set your course, free of doubt, and know the resources will come to support you. The resources will come from wherever they come, and you need to stand tall in who you are, rather than defer your own greatness to those who appear to have more.

Remember, it isn’t about them, it’s about you.

It’s about each of us standing boldly in who we are. It’s about valuing our own gifts, education and experiences and seeing what we bring to the table as invaluable and worthy of investment.


Becoming Willful

Willfulness is the same as tenacity. Why would anyone want to break that?

When I was a young child I was told that I had a strong will and that my will and spirit needed to be broken. By breaking my will it disconnected me from Spirit. Willfulness is inborn leadership and when cultivated with love can create apparent miracles. Repairing the strong will to its fullness is a process, especially if the fractured ego feels threatened. It’s scary out there…

Today’s message Dear One is a message on willfulness. Many children were taught to believe that their will and spirit needed to be broken. Some, now very few, still believe that children need to have hell beaten out of them. This is a great misunderstanding that willfulness is a curse. Your strong-will and free-spirit were seen as weaknesses rather than strengths, especially as a little girt who was expected to be lady-like – quiet, subdued, sweet and demure. This was not you and never meant to be. You ruffled feathers and caused adults around you to feel threatened and insecure with themselves. They saw your strong-will, your willfulness, as rebellion and out-of-control. Strong will is a gift. It is an inborn gift of leadership and when cultivated in love can create apparent miracles. A strong-willed child, a highly spirited child, is one who has great potential for leadership, as spiritedness is contagious. A strong will is connected to the greater will – the big will – the universal will. A strong will has the capacity to move the universe on its behalf and shake up the status quo. It pushes forward beyond pre-set limitations into the great unknown. It has persistent and limitless faith in possibilities. It is so powerful that even a fractured ego feels safe in its presence. The strongest wills don’t even need to push, they simply ask, and doors are opened. It is more than asking and wanting as those come from a position of lack. A strong will comes from a place of knowing, without doubt, that what it desires is possible. It is the great Spirit embodied as you with the ability to move mountains. You know when the broken will became lodged in your body. Now, finish the work of repairing it and watch the miracles unfold on your behalf. Your will is God’s will as you cannot separate yourself from God. Willfulness is tenacity. It is time to fully own your spiritually driven tenacity.

Several years ago as I was attending Spiritual Psychology school, Mary, our instructor, mentioned that issues with The Will, tend to be lodged in the neck. This would come as no surprise for many of us who experienced neck related trauma in our past-lives for being women of our own will. They called us witches… Many women still have issues with their throat chakras from speaking their truth and are still afraid to come out of their spiritual closet because of their soulular memories.

For me, the trauma to my will extended into this lifetime and it took me nearly 50 years to get to the root of it. After being treated for neck pain for much of my life I finally correlated to how my broken-will became lodged in my body. When I was four years old, right about the time I started to integrate the message from church and my parents that my will and spirit needed to be broken, I had a terrible fall. This fall put me in the hospital for a month with a broken leg and in a traction device. After a few months it appeared everything healed up perfectly, but what didn’t heal in perfect alignment began to manifest years later.

Pain is the body’s way of getting our attention, and for me, the pain in my neck, which is much better now, is evidence that restoring my will to its fullest capacity is necessary for liberating my soul’s full potential through me.

What about you? Did you have a will-breaking experience in this or a past lifetime that needs healing and resolution?

#It’s time to take back your will and unleash the true nature of your tenacity. 

Until next time, Be Bold, Be Fearless & Be Free!


The Polygamist’s Daughter

A long time ago and a world away, I started writing The Polygamist’s Daughter.

It was a book about growing up in the polygamist cult of my childhood. The name of the book changed several times over the years of writing and re-writing as I grew and came to understand the story from my more mature and enlightened perspective.  Perhaps I become complacent, knowing that I owned the name and domain and never imagined anyone else would step on my Polygamist’s Daughter toes.

Several years ago I did a test run of my book and it sold like hotcakes during the test launch. I pulled it off the market because it wasn’t up to my standard. It needed the hand of an exceptional editor that could polish it from my work-of-heart to a work-of-art.  Just publishing a book for the sake of being a published author wasn’t enough. I already have one fabulous book on the market and I know the painstaking process of writing a book worthy of the masses. I wanted to make sure that what I shared with the world wasn’t just another story of polygamy, but a book that shifted perspectives and awareness.

The polygamist’s Daughter is my work-of-heart and that’s what I’m now sharing with you. 

