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Self-Worth Hand-Me-Downs

For many people, their beliefs in worth, in themselves and their life’s work, came from hand-me-down beliefs based on misguided perceptions of ancient text, stories, and fables.

Many people, consciously or unconsciously, cling to the security blanket of ancient beliefs because it is much too frightening to think outside the box. Those old beliefs are just that, old news. News that happened such a very long ago, manipulated for so long, retold and interpreted so many times, the loving guidance within them is difficult to discern from fear-based misuse.

These stories have, because of its many centuries of hearsay, distortion, alteration, and misrepresentation, become a form of fake news.

Humanity has never really been given access to the whole story. We’ve only ever known his-story, the way it was written to keep the masses of humanity small and those who see themselves as better-than-the-rest, in charge of the rest. The story has been written to keep the masses from recognizing the grandness that exists within all of us.

Yes, there is some truth in the stories of old, as the truth is always hidden in plain sight, and, because so much of it has been convoluted by fear, the truth can be difficult to decipher.

Rather than going back and trying to rehash old news and old stories, it’s time to create new stories. If time to create a new story about the human potential and possibility, rather than old stories based on fear, judgment, blame, guilt, unworthiness, and limitation.

The old stories are just that, old news from ancient times written for the people of the time.

They are stories of how human beings treated each other with fear, violence, and war. The more we rehash those old stories the more we will continue to repeat them. It’s time to tell new stories, tell the whole story, about the truth of human potential and the power of love that makes us all worthy of the limitless joy that is our Divine Birthright.

We choose what we believe about our worth and value, rather than allowing others to decide it for us.

No more hand-me-down beliefs of unworthiness need keep us small as we ascend into the true story that we are all worthy of all the gifts of the kingdom. Now we need to tell ourselves the new story of peace and freedom and pass that story forward.

Be Fearless and Free!

The Virus of Doubt

The courage of the heart must over-ride the doubt in the mind.

Know Dear Ones, that doubt is not your own. It is a dis-ease plaguing the human mind and prevents you from knowing, and fully owning, your true Divine Greatness.

Doubt is a deception, a virus in the human mind. It is based in fear and therefore nothing more than an illusion.

Doubt is not to be confused with discernment. As I child I was taught to not doubt my religion and that doubt was the devil attempting to lead me astray. Discernment is your higher-self, your loving spirit, teaching you how to think outside the confines of fear. In that regard, doubt then is from the devil, just not the way it has been taught to so many of us.

Doubt is a deception. If deception is a temptation away from our full and true capability, then one can see how it could be construed as being from the devil. Doubt can be used to serve a particular religion, and it can also be used against us in our own individual spiritual evolution. Doubt comes from the illusion of fear darkness where discernment comes from the light of truth. Doubt keeps human beings stuck where they are while discernment gives them the courage to move forward. Question everything, discern everything, even the doubting voice coming from your own mind.

Doubt can create blocks in your conscious evolution and purposeful progression.

Do you find yourself asking, “what are my blocks?” Do you seem unable to finish projects, write your words, record your projects, teach more often? Even when you know your students are waiting and needing you to appear, do you stumble and hold back. Yes, there are distractions, and yes there is work avoidance. The greater question is why?

There is a part of you that still doesn’t believe. There is a part of you that still doesn’t believe in you, your gifts, your blessings, your allness. There is a part of you that fears being fake news, another false prophet. A fear of being seen as a profit at the expense of others. This is part of the doubt disease that plagues many in the spiritual teaching and healing world. Yes, you know what your work and your wisdom has done for you. Are you wondering if you can guarantee that same for others?

Perhaps this is where your greatest doubt lies. The fear that you will be found out as a fraud when everything in your heart comes from honest goodness and authenticity. Could your heart handle the attack? 

Many Lightworkers are too softhearted to the point of mush.

This isn’t about becoming hard-hearted and calcifying your heart with fear, anger, blame, and resentment. A hardened heart causes heart-break. This is about building up and strengthening your heart with loving courage, conviction, and action. Remember, just as you strengthen your muscles and heart at the gym and exercise through action, the same hold true with your higher-heart. If the heart is too soft and weak, it becomes gullible, manipulatable and downtrodden. A strong heart can stand the tests of time and storms of life.

Strengthen your heart, not harden it. That is how you push through doubt of the mind.

A strong heart holds compassion and authenticity, driven by courage. The conviction that what you teach, and the work you do gives others what you have received, will come. Conviction comes with action and evidence from others who can give testimony to your service. Be of service first, even without evidence, and the evidence will come though the lives you affect.

