The month of March always seems to remind me of prosperity. It is more than just the the green and gold that is represented by St. Patrick’s Day and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is seeing the prosperity that exists in all things as the spring equinox begins the return of sunlight and warmth that is needed to grow new life.

Perhaps, like me, you were raised with the belief that money is evil and a tool of the Devil. 

Included in this perception was the belief that I needed to be poor, meek and humble in order to be worthy of God. For many years I had such an deeply-rooted negative association with the word “money” that I unconsciously sabotaged myself and blocked myself from my own greatest good.  Consciously I didn’t buy into the irrational belief that money was evil. But the resistant feelings I inwardly had toward money prevented me from being in the abundant flow of what I now understand is one of the greatest tools for personal and global transformation.

Now that I understand what love really is, I can see the completely irrational beliefs that many of us have about money. 

Money is a resource, a tool, and the person who uses the tool determines how it is used. Money is nothing more than the energy of reciprocation. It is given and received in the energy of the provider and receiver. If you look around the world and see all of the pain and suffering that is caused by the belief that some must lose in order to gain, it is fair to say that greed is the root of all evil. Greed causes men and women to act in ways that are the opposite of their core nature. Our true human nature is love, compassion and generosity. Fear and the belief in lack is the source of pain and suffering. Money is not the problem; fear in its many disguises is the problem. The answer is love.

Learning to love money for the tool and resource that it is will change everything in your life and your relationship with the world.

Perhaps, as it did with me, the word “money” conjures up negative resonance in your mind, heart, body and energy.  I have learned to replace the word “money” with the word “prosperity”. Every one of us is born to prosper. Prosperity is coded into everything in the universe. It is coded into the cellular makeup of all things. This encoding is the reason that all living things have the ability to grow, thrive, bloom and prosper. Of course, prosperity isn’t limited to money, it is growing our dreams and creating our realities. We were all meant to be fruitful and multiplying.

Being fruitful and multiplying doesn’t mean to make a bazillion babies, the way some of us were taught.

We were meant to grow trees of life and feed the world with the fruits of our labors. Every one of us is meant to prosper. We were meant to have a loving relationship with money. We were meant to use money as a gift that helps us prosper in our own lives, as well as assist in the growth and prosperity of those around us. Money is a tool that can transform the world. When shared generously, lovingly and gratefully, it changes everything it touches.

Looking at the colors represented in money you can see that it was meant to be used in love. Green is the color of the heart chakra and gold is the color of unconditional love. Approach prosperity with these understandings and watch your own prosperous nature grow.