You might be thinking to yourself, “What does fear have to do with owing my true worth?” And the answer is, everything.

Have you ever hear that saying “get behind me Satan?” I figured out what it really means.   It’s fear.  Fear makes a big fat mess of everything and blocks your desired progress.  Fear is sneaky and deceptive and it disguises itself in many forms.  It disguises itself in ways that are almost undetectable.  Fear is so deceiving that sometimes it even looks like love.  It shows up in your relationships as anger.  It shows up in your career as distraction. It shows up in your personal life as complacency.  It even makes you want to over-eat, or dare I say it, get drunk.  It is the root of stress and frustration.  It is the cause of scarcity.  It creates feelings of shame and unworthiness.   It can even keep you stuck in your own proverbial hell.

Until you learn to recognize fear for what it is and put it behind you, it has the ability to block you from ever experiencing the deliciousness of life that is your birthright.

Understanding fear and the role it plays in your life is a process of digging down through the layers of beliefs that you have picked up in your lifetime. Most of your beliefs are actually other people’s beliefs that were placed upon you as children. They came from your parents, your religion, from school teachers, from friends and siblings, and even came from the media. Some of them you might have created as a child in an attempt to make sense of the chaos around you. Most of your beliefs are based in fear and when you go looking for them, their irrationality will surprise you.  The best part is that once you recognize them, you can put them behind you once and for all.

Were you ever told as a child, “You’re a bad kid. You’re not worthy. You should be ashamed of yourself. You deserved to be punished. You had it coming. You need to feel guilty for what you did. You are just a stupid girl…?”

Unfortunately our subconscious mind buys into other people’s beliefs about our worth and potential. How can you tell if your belief is fear-based?  It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is look at the language in the belief and feel how it sits with your core.   If there is any kind of judgment attached to it, it’s fear-based. If it feels constraining or limiting in any way, it’s fear.   If there is any worry or stress involved with it, you got it, its fear.  The opposite of fear is love.  Not the mushy gushy love most people think of.  The love I am talking about is intrinsic, it is unconditional and it is free.  And, it is far more powerful than fear.

You can put fear behind you with the power of love, simply by overwriting your beliefs with truths.

Truths are always based in love. They will always support you and they will always empower you. You were born in love and learned fear as a child, and as such you can also unlearn it. You can simply choose to no longer believe in your irrational and fear-based beliefs. One of the greatest tools for putting fear behind you is self-forgiveness.  Once you recognize a fear-based belief you can forgive yourself for ever buying into it and then overwrite it with an opposite belief that is based in love and empowerment.

If you are really ready to own your true worth and value, it’s time to excavate your old beliefs. Take them out, have a good look at them, and decide whether you are ready to finally put them behind you, or better yet, transcend them.

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