The fear of being a fraud isn’t really you. It is infiltration attacking your mind. Remember that! That is how sneaky infiltration is. That is how subtle deception can be. It is your mind being led into fear and darkness without your heart’s permission. Put doubt out of your mind and carry on. Let the courage of your heart supersede the virus of doubt in your mind.

Remember, and be, the greatness you planted yourself on this planet to be.

Remember that you are Love in a body, here to help heal the broken hearts of humanity and free the human mind from enslavement to fear, so that we can all ascend together as one.

Until next time Get Bold, Become Fearless and Be Free!

Love Your Enemy?

As a little girl, I was often told and retold the stories and teachings of Jesus, whom I now prefer to call, Master Yeshuah. The one who lived his life in the Christ Consciousness of unconditional love.

One of the most difficult teachings for me to grasp until several years ago was the teaching of “love your enemies and pray for those who spitefully use you…” I found it nearly impossible to grasp how to go about loving my enemies. And why on earth would I pray for those who used me? I barely knew how to love my family and friends, and certainly didn’t love myself. Loving my enemies was beyond my intellectual and emotional grasp.

After an experience in my kitchen a few years ago, an experience which changed my life forever, I get it.

I was given the gift of feeling what love really is. It isn’t an emotion, it is energy in motion. It is the God force energy that exists in all things, even me. I finally understood that I am love. I am divine love. I am one with God – the energy of love. It is the stuff I am made of and all things are made of. It is the glue that binds all things and beings together. Every leaf, blade of grass, flowers and wind, my heart and yes, even those who I may have once seen as my enemy, are the embodiment of love.

There is nothing that isn’t love! We just can’t see it through fear-full perceptions.

So, what does it mean to love your enemy and pray for those who spitefully use you? It means to recognize that YOU are the source of love. When you love your enemy, you see them through the eyes of love. When you pray for those who spitefully use you, you want their spite to be healed. That is the Christ Consciousness of love and understanding.

It breaks my heart when I hear of people praying for God to destroy President Obama or casting spells on President Trump. Seriously? That’s the opposite of what Jesus suggested!

Focus on being Love and projecting Love outward. The love that comes back reflects the love within you.

Projecting love to those who don’t love you in return, helps to heal their heart, and strengthens yours. Negative projection, unloving projection, creates a block in your own flow. When you damn someone else, you dam yourself. You simply cannot hate someone else without damaging your own heart. Your heart is meant to spread love and to be a source of light. Remember that, be that. Send love to your enemies that their hearts will be healed. That is the only path to real freedom.

Turn on your heart light. Let it shine wherever you go. (Yes, a song might get stuck in your head)

Remember who you are. You are love in a body. Be that!

Patriarchy Comfort Zone

My mother was not a feminist. In fact, by today’s political divisiveness, she would be what many call Alt-Right. She was so far to the right that she had no rights.

I remember my mom going to an ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) meeting to satisfy her curiosity. It was around 1979. She came home upset that women would insist on being anything but a righteous and obedient wife and mother. She used the old cliche “a woman’s place is in the home” followed by, “not gallivanting off trying to make money.” She then went on to say said that only angry divorcees and lesbians were feminists and she would have nothing to do with that. I did not know what either one of them were, but I was old enough to know that I didn’t want to be like my mother.

Not much has changed in some parts of our country. There are still women fighting to keep the patriarchy alive and in charge.

And I understand it because I’ve been there – it was ingrained in me as a little girl. There is comfort in letting someone else be in control of their destiny and comfort in wearing hand-me-down beliefs. There is comfort in staying in pre-defined roles and lanes even when the lanes are restrictive. Everything and everyone in their place maintains order and the male God’s plan.

This isn’t a judgement, just a reflection, and understanding why a segment of our society is clinging to the old ways.

It feels safe and comfortable there. It’s what they’ve always known, and change can be frightening. The old ways are comfortable, even when the discomfort is almost unbearable. This comfort is the reason women stay in abusive marriages, sweep painful stories under the rug and hold themselves beneath the power of patriarchy. There is safety in keeping things the same as they’ve always been, even when it isn’t really isn’t safe.

Fear creates anger and anger drives division.

Change is inevitable. Understanding that many are facing a real fear of change, helps us understand why some women continue to support the patriarchy, even as they continue to be abused by it. It’s their comfort zone.

It’s up to us, the change makers, to understand why they choose what they choose and try to love them through the fear. We can all get thought this re-balancing of masculine and feminine. They need us to not hold them in resentment simply because they cannot know what they don’t know.

