Have you ever noticed that you get some of your best insights when you are working with water? Whether it’s the shower, bath, doing dishes or watering the yard, or even walking near the ocean, water seems to stimulate ideas. There is a reason that being in the flow of water stimulates being in the flow of ideas, but that’s not why I’m writing today. Today’s post is an insight I received while in the shower that I had never in a million years would have come up with on my own. It’s the idea that 2016 is the placenta.

As many of you may know, over the past few years we collectively gave birth to a new reality. It is a new reality based in love and has been a long time coming. That’s what 2012 was really all about and this new love-based reality is the return of unconditional love. It is restoring the feminine balance to our planet after thousands of years of imbalance. In pondering what has occurred on our planet the last few years and where we are heading, I’ve known for the past few months that what has been occurring is our collective disease being brought forward so that we can no longer deny what has existed just beneath the surface. This isn’t just about the race for the American presidency but the ugliness brought forward in the human race.

While I stood in the shower pondering this and the upcoming Women’s March on Inauguration day, a very interesting message about the birth of our reality came through and gave me an entirely new perspective to share with you.

“This message Dear One is regarding the birth of your new reality. All of it now is and has been put into place and is now complete as you well know. The chaos of 2016 was the afterbirth. Birth is never pretty. It’s messy and chaotic and painful, although it need not be, as resistance causes unnecessary pain. You have collectively pushed through and She is delivered. As with any newborn, this new reality is very delicate and fragile. It does and will require much vigilance and nurturing to make it strong and sustainable. It may be exhausting those of you who see its potential and battle to keep yourselves awake and aware. For many, it will keep you up because you love what you have birthed. It gets easier as your new reality gets stronger. She, for now, is a newborn infant, barely awakened and taking Her first breaths of life. The afterbirth is messy and not pretty, but very necessary. The contractions that come with the afterbirth are unpleasant and it appears to be of no value as it separates from the life it co-existed with in the womb of creation. In the afterbirth are the nutrients that give you strength and clarity. Do not throw it out placentabelieving that it has no value. It is full of nutrients that restore your resolve and renew your focus. Ingesting it for the value it gives you can multiply your efforts and restore your feelings of depletion. As a newborn baby, your new earth reality at times will seem to wear on your collective nerve as shifts between dimensions. It will bounce back and forth between asleep and awake until it becomes more collectively alert. It may be difficult for some of you to stay awake as you feel tugged by the world around to remain asleep. Eventually the collective will become more awake than asleep. It is up to each of you that have awakened to the new reality to assist the overall consciousness in their awakening. Gently love them in their own being. Remember, you are nurturing a newborn. Those of you who have birthed your own infants and cared for newborn children can see the work you have ahead of you. It is a work filled with delight as it begins to thrive with your love and nurturing. As you move more freely into this new reality you will see that, in waking up from the overdose of fear, birthing your own creations will come with greater ease and elegance. “

This newborn baby, in the evolution of humanity, is only a few minutes old and her life lays in our collective hands. What has occurred in the past few years is asking the feminine in all of us to rise. It is giving us the strength and urgency to pull ourselves out of complacency. It is asking us to step out from our quiet places, come out from under wraps, and move out from behind the woodwork. It is asking that we come together in unity and harmony for the greater good of humanity. It is asking that we become organized movements of consciousness rather than individual bright lights. We need to be seen just as boldly as fear and darkness has been. We need to love the afterbirth for the energy it provides us rather than wishing or pretending it didn’t exist. It is just as valuable to our new earth reality as the baby herself is.

Human beings are the only animals that discard the placenta that is needed to create and nurture life. It is chock full of everything we need to recover from birthing our new reality. Let’s juice it for all it has to give!