Solar Flash – The Guardians of Light

The Guardians of Light, also known as the Galactic Council of Light want us to know what to look forward to in the coming months. This message focuses on the 12/21/2020 flash, and what to expect from it.

Precisely what this “newsflash” will look and feel like is a mystery as it is something none of us have ever experienced. Gamma waves have been increasing for the past 5 years and it is predicted they will flood the planet on 12/21. These are transformation waves as a singularity of light that I understand wake-up dormant human codes in people who have done the prep work and create awareness beyond our present physical capacity. Breaking news from the ground may also accompany the energetic influx.

Stay calm, stay safe, stay out of fear, and remember, this is for our collective good. The light coming to our planet will help to dissipate the dark shadows of fear and oppression.

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