Recently I had the opportunity so share my message of Love Is All There Is to the congregation at the Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide in Palm Springs, CA. I shared my story of growing up in polygamy, how I ran away as a teenager and my  awakening experience that came with fully understanding that love really is all there is.

I’ve edited my presentation into three videos for easy viewing. Here is part one. Be sure to checkout the other two.  The real punch is at the end.

This whole idea that, “God Is Love” and in exactly the same token that we need to “Fear God,” is one of those dichotomies that seems to keep people spiritually stuck and confused. Do we love him or fear him, is he unconditionally loving or angry and vengeful? Why do we have to prove ourselves worthy of him if he doesn’t judge us? Hello?

Tweetable: God is love, period. Everything else was created in the minds of men.

Okay, I’m putting it right out there that to me, God is not some mystical, magical man in the sky. The God that I was raised with seems a bit like Santa Clause, naughty and nice and all that jazz, and they look very much alike according to my kids. For much of my life I believed in the God of man but now that concept seems far too small for me. I find it nearly impossible to limit infinite love, infinite intelligence, infinite wisdom and infinite creation into the shape and form of a man.  For me, the infinite energy that many call God is the energy of Love. Love is all that it is. It is without shape, form or function and is without limits. We are all one with it and it is one with us, because it is pure energy. It is the energy of love and love is the energy that creates all things. Science is beginning to prove that.

You may or may not agree with me and I’m okay with that. Ultimately we all have our own paths and perceptions, and perception becomes reality.

The belief that God is a man came from a time in our human evolution when it was all that our young minds could conceive. Perhaps it is time to evolve our beliefs into a higher understanding of Spirit. Perhaps it is time for our belief systems to catch up with science. Perhaps it is time to evolve all of our beliefs out of fear and into love.  When all of our religiosities evolve to teach love rather than fear, I believe humanity has a real chance at peace on earth.

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Until next time, find courage, trust yourself and be free!