Giving Is Essential To Your Own Wellbeing

At the core of every human being is the desire for love and acceptance which ultimately translates into a need for connection. As social beings, connection to other loving beings (human or animal) is one of our most basic human needs, right up there with food and water. Without expressions of love we become lifeless. Lack of feeling love and acceptance can lead to depression and even suicide.  

Giving and receiving are an outward way that love and appreciation are expressed. This form of expression is so vital to our wellbeing that we have created entire celebrations around reciprocation.

The act of giving is a natural anti-depressant and creates an emotional high when the giving is truly from the heart. That is, giving with gratitude for the ability to give and gratitude for the person, people or animal(s) you are giving your offerings to. The desire to give is built into us as strongly as the desire to receive. The sense of inner fulfillment that comes with giving is just as rewarding as receiving, if not more so. Yet we diminish the fulfillment that comes with giving when we give from guilt or expectation.

Many of us go through life giving out of fear of judgement and not really recognizing the gift that giving has the ability to provide us. Giving, regardless of the reason, must accompany gratitude or the internal reward for giving is dramatically diminished, if not completely eliminated. Giving becomes drudgery when it is accompanied by expectation, guilt or worry, and the joy that comes with giving ceases to exist. When we give from anything less than gratitude we receive in less than joy. In fear we are cut off from our reward. We then become resentful of giving as we view it with sense of loss rather than recognizing our internal benefit.

Giving out of fear isn’t really giving, it is coercion, and that is what hurts.

Many of us have bought into the belief that one must lose in order for another to gain. We have been sold on the fear-based belief of give and take. Give and take is a creation of the human mind and is not the way of the universal law. What we perceive as give and take in the mind of the universe is give and receive. When we give in gratitude we receive joy. When the recipient receives in gratitude we receive joy. In the mind of the universe there is only win/win.

In this season of gratitude and giving it is easy to remember giving from our hearts. What about the rest of the year?  Gratitude opens a gateway for you to receive more of what you desire. In every interaction with people, paying bills, buying groceries or donating your time and service, give your gifts with gratitude and you will find yourself with even more to be grateful for.

Speaking of giving, here is a gift for you from my video affirmation series.

Until next time, be Fearless & Free! 

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  1. True, we can always be grateful for the gift of life, if nothing else, But there’s always more. We always have something to give, even if it’s only a smile

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