And, it’s up to us, to no longer be afraid to ask for our own needs to be met. This is how we empower ourselves without dis-empowering our men.

Until next time Get Bold, Be Courageous and Speak Your Truth!

Taking the Leap of Faith

I know it’s been a very long time since I posted on my blog. I’ve been cocooning and leaning into what’s next. I finally took the leap of faith and jumped with both feet into my higher purpose.

For far too long I was attempting to be someone I’m not. I followed the “shoulds” even when I recommended to other’s not to should on themselves. The “should” was that if I wanted to be a successful author I “should” have programs to sell and I “should” be a coach. I invested way too much money in branding gurus and coaching experts to figure out how to be a coach, even when everything inside of me told me that’s not who I was.

The experience was a valuable learning experience as everything always eventually is. It turns out that coaches, authors and healers are a big part of who I am here to serve. I wouldn’t know how to best serve them if I hadn’t had the experience of being one. I call them Transformation Messengers and they are vital to healing the broken heart’s of humanity.

One thing it took me long enough to learn is that if it’s too hard, it isn’t meant to be.

I was trying too hard to push through doors and brand myself as the “go to” guru, because that’s what I was told I “should” do. A couple of years ago I quit trying and focused on family, finishing up a few more books (watch for those coming soon) and get really clear on my direction. I started letting go of everything I didn’t need. Bags and bags of clothing, home decor, office supplies, people… yes I even let go a few co-dependent relationships I didn’t even know I had.

Then I started to really understand what surrender means. I gave up everything that didn’t align, even when it hurt to let go. I started being and allowing, and with that came a sense of peace. What I find really interesting is that once I stopped coaching and just allowed what’s next to come in, life began flowing with greater ease. That grace and ease is how I know when I’m on path.

Synchronicity is the magic of the universe and when it’s right, it just is.

Back in 2011 a received a wake-up call at 4:00 in the morning. It was a call from my inner voice telling me I needed to make a movie about polygamy. It was a wake-up call into being who I’m really here to be, it just took me a while to finally understand. Polygamy, that was easy, it was ingrained in me from birth, but I knew nothing about the film industry. I decided to trust my inner voice and started learning what I needed to know, not even sure why I needed to know it.

Fast forward to now. The polygamy movie still sits on the cutting room floor, but what I’ve leaned is so much more. The film industry, making movies is where I’m intended to be. Every time I start working on a film project it comes together like magic and when I’m pursuing anything else the process is long and hard. Lesson learned! It took me long enough.

Follow the magic and see where it leads.

On that note, I’m working on a movie about homelessness. It’s a passion project for all of us working on it, as we have all experienced homelessness ourselves. We want to tell this story in a way that is beautiful, artistic and compelling – not just a bobbing heads documentary. We are making a film that serves the greatest good for humanity. You can learn more about the “PEARL” project and the movement to end homelessness HERE. You can also checkout the Facebook and IMDB pages. 

It takes a community to create real and lasting change. You can be a part of the changing by helping us fund this very important film. Here is the link for the Seed & Spark campaign.

Giving is the new getting” – Michael Beckwith

Thank you for being the light that you are and for trusting your own path, 

Until next time, Be Bold, Be Fearless & Speak Your Truth!


Secret Cult Stuff…

I’ve often heard the middle of the night wake-up as the witching hour. Somewhere our religions seem to have confused the inspiration that comes when there are no distractions, with something outside of their control.
My childhood system of belief called it temptation, I know otherwise. We all have access to divine inspiration – not just the supposedly appointed few. The so-called witching hour is when our mind is most open to inspiration and guidance from our higher-selves.

Several years back I woke up in the middle of the night to the message, “You need to make a movie about polygamy.”

These four-o’clock wake up calls sometimes happen when my soul has a message for me that requires my attention. This particular message took me by complete surprise. It had never been in the realm of my imagination to make a movie, sure I often daydreamed of having a movie made about my personal story, but me, a filmmaker, never. At the time I knew nothing about the film industry, only that I had dabbled in in for a few months in the late 1980’s and quickly discovered it was a distasteful business I wanted nothing to do with.

Why then, more than twenty years later, did I suddenly get the middle-of the night wake-up call to make a movie?

The next morning I sat on my couch, asking myself what the message was all about. The response was simply, “Keep your eyes and ears open today.” A little later I hopped onto Facebook and into a private group I rarely visited. It was a group full of angry individuals still suffering as the result of polygamy. When I did visit, it was to spread love and healing. That morning it became for a completely different reason.

Yes, I’m highly intuitive, and my inner-guidance was spot on!

