Sun, January 17, 2020


Whatever happens, hold the vision. Stay laser-focused on freedom, peace, and prosperity for all.

Remember, WE create our reality!

When enough of us envision the seemingly impossible, it becomes possible.

We are being given the tremendous gift of re-creation in the midst of what looks like total failure. It is not. It is simply the old world reaching out to us to give it new life, with a greater potential for all of humanity.

It won’t matter who the man is at the helm or the seemingly impossible odds. It won’t matter what dystopian stories are told to us on television or the movies. It won’t matter what the news is telling us about what is seemingly real. It won’t matter what fear and darkness swirl around us because we know the power of our vision to create. We know, that our collective envisioning of the future, creates our future.

Turn off the news and the television and turn on your imagination of infinite possibilities. We are all God force energy, sourced through every one of us. Through us, all things are possible.

We are building a new reality from the ground up!

Calling all creatives and thought leaders to step up and envision what we want to create. Every system from the bottom to the top is open for re-creation. You get to choose which system or systems you want to be a part of inter-creating. If a particular system calls to you to be a part of recreating it, laser focus on that.

Pull out your markers, pens. whiteboards, and paper and play in the field of imagination as if anything is possible because it is. Imagine the future you want to see. The more specific you can be the more powerful the vision is.

What does the new governance system look like? What does the new education system look like? What does the new energy system look like? What does the new healthcare system look like? What does the new financial system look like? What does the new entertainment system look like? Or, do we have systems at all?  Imagine systems that look like interlocking circles rather than pyramids, Metatron’s Cube, and there you will see that anything is possible!

Imagine a world where every choice is made from love rather than fear. Then imagine the world we can create from that perspective.

Those who have the ability to teach, teach. Those who have the ability to speak, speak. Those who have the ability to write, write. Those who have the ability to create videos, create. Those who have the ability to assist, assist. Use your gifts and talents to help create the new world being birthed through us.

Let us use technologies that have been used to keep us in fear with programming that tells us that only dystopia is possible, and reverse the narrative. Let us create a new tel-a-vision where we tell new stories of truth and begin to program the human mind to see that utopia is our natural state of being. The more telling of better stories of hope, inspiration, and possibilities the faster our new reality will manifest.

People believe what they see and hear, let us give them better stories to see and hear until light and love becomes the new normal.

It is time for the Light Warriors to step up and do the work they are here to do. No more fear. No more hesitation. No more doubt. Step out in the light and have your voices heard. Tell a new vision of possibilities rather than rehashing the past. The past is over. Yes, we will continue to process the past. And, we will teach from a new understanding of what is possible when we no longer cling to the fear-based attachments of what has been.

It is time for the Light Warriors to turn up their lights, to pull out their swords of truth, and march into the new earth possibility. Tell new visions and inspire the best in humanity. Be heard in such waves across the planet that these new waves of love and light drown out all the old voices of fear and naysayers. They cannot hold a candle to the waves of light that are spreading forward.

That my loves is the work that the Light Warriors are here to do. Go and let your light shine to its highest and fullest potential. Do not look back at the world we have left behind it. Look forward to the world we are creating. Focusing on the world we left behind will leave you stuck there. Humanity cannot afford for the Light Worker’s lights and words to be focused on what has been and who is to blame.

We must hold our lights so high that humanity will find its own light. We must focus forward on what is possible and what we want to create.

Allow others to wallow in blame and misery if they must, but not us. The world and all of humanity are counting on us remembering who we are here to be and to hold the vision of the world we are here to create. We are the Light Warriors. We came here to stand out in front, to take up arms, walk arm-in-arm, and march into the light – out on the edge of infinite possibilities that the rest of humanity may find it for themselves.

Remember, it is vital that the lightworkers focus on what is best for all of humanity rather than what they think is best. Thinking they know what is best is a pursuit of the ego.

Focus on what is light. Focus on what is love. Focus on what is freedom and focus on what is best for all humankind. Focus on the outcome instead of what appears to presently be. Yes, be present, yet do not allow your mind to wallow in the apparent chaos of the swirling storm. Stay above the fray. Stay out of ego and invite your heart’s light. Stay out of division and focus on unity. Stay out of the old story and focus on the new vision. It is vital that we focus on unity and what is best for all humanity, for all life on earth. Remember, the darkness thrives on us holding againstness toward any aspect of ourselves. We must want what is best for the whole of humanity, not just for ourselves and those deemed to be like us.

Division is the great illusion preventing us from finding our wholeness, our holiness, our oneness. Let go of any and all againstness for what has been, and what presently appears to be, and instead focus on the unity and harmony in this extraordinary new world we are creating.

We are in the midst of creating a new world as the old one begins to collapse around us. Rather than be afraid of what is happening, recognize the opportunity for new creation. And, laser focus on the vision of the world you want to be a part of helping to create. If we don’t collectively envision a world of love, peace, and harmony the New World will be created for us by those who have the financial power to enforce their own vision. We, the masses of humanity have more power than the fortunate few, we just need to use our power in active consciousness.

We the people have everything we need to create a utopian world. All we need to do is laser-focus our vision on it and believe it really is possible. And then, get to work making it so.

It is and will be when enough of us believe.

Until next time, Get Bold, Be Fearless, and Live Free!