Staying On Track

I find it fascinating how personal disasters from bad hair days to complete life alterations are often referred to as train wrecks.

Isn’t “train wreck” an interesting use of terminology?

This is especially interesting once we become conscious of our words, understand the etymology and alchemy of language and the spells words can cast. It’s called spelling for a reason… Corporate media is a master at spellbinding. Billions of dollars and decades been spent in the world of marketing to find just the right words and word combinations to cast spells on unwitting audiences. Product jingles, news media, television shows and movies have been carefully crafted to keep us under a spell.

Train wreck is a perfect example of the unconscious hypnosis of fear.

We often refer to car crashes on the freeway, calamity stories on the news, or a person who doesn’t have their act together as a train wreck. When we see a train wreck we can’t help but watch as we pass by it or it passes by us. We know we shouldn’t get caught up in it, but something draws us in. Why is it that other people’s messes and misfortune are so tempting to get sucked into?

My theory is the surge of adrenaline we experience in witnessing a train wreck makes us feel better about our own lives.

It’s the same reason human beings watch the news, watch violent movies, watch violent sports and even watch movies that terrify them. It’s the same reason human beings have always watched violence and other people’s suffering for entertainment. The lions and the gladiators come to mind. Even the Bible with all it’s stories of war and suffering has enthralled people for millennia. Human beings have an addiction to pain. There’s an unconscious addiction to the adrenaline and the “I’m safe just watching” that comes with watching other people get derailed from a peaceful path.

Those who work professionally in the world of news, media and marketing understand how train wreck stories can derail and dis-tract the masses. They know how to use adrenaline to their benefit.

They get paid big money to throw us off our track and derail us from our purpose. Some freedom fighters have caught wind of this tactic. When the media comes up with the newest “the world is crashing..” story we tend to ask ourselves, “what’s really happening that the media is trying to distract us from?” The media, in its attempt at fear and frenzy, also shoots itself in the foot as those who are awake and aware go searching for the real story being ignored by the media. It’s always a much bigger story!

That said, no matter how tempting it is to dive into the train wreck or go searching for the side track, stay in your lane.

Stay on the track of love and don’t allow yourself to get side railed and distracted by fear. Keep your focus on the destination and not on the chaos on the other tracks. Keep your own tracks clear of mental, emotional and spiritual clutter. Keep your life free of flying debris.

Be present in your own train of thoughts while focusing on the track ahead as we move full steam into the new world.

The world outside may be a train wreck but you can ride the peace train.

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As Always, Get Bold, Be Fearless and Live Free!



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