Another uncommon visitor to the group asked if I knew anyone with the last name of Lithgow or Mackelroy. The first name I knew all too well. This was the last name of the girl that I ran away from home with. I haven’t seen or heard from her in 30 years.

I mentioned that I knew the last name Lithgow, and was met with a response that a filmmaker in Los Angeles was looking to make a movie about polygamy and looking for someone to help. Within 24 hours I was sitting down with that filmmaker, who just happened to have an opening in her very busy schedule, and within a week we were filming on location in now infamous Colorado City.

Yes, that middle of the night wake-up call was the real deal, as was the nudge to keep my eyes and ears open.

Amber Dawn Lee was that filmmaker. The movie itself still sits on the cutting room floor as they say, but you can see snippets of our interviews on her You Tube channel shown below.

Amber and I have become life-long friends. She taught me a crash course in film-making and introduced me to other actors and filmmakers. That first meeting with Amber has taken me on a completely new trajectory for my life in alignment with my soul’s higher purpose. This is about helping others have their stories heard.

We all have a pain story and those with the most painful stories have the greatest ability to affect the world. How you tell and use your story makes all the difference!

Until next time, Be Bold, Be Courageous & Speak Your Truth!

Back In The Speaking Race

It’s official, I’m back in the public speaking and on-camera race.

A couple of years ago I decided to step off the big stage and away from the camera to focus on finishing a few book projects, up-leveling my leadership skills and laying low with my family. Braces helped to solidify that decision !

My smile needed a face-lift. In the beginning I really believed having braces wouldn’t change any of my public appearances. Boy, was I wrong! Sure, the porcelain brackets looked okay on camera and from a distance on the stage, but, I quickly discovered that even a short speech or video segment, turned the inside of my mouth into veritable hamburger. OUCH!

Whew, I’m glad my reemergence into adolescence is over. 

The braces have come off, bone-grafting surgery is complete, the stitches come out today, and while I still need implants and some fine-tuning, I feel like a new woman with a whole new smile.

I need a smile that’s going to last me at least 50 years. That’s right, I’m just getting started…

This spring I’m running a marathon, heading toward the World Champion of Public Speaking. I’m also on the final stretch of becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster, a leadership program that isn’t for the faint of heart. I’m taking on a new role in the world of media and entertainment, (details on that after I have confirmation) and I’m heading back to the big stage for keynotes, teaching and storytelling.

Teaching, live from the stage and camera, is where my heart feels most alive!

My smile isn’t the only thing getting a face-lift. My brand is getting a face-lift as well. It too is a process and not a quick-fix, so if it looks a little wonky, it’s because it’s mid-birth. Although I am re-branding, the purpose remains the same, to help you heal your pain story and use it to empower a greater purpose in your life.

The purpose behind everything I do is to help you tell a better story about where you have been, what you have experienced and where you are heading. What exactly that will look like is still unfolding.

Life is all about trusting the process. 

What the world needs now, more than ever before, are Better Stories Worth Telling, stories that inspire others to take a stand for something greater within themselves and take a stand for something better for humanity.

We need stories that are real, raw… and true. Yes, telling these stories often takes tremendous courage, and that is what I hope to inspire in you.

Be Bold – Have Courage – Speak Your Truth

Your truth will set you free!


Command Your Own Ship

A few days ago, I had a huge insight while navigating the subconscious patterns of my past so that I can remedy them and not take them into my future.

Navigating and over-writing the past is essential to creating a joy-filled life.

I came to see that throughout my lifetime I had been deferring my own greatness to other people.  For example, I conceded to teachers and adults growing up, because that’s what I was expected to do. There was no concept of self-respect or self-honor in my upbringing, only respecting men and my elders. As I got older my deference turned to those with more experience and education than I had, rather than seeing the value of my own experience. Even in my businesses, I deferred to employees, co-workers and partners because I saw the value in what they brought to the table, over my own value.

In my moment of introspecting I came to see that my last business partner didn’t make me feel small or like an employee. That was a story I had been telling myself.  The issue wasn’t her, it was me. it was that I didn’t hold myself up as her equal. My big “aha” was that she brought the money, but I brought the experience. I ran the entire show. She was a silent partner but, in my head, at the time, she wasn’t silent.  She didn’t make me feel less about myself, feeling less-than is what I made of her.

Along with this came the knowing that I am the commander of my ship. I used to say that I am the captain of my vessel, but then I realized that I was standing in a little dingy.  It’s easy to stand alone in a little boat and not get very far and sometimes that little boat just goes around in circles.

