Celebrate Life!

This time of year I always find myself in reflection. 

The season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is my favorite time of year.  I love everything about this time of year. I love the music, lights, food, laughter, cooking, baking, movies, shopping, celebrating and simply being.

All of if lifts me up and causes me to ponder, not that I’m not always pondering, but there is something about the end of a year’s cycle that causes deeper introspection. This isn’t only for my own life and the past year, but I find myself attempting to understand why so many people, in this time of what many consider to be the most joyous time of year, become so upset over who has the right to celebrate and how it “should” be celebrated.

All of it comes from a misunderstanding of how the evolution of belief plays out in our lives every day.  

As I pondered this morning on what began thousands of years ago as a worship of the sun, to now being a worship of commercialization, this is the message that came through.

“This message for you today Dear One is on the subject of the holidays and what some may call the holy days. So many of my children find themselves in angst over this time of year. Much of this angst comes from the judgment of how to celebrate it correctly. So many of you have judgments about what is right and what is wrong, who is right and who is wrong and I want you to know that none of it is right or wrong. All of those judgments an expectations are creations of the human mind. What is, is what is. Since the human mind was evolved enough to make a connection between the air and sky and what grows on the ground, humans have celebrated the seasons.

This is the season of gratitude and giving. It is the season of reaping what you have grown and generously giving to others from the fruits of your labors. It is the season of the return of light as the sun begins to make its way into longer days. It is celebrating the light in the darkness. And it is the season of rest from your long year of toils as it gives way to the time of enlightenment, renewal and rebirth. As autumn gives way to winter you begin planning for next seasons planting in the hope of another fruitful harvest in the year to come. That is the way of the human mind. The human mind, in its planning and doing, also needs reason to celebrate. This continual cycle of creation and celebration is one that sets you apart from the rest of the sentient beings on your planet. The highs and lows, celebrations and sufferings, are all part of the human experience that each of you chose to experience. Rather than judge the celebration or how one feels in ebb and flow of life, lift them up and celebrate with them. You cannot celebrate wrong, as celebration is the vibration of life lifting itself up through you.”

Whether you celebrate Santa Clause (who interestingly enough looks and acts very much like the Christian deity), whether your focus is on the birth of the son of God or the God of the sun, whether starscelebrate the sun and its return of light, celebrate the candles that light the way or celebrate the lights on a tree in your home, whether you celebrate by any other means, religious, spiritual or secular, whether you spend quiet time alone or time with family and friends, whether you indulge in abundance or volunteer to help those less fortunate, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate. The reason for the season is the light of life itself. Celebrate life!

I wish all of you a joyous season of celebration!


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