Practice the F Word

Practicing the F word is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I recommend practicing every day and every time you feel the urge.

The F word can lead to other F words like fabulous, fearless, and best of all, freedom. The F world I am talking about is Forgiveness. Yes, I know, forgiveness feels like a real F word for a lot of people. My job is to help you see it from a completely new perspective that empowers you and liberates you. Because ultimately, forgiveness is the greatest key to your own personal freedom.

Before I get into what forgiveness is, let’s get into what it is not. Forgiveness is not a religious thing; it exist perfectly well on its own. Forgiveness isn’t turning the other cheek so that you can get slapped around – that’s called abuse. Forgiveness isn’t letting other people off the hook for hurting you while you pretend it doesn’t hurt. And forgiveness isn’t saying, “You’re forgiven,” when you don’t really mean it.

Forgiveness is freeing yourself from all of those fear-based emotions of guilt, shame, resentment, blame, anger, and all of the other ugly emotions that eat away at your well-being and self-worth.

Forgiveness allows you to no longer hold yourself hostage to other people’s choices and actions. Forgiveness frees you up from holding yourself responsible for other people’s stuff. Forgiveness frees your mind, heart, and spirit, a/k/a energy, from the constraints that hold your inner peace captive.

The key to finding your freedom from the pain of your past and other people’s actions toward you is self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness works almost like magic. When you forgive yourself for holding those fear-based emotions against yourself, the anger and resentment toward others begins to melt away. And when that happens, you are finally free of the suffering.

To learn more about how you can liberally apply self-forgiveness in your life, and for lots of examples of how it is used, visit “The Self-Forgiveness Project” on Facebook.

And remember, freedom is only an F word away!


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