As a small child I often questioned the beliefs of my parents and those around me until I finally made the correlation between questioning and punishment. As I grew I kept my questioning to myself, while at the same time, I was very intrigued by my parents’ religious beliefs. As an adult I became fascinated with psychology and the effect of beliefs on human happiness. While I didn’t have the academic education, I could see the correlation between belief and suffering, and how fear-based beliefs traumatize the human spirit. Several years ago I came to understand that I have what is referred to as a high Spiritual IQ.

Tweetable: Spiritual IQ is an innate understanding of spiritual nature and is distinct from religious beliefs and practices.

Personal growth, which I now understand is spiritual growth, has been a passion of mine since the 1980s. After running away from home as a teenager, I suffered severely from what is finally termed Religious Trauma Syndrome. In my early twenties, after battling depression and suicidal tendencies for nearly ten years, I discovered the Centers for Spiritual Living, Science of Mind principles and self-help books. I began my healing process with the aid of authors such as the great, and very missed, Wayne Dyer.

After all of these years of having my own spiritual awareness and understanding, I’m going back to school to gain further facilitation skills, substantiate my findings and learn the newest theories.

I’ve always told my children that someday I would go back to college and finish what I started thirty years ago. That time has come! I’ve registered for the Spiritual Psychology programs at the University of Santa Monica. While I am not looking forward to doing my own homework along with helping my kids with theirs, I am looking forward to giving my mind, heart and spirit what they crave, that is, new and higher understanding. And I am looking forward to elevating my SQ so that I can be of greater service to those I am here to serve.

If you are curious about your own SQ and what it can do for you, I recommend the book, “SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence.

Several years ago I wrote an article about Spiritual IQ before anyone else seemed to be writing about it. You can read that article on Ezine. Spiritual intelligence is finally being recognized even in the corporate world. For centuries women were mocked and even murdered for their spiritual gifts – but no more. Our time has finally come and it is safe to come out of the closet, at least in our more humane societies. As Spiritual IQ becomes more recognized and valued, more women and heart-centered men will rise to the top of our systems and change the nature of everything from fear to love. Welcome to the true meaning of ascension!.

Until next time, find courage, trust yourself and be free!

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