Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best laid plans are painful to actualize?

If you are like me, sometimes S—T happens even with the best intended plans and it throws you off track.  In those moments I try remind myself to look for the lesson in the experience, especially when  the experience involves pain and suffering.

Tweetable: Holding mental and emotional energy toward incomplete tasks is a form of energy debt, and can be exhausting if your energy is spread thin.

Yesterday morning I set the intentions to finish completing my long list of incomplete actions. This is a process I use to free up energy for new projects. Almost immediately after making my self-commitment I dropped a glass bottle of juice which shattered all over my garage floor. Then I jammed my thumb so hard in the laundry room that I’m now wearing a thumb splint. A few minutes later I whacked my head on an overhang in the garage while cleaning up the glass and juice.

I stood there, refusing to allow the start of my day to set the tone for the day. As my spiritual teacher has said in the past, “spirit has a sense of humor.” I asked myself what the chaos was all about. The answer that came through was, “You set the intention to finish your incomplete actions but you didn’t indicate the energy you wanted to complete them in. You need to be more specific.” I knew exactly what that meant.

With that insight I reset my intentions to complete my incomplete actions with the greatest grace, ease, efficiency and effectiveness, i.e. pain free. The rest of the day went beautifully and I got more accomplished than I originally planned. Now I have a thumb splint to remind me to meet my commitments with more specific intent.

The moral of today’s story? Be careful what you say you want. The more specific you can be the more the Universe has to work with and the more you can hold yourself in peaceful resolution.

Until next time, find courage, trust yourself and be free!