LOVE: Lots Of Vivacious Energy

I love the word vivacious! To me, it is everything that makes a woman beautiful, magnetic and irresistible, not just to other people but to love itself.

Vivacious: lively, spirited, happy, outgoing, active, animated, fully alive.

Vivaciousness is a love-based energy that every one of us is born with. Without it, we would have failed to thrive in our first years of life. Vivaciousness begins to show itself with that first smile when a baby looks into its mother’s eyes. You hear it in the giggles of an infant that is beginning to discover its voice. You see it in the happy legs of a kicking baby when it is excited about everything it sees. You witness it when toddlers begin to walk, and all they want to do is run, climb and explore. You feel it when little girls dance to their own music. Vivaciousness drives the curiosity, imagination and communication of young children because it is all they know how to be.

Young children are fully alive! They don’t need to get love from anyone else, because they are love in a body and they are their own source of love.

Even when those they love hurt them, they still see only through the eyes of love. Then life happens. Children learn fear. With fear, the love of life begins to wane and vivaciousness begins to subside. With fear comes the belief that free-spiritedness is wrong. The belief in the need for acceptance sets in, and the belief that love is earned from outside takes over. The heart, out of fear, begins to close, and with that self-protection, all of the liveliness it once felt slowly disappears. For some people it seems gone forever.

The truth is that love never left, and vivaciousness is still inside every one of us.

It has just been waiting quietly for us to rediscover it and wake it back up. We never really did need to find love and the love of life from anyone or anything outside of ourselves. It is the core essence of who we are and has only been covered up with a lifetime of fear and fear’s many apparitions.

How do you find your vivaciousness again, and the love that comes with it? Look within. Living a life you love is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. Learn to love yourself, and everything loving in life gravitates to you, because love finds love irresistible. When you love yourself, that love inside of you is reflected outward. It is a pulsating light that others feel and want to be around. The love in you is reflected back by the love that is in others.

Love isn’t something you have to get, buy, deserve or earn. It isn’t something you have to prove yourself worthy of. You were born worthy of love and have always have been worthy.

Love it is the stuff you are made of. You have only been temporarily separated from it by a veil of illusion made of fear. Open your heart to the love within you. Allow yourself to again become free-spirited. Remember who you were when you were bold and courageous. Re-become that curious little child who loved the freedom of exploring life and who wasn’t afraid to speak the truth. Re-become who you once were, and behold the vivaciousness of who you were always meant to be – fully alive.

One last thing about loving yourself. If you, like me, were sold on the ridiculous belief that loving yourself is the same as arrogance, it’s time to clear that completely irrational belief once and for all. Self-love and arrogance are absolute opposites on the love/fear scale.

Self-love is acceptance of self; arrogance is fear of judgment.

Here is a simple exercise to clear your loving pathway and bring more love your way. Repeat these words:“I now forgive myself for ever believing that love has to come from anyone outside myself. My new belief is that love exists within me and is the core essence of who I am. I am love.”

Until next time, be bold, be courageous and be vivacious!


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