FLY FLY AWAY COVER 2018-1.jpgThe Polygamist’s Daughter book, with a more provocative name and subtitle will be published later this year. Fly, Fly Away: From the Prisons of Polygamy to the Freedom of Deep Truth is my story of enduring the insult to my soul and learning to trust my own inner voice as it guided me out of my predestined life and into the world of my own creation. (Final cover still in design process.)

Self-trust is the greatest trust of all. 

I’ve decided to use this blog space over the coming months, while my book is being polished and perfected, to share snippets of the book as I move through its final rendering. Stay tuned as I share bits and pieces with you and keep you posted as the official launch date arrives.

I am also re-launching Transcending Fear as a second edition with one more principle and expanded story. I will be sharing tidbits on this blog as well as I get closer to the publishing date.

None of it does any good sitting on my computer when all of it is meant to be of maximum service to humanity!

If you haven’t signed up to be on my mailing list, just jump to the home page, pickup your free gift and sign up to receive my insights newsletter. This way you can stay up to date as the launch dates approach for these two books, along with others that are in process.

Until next time, be Fearless, Fabulous and Free! 

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Why Visioning Doesn’t Work

I’ve been feeling a tug to start my own party.

Several years ago I had a talk with my future-self and asked, looking back, who I was. What came through were the words, “Books on Film” to the 80s tune, Girls on Film. Yes, I’m dating myself…When I asked myself what that meant, the response was, “books, events, films.” I knew in that moment, somewhere down the road, this was my bigger purpose.

For the past few years I’ve wanted to step into greater leadership and move beyond my own teaching into creating something much bigger than myself as a solo-mompreneur. I’ve been feeling an inner urging to move beyond telling my own story, and help others tell theirs.

In January of this year I kept hearing my internal voice saying, “it’s time to start your own party.” This isn’t about a political party – let’s get that clear. This is about publishing, event management and film projects that create a win/win/win. Over the summer I took a break to just be and consider the inspiration that moved through me. During this quiet time I became more clear on what’s next and and how to structure it.

What culminated during my introspection is the next big thing in greater service to all of you.

My kids went back to school a few days ago and it’s now time to get back to work. As I sat a few mornings ago during my quiet “me” time, before the rest of the house awoke, this is the message that came through:

“Take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and get things done.

It is less about being done as it is about swift, decisive, inspired action. Decide – cut off. You are the decision maker and you control time by the choices you make. No active decisions and time slips by. Acting without specific intent and you find yourself wondering where the time went.

You are the Universe manifested as you.

attraction_is_actionAll of it is at your command. You are the wizard and the sorceress. You decide and the universe complies. It is that simple.

Set your decision into motion and all the working parts come together. This is the case in all things. Those who decide, succeed. They don’t doubt. They believe and do. That is what faith is. A person’s morality has nothing to do with it.

Stop overthinking the process and just do it. Start in the direction and the universe complies. It isn’t about the amount of action you take but your active moving in the direction of your desire. The Universe meets you at your point of action and provides additional opportunities for you to act upon. It’s always your choice whether to act upon inspiration and opportunity. The Universe supplies – it’s up to you to see and to act.

Organize, have a plan, and visualize the outcome. While visioning is vitally important, vision without action is futile. The universe can only comply to the degree of action you are willing to take. Your action sets it all into motion and solidifies your intent.

Action without vision is mindless doing. Vision without action is wishful thinking.

Now is the time to move into action and show the world, and yourself, the greatness that has always been within you. Take the bull by the horns and run with it. Now is the time for the ride of your life.

So be it.”

This was a message I really needed to hear. I’ve spent way too much time in my life visioning the outcome and hoping that it will all just fall together like magic. But the magic doesn’t happen without action. It requires my action and the actions of others. Without action, there is no movement and ideas become stale.

As I’ve said before, half of the word “attraction” is action. I can’t help but wonder how many of people look at the Law of Attraction and apply wishful thinking, then wonder why the thing they desire doesn’t manifest. If you want to make your dreams come true, you can’t wait around for someone else to act for you. You are the only one who sets your dream into motion.

Belief combined with action creates reality – in other words, faith without works is dead. 

Until next time, be Fearless, Fabulous and Free!


Are You Afraid of Money?

I know the idea of being afraid of money sounds ludicrous from a logical perspective, but I can’t help but wonder how many people have a fear of money, lurking just under the surface.

