Playing The Game of Life

“Life is akin to very complex video game. There is no right or wrong way to play and the only destiny is to finish the game. How you play is not predetermined and all of the game is pre-written with limitless possibilities.You choose the moves you make and every move you make determines how the game unfolds. When you master one level you get to level up. You get hints and help along the way. You can play the game with childlike curiosity, play the game with strategy, play the game with resentment for past moves or anger toward other players, or play the game however you play other games. In the end it is still a game. When it is over you can review how you played and choose whether you want to play again.”

– The Universe

video games

Playing the game of life, like it is really a game, is so much for fun and rewarding than living life filled with guilt, shame, resentment and blame.  Everyone experiences trauma, setbacks and mistakes, and those who play the game well use all of those learning experiences to up-level their game. The only difference between those we see as successes and those who fumble through life, is their ability to recognize and remember the lessons. They repeat the steps that worked and not repeat what didn’t work. All of it is just a learning experience to propel them onward and upward. Of course, I define success as happiness, and not necessarily the stuff that can be accumulated. Just because you pick up a lot of coins in the game doesn’t necessary make you a better player.

In the end we all finish the same way, so why not have fun with it? View the past with a new perspective, let go of resentments toward other players and take control of the joystick.

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  1. I agree. You have to learn to be happy, whatever your circumstances. That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned about life. Smile while you’re playing, and others will enjoy the game more too!

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