Three Magic Words

If you are like me, the first words that come to mind when you think of magic words are “please” and “thank you.” Those words do work like magic when you are communicating with other people because they connect with the hearts of those you are receiving from. “Please” and “thank you” allow you to receive graciously and allow the giver to give graciously.

There are three other words that work just as magically when it comes to manifesting what you want from the universe. Those three magic words are “faith,” “hope,” and “trust,” and they work beautifully outside the constraints of religion.

There was a time in my life that I had such disdain for religion that I could not grasp any form of spirituality because of my perception of it within the context of religion. The words “faith,” “hope.” and “trust” were meaningless to me. More accurately, I found them irritating and unrealistic. They were words that were given lip service as a child but held no real value and slipped from my vocabulary as an adult. I associated them only with the God of men that I had been raised with. I wanted nothing to do with that God and the rules I had been taught that He expected me to live by. The only faith, hope, and trust I had was in myself and eventually my husband.

Then I discovered that these concepts exist perfectly well on their own and are limitless in their potential to work wonder in my life.

Several years ago, as I reconnected with myself and my own concept of spiritually, my eyes began to open to a much greater awareness of the universe and the intelligent energy that I now see as Divine. As I explored my inner truth and recognized my source of inspiration, I began to see the power in faith, hope, and trust. These are not just words uttered from memorized biblical quotes; they are magic words. Those three seemingly valueless words are the energetic action between ask and receive. The energy created with those words opens up the abundance of the universe and feeds our intentions. They align with the magic of creation, universal intelligence, and infinite wisdom, or what you might call synchronicity.

Faith is the belief in what you cannot see with your physical eyes. Hope is the belief that something better is on the horizon. Trust is the belief that what is best for you is what you are about to receive.

All of these beliefs work cohesively together to manifest your desired reality, and all of these beliefs are based in love. Top them off with action, and watch what the universe delivers on your behalf. For me, it works like magic.



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