That was me a few years ago. Money, although not really a bad word, actually triggered me a bit. The word itself made me just uncomfortable enough that I couldn’t say it without a little inner cringe.  Instead I used words like, “abundance” or “prosperity” to make me feel more comfortable around the subject of money. Although I didn’t see money as a monster, in a way, that’s exactly what it was. When I started digging deeper into my beliefs around money I found a boat-load of them and they were all bound by fear. No wonder I kept finding unconscious ways to sabotage myself every time I go close to “making it big.”

fear-of-moneyNow I find myself teaching workshops and programs on money and self-worth. I see how much damage the fear of money has created on our planet and now I teach others how to see money though they eyes of love.

In pondering on money a few days ago, these are several messages that came through:

“Money comes and appears in many forms and it is vital that you see it all with gratitude. Clean up the money clutter that dams your flow and you will surprise yourself how easily it will come to you. Focus on the clearing of any clutter, mentally and financially, that blocks your free flow. Clean up any messes you have made. No “buts,” as they too are dams to what you want. Everything you seek to fulfill your higher purpose is already on its way to you. You simply need to un-damn its flow. Release any and all blocks, de-clutter your physical and metaphysical house and watch all that you desire flow to and through you with greater grace and ease. You have released all contracts of poverty from your younger years and now success, physical and financial, yearns to flow through you if you will let it. You heard me, money wants to flow through you. As energy, it wants to flow though you as easily as water, air, electricity and love. Money wants to flow through you as prosperity is encoded into the DNA of all things. Release any and all energy blocks and see what magic occurs. All things are created to flow with prosperity in its energetic veins. As are you!

This came the following day:

“This morning we are continuing on this concept of money. Money is energy. It is the physical, and now becoming less and less physical, as it returns to its original form of the energy of ex-change. It is merely  a physical symbol for gratitude and giving. The issue is that some have hoarded it and attempted to dam it from others. Just as there are some who have attempted to dam all other resources to withhold it for themselves. Eventually those who hoard too much, lose what they have, as the dams can only hold so much or the dam breaks and the flow returned to the people. If it were possible to control air and sunlight, they would, and there are those who have tried. This is not a judgement, simply a reflection of the human condition when the heart has a heart-condition. The cause of the condition is fear, which then becomes greed and the belief of win/lose. None of this is true of course, as the way of Earth and all of the Universe is abundance. Growth and prosperity is the one guarantee that exists in all things. It may not always look that way as the cycles of feast or famine are played out and yet, they are cycles. No one has ever needed to steal from another. Cooperation is the driving force behind human evolution – not competition. Human being’s ability to work together ensures survival of the species. That is why so many of you now are being called and compelled to cooperate. As your world hangs in the balance, this co-operation will take you into the next phase of your collective evolution. Yes, it will still include money – money infused with a higher vibration that re-balances the field and makes all things possible. Clear your money clutter and release your damns – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, so that this new money can flow to you with ease. “

Yes, I spelled the words correctly, as they came to me. Some of this is a play on words, what is often referred to as the alchemy of language.  When we damn anything we also dam it. Any time we speak badly, or more precisely, poorly about money, we damn it, and as such we dam its flow. Anytime we damn someones else who has money,  we dam ourselves from having more of it. Anytime we see money as a cause of evil, rather than a tool for transformation, we dam our own flow. Anytime we complain about what we don’t  have, we are telling the universe to give us more of what we don’t have. The universe is abundant in all things, even those tings we don’t want.

Unconscious fear-based belief about money can be hazardous to one’s health, well-being and ability to be of greater service. It is impossible to give what you don’t have. Those who have any part of them that is resistant to having money and seeing money through the eyes of love, may be damning money and damning their own flow.

If you hear or see the word money, and feel uneasy about how the word resonates within you, check your beliefs. They might surprise you.

Until next time, Be Fearless, Fabulous and Free!



Easter, Paganism & Christianity

Easter for me is radically different than it is for many people I suspect. When I was a little girl in the very fundamentalist cult, we didn’t celebrate pagan holidays which included Christmas and Easter. Pagan was synonymous with evil in my parent’s eyes.

After I left home I let go of any religious affiliation of any kind and eventually found my own truth.

The so-called Pagan holidays have a new meaning for me. In my new awareness, Easter is a celebration the resurrection of life. It is a celebration of life renewing itself as it does each spring. It is a celebration of the magic of renewal as life rises from the darkness and into the light. It is a celebration of the Divine Feminine resurrecting life through all things. This has been the celebration since the time when humans first made the correlation between the phases of the sun and the moon and life sprouting from the earth.

eostreFor those of you who like to dig into the evolution of belief, one of my favorite subjects, Eostre is the Germanic Goddess of Spring. Also known as Ostara or Eastre, She gave Her name to the Christian festival of Easter (which is an older Pagan festival appropriated by the Church), whose timing is still dictated by the Moon. Modern pagans celebrate Her festival on the Vernal Equinox, usually around March 21, the first day of Spring. Christianity celebrates it on the first Sunday after the first full moon, following the spring equinox – that’s about as Pagan as one can get.

