Toward the end of 2019 (I need to dig my notebooks out of storage for the exact date) I heard the words, “super powers activate.” 

Yes, it would be super cool to have more obvious super powers beyond what I’ve been given. I’m not complaining of course. Conscious Telepathic Communicator is a great way to describe how I move through life. Some people also call it channeling, but for me, it’s deeper and more in depth than just tuning into a spiritual channel the way we tune into a radio channel. Some have called me a “seer” because I see pictures and movies of the future in my mind’s eye.

The ability to see and hear into other realms has grown stronger over the years. 

We have solar flares to thank, not only for my own super powers being activated, but yours as well. You have your own, even if you don’t see them yet. They are being awakened and activated even without your awareness. Technically, they aren’t ordinary solar flares and flashes. The flashes/waves of light are coming from a singularity. It’s another sun across the cosmos exploding and sending us waves of light as it burns out.

The Earth and her beings have been receiving the G-Waves (God/Goddess/Gamma) since 2013.

These waves have been coming in greater frequency and strength since that time. They’ve been altering our DNA and activating our super powers. These light waves have been waking up the masses and activating spiritual gifts. Solar flares from our sun are helping too. The electromagnetic frequencies are causing a change of heart.  Some people have asked me if their super powers will be activated with The Event Horizon, (the solar flash some people are talking about) and they will instantly become like super man. They think of it like the gamma storm in the movie The Fantastic Four. It would be amazing but I don’t see it working that way.

Activating our super powers is a process and not a one time event. 

Imagine going to the gym a couple of times and expecting to be a world-class weight lifter… Our gifts grow commensurate to the spiritual work we do to embody them. If you want to become super human it begins with letting go of everything that isn’t super. Each of us is pure, divine love having a human experience. All things are possible with Source/God/Love through you and as you. As you work to fully embody the oneness of Mother/Father/Creator you begin to feel how powerful you are. This is what true empowerment looks like. This in-powerment is the power of all  the universe being sourced through you. And… it requires letting go of all ego.

This is how Yeshua walked on water and how you can too.

Getting to Divine Oneness doesn’t happen overnight either. It comes with processing your like and working through all you beliefs in fear and separation. This process includes processing your shadows and your pain stories. When you process your pain stories and learn to love every aspect of the human experience, in this and all lifetimes, for your own and all human stories, then you have prepared your mind, body, heart and spirit for the super-greatness already prepared for you.

This is an undertaking of the heart and a massive exercising of love. 

Stop worrying about when and how your super powers will be activated and instead, prepare the way within yourself. Every wave of light enlightens your mind and heart. It activates your light body and your spiritual gifts. Focus on that, on becoming your best self and then your super powers will begin to show themselves.

You don’t need a time-stopping, world-changing flash of light to show you what you are capable of. You just need to feel the power of God/Source/Love working through you.

Until next time, Get Bold, Be Fearless and Live Free!