The End Game, Separation of Wheat from Chaff, Light Workers – St. Germain

St. Germaine calls out to the Light Workers on Earth, sharing that they have been prepared to use their tools to help the rest of humanity through the waking up, transformation, and healing process that is now coming with the end game. We are in the transition between the fear-based matrix and ascending into heaven on Earth.
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How to End Greed and Control – Yeshuah

Several days ago I called in Yeshua (Jesus) and answer my question about how to detangle ourselves from relationships based on greed and control, and how to remove greed and control from out planet. His message is hopeful and tells us how to ascend above our present...

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Gamma Waves and the Global Currency Reset – St Germaine

This fourth part of the 4-part series from August 2015 comes from St. Germaine. In this message he explains the G-Waves, light waves coming to Earth, and also explains the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and the Redistribution of Wealth. most recent episodes Watch another...

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