Eostre is connected with renewal and fertility. Eggs and rabbits are sacred to Her, as is the full moon, since the ancients saw in its markings the image of a rabbit or hare. She is also a dawn goddess, and may be related to the Greek Goddess of the dawn Eos. She is shown here at dawn, quickening the land, while the full moon sets behind Her.  (image by Thalia Took)

It is no coincidence that the Christian church chose this time of year to celebrate rising of Jesus from the darkness of death in the cycle of life, or that his people celebrated the passing over of death for a second chance at life in their Passover traditions.

All of it celebrates one thing and that one thing is gratitude for life and its renewal.

Spring is life renewing itself as it strives to flourish and thrive. I wish you a very Happy and Abundant Spring!

Until next time, be Fearless, Fabulous and Free!

Is Your Religion Enabling Abuse?

Yesterday a student of mine asked, “What is the same between Forgiving someone for abuse, and being an Enabler of abuse: “Forgive is to: absolve, remit, cease to resent, excuse.” “Enable is to: allow, permit, excuse.” Both of them ‘Excuse’ the Behavior.”

One of the issues I see with many belief systems is not understanding the difference between forgiveness and enabling. Telling someone that they need to forgive those who are wounding them, as they are still suffering, only propagates more suffering. Forgiving someone in the midst of the abuse only enables them to continue to harm. Forgiveness is part of the healing process after the harm is no longer being inflicted, and is based in self-honor. Enabling is dishonoring of all concerned.

There is a huge difference between the two. Forgiveness is after the fact as a part if your own healing. Enabling is allowing it to continue to happen.

Genuine forgiveness only occurs after the trauma has ended and after going through the grieving process. It is sourced from self-love. Saying that you forgive someone while they continue to hurt you is simply lip-service and is based in fear and beliefs of unworthiness. It is simply sweeping the issue under the rug until it surfaces again. Fear, and the need for acceptance, propagates the cycle of abuse. Yes, many of our belief systems don’t understand what forgiveness really is and therefor are enablers of suffering. Real forgiveness only comes from deep understanding and final resolution. 

As I pondered on this further this afternoon, this is the message that came through.

“The real genuine forgiveness Dear Ones that you all seek stems from love. It is based in the understanding that all beings are worthy of love and understanding and that only those who are hurting and feeling unloved, hurt others. There really is no evil in your world, only misalignment from love. That which you call evil stems from the spiritually immature who cannot see love within themselves and cannot see it as their own true essence. As such, they really do not know what they do. Yes, from logical perspective they “should” know better and reasoning can tell them so. And yet, the delicate human mind often acts without reason as it desperately searches for the one thing it wants most, love. Ultimately that coming home to love is the reason you chose the human experience. You wanted to prove to yourselves that you could find your way home. Not to heaven after you die but to heaven within your selves. Each of you were born with it as the essence of who you are. The real challenge is to find it again, to be able to say at the end of your human experience, I found God, Spirit, Christ, Peace, Heaven, Love… within myself and shared it forward and thus I fulfilled my purpose for being. Understand Dear Ones that every being is seeking exactly the same thing. They are all facing their own individual struggles to find their loving essence, to know, feel and be love. When you come to really understand this truth and see that you are worthy of love, as you are love itself embodied as you, then forgiveness becomes an already given. So be it!”

One of the issues I see with many belief systems is not understanding the difference between forgiveness and enabling.

Telling someone that they need to forgive those who are wounding them, as they are still suffering, only propagates more suffering. Forgiving someone in the midst of the abuse only enables them to continue to harm. Forgiveness is part of the healing process after the harm is no longer being inflicted, and is based in honor, which is based in love. Enabling is dishonoring of all concerned. As long as the enabler continues to profess that the trauma is forgiven, and the aggressor continue the action, there will always be victim and perpetrator. The perceived victim needs to recognize within herself that she is worthy of love, that she is worthy of honor and that she is worthy of respect. In owning her worthiness she no longer tolerates the actions placed against her and in her self-honor she creates a space for the perpetrator to heal his own cycle of trauma. In other words, by no longer tolerating the abuse, they both get closer to peace within themselves.

This holds true for humanity as a whole. 

Until next time, be Fearless, Fabulous and Free!