The Birth Of My New Brand

This week I have been giving birth and I finally pushed out my new baby.

I know, I know. I’ve been talking about this new website and brand for entirely too long. Actually, I’ve been trying to do it myself for too long, and I finally got smart enough to ask for help.

So, what took me so long to own up to who I am and what I teach? I’m stepping out on a limb and being completely transparent here. The truth is, the only thing stopping me was my own sense of personal worth. That is why I am now so excited about teaching the process to others and owning the title of “Personal Worth Expert.”

Personal worth is more than just the money in your bank account; it’s the passion in your purpose account and the love in your life account. Here on the blog each week we will be talking about cutting edge tools and insights to help you get past the past and elevate your value.

If you are ready to own what you are really worth then I invite you to take a ride with me on Fearless Fridays.

Let’s make this new adventure fun and fabulous as you add your feedback each week and invite your friends to play along.



  1. Courageous & Vivacious indeed!

    I love everything about your new branding and website! Colors purple & blue are perfect. Love the piano music, love the video variety, and love the text– which especially captures your humor! Love the sassiness & spunk!

    Photos capture a combination of goddess and imp. Reminds me of myself as “the black sheep and proud of it.” Signals that you have definitely gotten “past the past.” You have “walked your walk” and are now fully qualified to “talk your talk.” You are moving full-speed ahead, attracting thousands to get on board for a wild and joy-filled ride of self-worth and self-empowerment!

    This baby is worth every labor pain it took to get her here– and in perfect timing. Congratulations, Vivacious Victoria!

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