The courage of the heart must over-ride the doubt in the mind.

Know Dear Ones, that doubt is not your own. It is a dis-ease plaguing the human mind and prevents you from knowing, and fully owning, your true Divine Greatness.

Doubt is a deception, a virus in the human mind. It is based in fear and therefore nothing more than an illusion.

Doubt is not to be confused with discernment. As I child I was taught to not doubt my religion and that doubt was the devil attempting to lead me astray. Discernment is your higher-self, your loving spirit, teaching you how to think outside the confines of fear. In that regard, doubt then is from the devil, just not the way it has been taught to so many of us.

Doubt is a deception. If deception is a temptation away from our full and true capability, then one can see how it could be construed as being from the devil. Doubt can be used to serve a particular religion, and it can also be used against us in our own individual spiritual evolution. Doubt comes from the illusion of fear darkness where discernment comes from the light of truth. Doubt keeps human beings stuck where they are while discernment gives them the courage to move forward. Question everything, discern everything, even the doubting voice coming from your own mind.

Doubt can create blocks in your conscious evolution and purposeful progression.

Do you find yourself asking, “what are my blocks?” Do you seem unable to finish projects, write your words, record your projects, teach more often? Even when you know your students are waiting and needing you to appear, do you stumble and hold back. Yes, there are distractions, and yes there is work avoidance. The greater question is why?

There is a part of you that still doesn’t believe. There is a part of you that still doesn’t believe in you, your gifts, your blessings, your allness. There is a part of you that fears being fake news, another false prophet. A fear of being seen as a profit at the expense of others. This is part of the doubt disease that plagues many in the spiritual teaching and healing world. Yes, you know what your work and your wisdom has done for you. Are you wondering if you can guarantee that same for others?

Perhaps this is where your greatest doubt lies. The fear that you will be found out as a fraud when everything in your heart comes from honest goodness and authenticity. Could your heart handle the attack? 

Many Lightworkers are too softhearted to the point of mush.

This isn’t about becoming hard-hearted and calcifying your heart with fear, anger, blame, and resentment. A hardened heart causes heart-break. This is about building up and strengthening your heart with loving courage, conviction, and action. Remember, just as you strengthen your muscles and heart at the gym and exercise through action, the same hold true with your higher-heart. If the heart is too soft and weak, it becomes gullible, manipulatable and downtrodden. A strong heart can stand the tests of time and storms of life.

Strengthen your heart, not harden it. That is how you push through doubt of the mind.

A strong heart holds compassion and authenticity, driven by courage. The conviction that what you teach, and the work you do gives others what you have received, will come. Conviction comes with action and evidence from others who can give testimony to your service. Be of service first, even without evidence, and the evidence will come though the lives you affect.

The fear of being a fraud isn’t really you. It is infiltration attacking your mind. Remember that! That is how sneaky infiltration is. That is how subtle deception can be. It is your mind being led into fear and darkness without your heart’s permission. Put doubt out of your mind and carry on. Let the courage of your heart supersede the virus of doubt in your mind.

Remember, and be, the greatness you planted yourself on this planet to be.

Remember that you are Love in a body, here to help heal the broken hearts of humanity and free the human mind from enslavement to fear, so that we can all ascend together as one.

Until next time Get Bold, Become Fearless and Be Free!