This year has been one of the most transformational and liberating years of my life. Yes liberating, almost as liberating as leaving home so many years ago, only under very different circumstances. When I left home as a teenager it was to escape my life in search of myself and freedom from the feelings of suicide that plagued me. It was, in every sense of the word, a choice between life and death. In choosing life, I chose freedom.

I have habutterflyd a truly extraordinary life as a result of trusting my own path, rather than blindly following the one that had been supposedly predestined for me.

In October of 2015 I made the decision to attend the University of Santa Monica and earn a certificate in Spiritual Psychology. It was a course designed perfectly for me and I had been hearing about it for several years. It combines two of my favorite subjects, spirituality and psychology, into one learning program created to teaching students how to resolve unresolved issues and how to facilitate the healing of memories with others.

In the final summer lab intensive I discovered that my gifts went beyond being a messenger for the Divine Feminine. I discovered I have a gift for communicating with my client’s higher selves, deceased family members and higher-selves of those who need issue resolution.  All of this is in service to healing our stories and releasing the karmaic attachments that follow us and are embedded into our familial DNA.

Utilizing these gifts of healing my own story while assisting others in healing theirs fits perfectly in alignment with the work I feel I am being tugged to do. All of it is coming together in service to the greater good and healing the hearts of humanity.

Until next time, be fearless, fabulous and free!