The Tipping Point

March 2023 brings us to the tipping point… What will we do with it?

The tipping point is the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.

Hundreds of millions, if not billions of people, are seeing cracks in the dams of propaganda, manipulated politics and corporate empire agendas. The veil of deception is fraying. Small changes can lead to massive movements in the direction we envision, rather than the reality being sold to us. I’m reminded of how just a small shift to the rudder can change the direction of a massive ship.

Back in 2020 I was shown the date of March 2023 for something significant. I originally thought it was for me personally but it may be something for the whole of humanity. Perhaps it will be enough of a shift to steer humanity in a positive direction. Will the rudder shift just enough to steer us to the ascension, betterment of humanity, golden age, humanitarianism timeline? Or will it remain steadily held by the status quo and take us down the descending, sustenance, lack and totalitarian timeline?

It may be such a crucial moment in time that what we do with the month of March determines which timeline we steer our course toward.

Remember, our focus, our vision, our vibration, our frequency, our words, our thoughts, our actions inter-create our reality. When enough of us shift our focus the Earth shift will follow suit. Together we tip the rudder in the direction of love conquers all, and we remember who we are as Divine Humans.

My friend Geraldine and I were talking about March and The Tipping Point. She introduced me to the word, ” Apotheosis”. The word apotheosis correlates to internalizing the divine as us – changing the very nature of human into divine human.

According to her, “March is an incredibly important month in the history of our evolution and the primary goal is to prepare humanities vibrational frequency in order to sustain and ground through the waves of transformation we are entering into collectively now for the next 7 years. Energetically, and in the physical as well, this a very important month in which humanity is at an apex of choice.”

March brings us to zero point. The role we play will make all the difference in the world. We’ve Got This!

Watch more about March and the apex of transformation on The Higher View

Until next, Get Bold, Be Fearless and Live Free!



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