Image result for the helm

Commanding a ship requires self-trust, self-respect and self-honor, and it requires holding yourself in high-esteem. 

It requires knowing that you chart the course and what others bring to the table is of no greater value than what you bring to the table. They are your support team, your officers and deck hands. The ship won’t run without the entire team but taking the bow and charting the course takes inner-knowing that you have earned your place at the helm and you are the commander.

Have the fortitude to set your course, free of doubt, and know the resources will come to support you. The resources will come from wherever they come, and you need to stand tall in who you are, rather than defer your own greatness to those who appear to have more.

Remember, it isn’t about them, it’s about you.

It’s about each of us standing boldly in who we are. It’s about valuing our own gifts, education and experiences and seeing what we bring to the table as invaluable and worthy of investment.


The Joy and Suffering Paradox

The paradox of suffering and joy exists. How we work with the paradox is how we find joy. This is with our own suffering, as well as the suffering of others. 

The paradox of joy and suffering are a part of the human experience, as paradoxes are. The paradox exists as a medium for growth. There is a difference between embracing the paradox of joy and suffering, and being a doormat for suffering in the belief that it is a spiritual practice.

The religion that I grew up with told us that suffering was a gift from God for women, and women’s suffering in silence allowed men to have joy. Suffering made women more beautiful because it kept them meek and humble, and at the feet and will of men as representatives of God.

The paradox of joy and suffering, in this system of belief was very extreme, and was encoded in me as a very young child. It is still a work in progress, as life is. Finding the courage to speak my truth in the presence of men can still unnerve me at times.

Suffering does’t make anyone more beautiful, but it can offer a lesson in self-growth that can lead to a more beautiful way of moving through life.

Joy is a result of recognizing the suffering exists and healing it; first accepting its existence, and second, treating it with healthy applications of love, beginning with self-love.

Recognizing the suffering, and wallowing in it without resolution, are two different things. There is also a difference between processing the suffering and spiritually bypassing it.

Without recognition and acceptance, then processing and resolution, the lesson that suffering has to offer isn’t learned. Ignoring, stuffing (staying sweet and silent) or bypassing the suffering halts to path to joy. Until the lesson is learned, the suffering will continue, and joy is held at bay.

The suffering will keep coming up, again and again, until it is resolved and the lesson is learned.  

Choose to see the suffering as an opportunity for personal self-growth. This requires facing it with courage, refusing to stuff it and pretend it doesn’t exist and resolve it with love and fortitude.

Life is that ALL beings might have joy. Everyone suffers, it is part of the human experience on earth school. How long we suffer, and how we manage the suffering is a choice. We are all empowered with choice.

Choose Joy!


Telling The SHeros Journey

This past year my entire focus has been on fully stepping into my highest purpose. This has meant letting go of my coaching business as a solopreneur (which was great when my children were small) and creating the entertainment company I’ve always envisioned.

For the past 6 years the idea has been brewing as I’ve been learning the processes and accumulating all of the aspects needed to make the vision a reality. This is a culmination of all of the lessons I’ve learned in traditional business, mentoring clients, book writing and publishing, speaking on stage, storytelling, event planning, film-making, media interviews, researching technology, inter-personal connections, in-depth analysis and of course, tuning into my highest truth.

All of it culminates into one concept I call C.O.R.E. an acronym for Conscious Original Revolutionary Entertainment. The focus of CORE is Better Stories Worth Telling.

Part of telling a better story is how that story is structured. This brings us to what I’m calling The SHero’s Journey, telling a story that illuminates the heroism in all of us and inspires every person who reads, hears and sees it. This gives you, the storyteller, the ability to fully be the change you want to see in the world, and gives your personal journey a higher purpose, beyond simply building your business.

Core Stories: Better Stories Worth Telling

The SHero’s journey is a combination of the Hero’s Journey and the Heroins Journey into one transformational story that unifies the masculine and feminine heroic story in all of us.

This all stems from a new level of clarity about how I can serve humanity at my very best. My personal purpose is to teach others how to empower their higher purpose by Transcending and Reverberating their personal stories. My global purpose is to create the space for these stories to be read, heard and seen.

Stay tuned for more details as the final pieces of the puzzle are brought together.

In the meantime, if you have a pain story you are ready to turn into a SHhero’s journey and create a better core story, visit the programs page to learn more about the processes and send me a personal request on my contact page.

We are already in the process of looking for exceptional stories that can be published and shared on stage and film. Using our SHero’s Journey formula gives you a leg up as we get ready to launch.

As Always, Be Fearless & Free!