For many people, their beliefs in worth, in themselves and their life’s work, came from hand-me-down beliefs based on misguided perceptions of ancient text, stories, and fables.

Many people, consciously or unconsciously, cling to the security blanket of ancient beliefs because it is much too frightening to think outside the box. Those old beliefs are just that, old news. News that happened such a very long ago, manipulated for so long, retold and interpreted so many times, the loving guidance within them is difficult to discern from fear-based misuse.

These stories have, because of its many centuries of hearsay, distortion, alteration, and misrepresentation, become a form of fake news.

Humanity has never really been given access to the whole story. We’ve only ever known his-story, the way it was written to keep the masses of humanity small and those who see themselves as better-than-the-rest, in charge of the rest. The story has been written to keep the masses from recognizing the grandness that exists within all of us.

Yes, there is some truth in the stories of old, as the truth is always hidden in plain sight, and, because so much of it has been convoluted by fear, the truth can be difficult to decipher.

Rather than going back and trying to rehash old news and old stories, it’s time to create new stories. If time to create a new story about the human potential and possibility, rather than old stories based on fear, judgment, blame, guilt, unworthiness, and limitation.

The old stories are just that, old news from ancient times written for the people of the time.

They are stories of how human beings treated each other with fear, violence, and war. The more we rehash those old stories the more we will continue to repeat them. It’s time to tell new stories, tell the whole story, about the truth of human potential and the power of love that makes us all worthy of the limitless joy that is our Divine Birthright.

We choose what we believe about our worth and value, rather than allowing others to decide it for us.

No more hand-me-down beliefs of unworthiness need keep us small as we ascend into the true story that we are all worthy of all the gifts of the kingdom. Now we need to tell ourselves the new story of peace and freedom and pass that story forward.

Be Fearless and Free!