This morning as I sat working on my intentions for 2017, along with catching up on a very long “To Do” list after spending close to three weeks playing with my husband and kids, I sat and pondered why it is that moving into the unknown feels so difficult for so many.

Yes, this past year was very difficult for many people as our planet went through a huge energetic shift. That in itself could be a blog post but for now I won’t get too woo-woo on you. Many of us, including myself, lost loved-ones and as a whole we lost individuals that touched our hearts over the years at it seemed that a steam-roller took out celebrities and artists we admired. And, for many, it seemed that we lost our direction as a country when money bought out politics on all sides. The chaos and loss of this past year has many people afraid of the unknown and what the future will be. I’ve heard this concern from clients and friends alike. Sitting and pondering on this as I prepared myself to become immersed in a new year of focus, this is the message that came through.

“My Dear Sweet Children, it isn’t the unknown that you are afraid of. It is what your mind has predetermined the unknown might bring you that you are afraid of. Fear of the unknown keeps your mind preoccupied with chaos and limitation, blocking your ability to recognize your own greatness and the role you play in creating the most vibrant future for yourself and those around you. When your focus is on that which you fear, that is what you create because that is all that you can see.move mountains

It is far better to open your mind to limitless possibles and focus on what you want the future to be. Move toward that which you desire in the direction of accomplishment, rather than allowing yourselves to be paralyzed by fear or attempt to run away from the illusions you have created in your mind. They are simply that, illusions, and when enough of you focus on the illusion of fear, that is what you co-create.

You are always inter-creating and it is up to each of you to focus on what you want rather than what you fear. When enough of you focus on what you want and work toward that, that is what you will create. This is why it is so vital that those of you who are focused on creating a new reality based in love come together in oneness. Yes, one person can make a difference and together you become a force for good that forges valleys and moves mountains.”

In short, individually as well as collectively, we get what we focus on. Yes, this is the Law of Attraction in action, but it’s more than that, it’s common sense. Simply put, you cannot arrive at a destination if your focus is in another direction. That holds true for ourselves, our country and the planet as a whole. We are the creators of our reality, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and we are the ones who will save us from ourselves. It isn’t a “me” thing, it’s a “we” thing.

Until next time, be Fearless, Fabulous and Free!