Willfulness is the same as tenacity. Why would anyone want to break that?

When I was a young child I was told that I had a strong will and that my will and spirit needed to be broken. By breaking my will it disconnected me from Spirit. Willfulness is inborn leadership and when cultivated with love can create apparent miracles. Repairing the strong will to its fullness is a process, especially if the fractured ego feels threatened. It’s scary out there…

Today’s message Dear One is a message on willfulness. Many children were taught to believe that their will and spirit needed to be broken. Some, now very few, still believe that children need to have hell beaten out of them. This is a great misunderstanding that willfulness is a curse. Your strong-will and free-spirit were seen as weaknesses rather than strengths, especially as a little girt who was expected to be lady-like – quiet, subdued, sweet and demure. This was not you and never meant to be. You ruffled feathers and caused adults around you to feel threatened and insecure with themselves. They saw your strong-will, your willfulness, as rebellion and out-of-control. Strong will is a gift. It is an inborn gift of leadership and when cultivated in love can create apparent miracles. A strong-willed child, a highly spirited child, is one who has great potential for leadership, as spiritedness is contagious. A strong will is connected to the greater will – the big will – the universal will. A strong will has the capacity to move the universe on its behalf and shake up the status quo. It pushes forward beyond pre-set limitations into the great unknown. It has persistent and limitless faith in possibilities. It is so powerful that even a fractured ego feels safe in its presence. The strongest wills don’t even need to push, they simply ask, and doors are opened. It is more than asking and wanting as those come from a position of lack. A strong will comes from a place of knowing, without doubt, that what it desires is possible. It is the great Spirit embodied as you with the ability to move mountains. You know when the broken will became lodged in your body. Now, finish the work of repairing it and watch the miracles unfold on your behalf. Your will is God’s will as you cannot separate yourself from God. Willfulness is tenacity. It is time to fully own your spiritually driven tenacity.

Several years ago as I was attending Spiritual Psychology school, Mary, our instructor, mentioned that issues with The Will, tend to be lodged in the neck. This would come as no surprise for many of us who experienced neck related trauma in our past-lives for being women of our own will. They called us witches… Many women still have issues with their throat chakras from speaking their truth and are still afraid to come out of their spiritual closet because of their soulular memories.

For me, the trauma to my will extended into this lifetime and it took me nearly 50 years to get to the root of it. After being treated for neck pain for much of my life I finally correlated to how my broken-will became lodged in my body. When I was four years old, right about the time I started to integrate the message from church and my parents that my will and spirit needed to be broken, I had a terrible fall. This fall put me in the hospital for a month with a broken leg and in a traction device. After a few months it appeared everything healed up perfectly, but what didn’t heal in perfect alignment began to manifest years later.

Pain is the body’s way of getting our attention, and for me, the pain in my neck, which is much better now, is evidence that restoring my will to its fullest capacity is necessary for liberating my soul’s full potential through me.

What about you? Did you have a will-breaking experience in this or a past lifetime that needs healing and resolution?

#It’s time to take back your will and unleash the true nature of your tenacity. 

Until next time, Be Bold, Be Fearless & Be Free!