I’ve often heard the middle of the night wake-up as the witching hour. Somewhere our religions seem to have confused the inspiration that comes when there are no distractions, with something outside of their control.
My childhood system of belief called it temptation, I know otherwise. We all have access to divine inspiration – not just the supposedly appointed few. The so-called witching hour is when our mind is most open to inspiration and guidance from our higher selves.

Several years back I woke up in the middle of the night to the message, “You need to make a movie about polygamy.”

These four-o’clock wake-up calls sometimes happen when my soul has a message for me that requires my attention. This particular message took me by complete surprise. It had never been in the realm of my imagination to make a movie, sure I often daydreamed of having a movie made about my personal story, but me, a filmmaker, never. At the time I knew nothing about the film industry, only that I had dabbled in in for a few months in the late 1980s and quickly discovered it was a distasteful business I wanted nothing to do with.

Why then, more than twenty years later, did I suddenly get the middle-of-the-night wake-up call to make a movie?

The next morning I sat on my couch, asking myself what the message was all about. The response was simply, “Keep your eyes and ears open today.” A little later I hopped onto Facebook and into a private group I rarely visited. It was a group full of angry individuals still suffering as a result of polygamy. When I did visit, it was to spread love and healing. That morning it became for a completely different reason.

Yes, I’m highly intuitive, and my inner-guidance was spot on!

Another uncommon visitor to the group asked if I knew anyone with the last name of Lithgow or Mackelroy. The first name I knew all too well. This was the last name of the girl that I ran away from home with. I haven’t seen or heard from her in 30 years.

I mentioned that I knew the last name Lithgow, and was met with a response that a filmmaker in Los Angeles was looking to make a movie about polygamy and looking for someone to help. Within 24 hours I was sitting down with that filmmaker, who just happened to have an opening in her very busy schedule, and within a week we were filming on location in now infamous Colorado City.

Yes, that middle of the night wake-up call was the real deal, as was the nudge to keep my eyes and ears open.

Amber Dawn Lee was that filmmaker. The movie itself still sits on the cutting room floor as they say, but you can see snippets of our interviews on her YouTube channel shown below.

Amber and I have become life-long friends. She taught me a crash course in film-making and introduced me to other actors and filmmakers. That first meeting with Amber has taken me on a completely new trajectory for my life in alignment with my soul’s higher purpose. This is about helping others have their stories heard.

We all have a pain story and those with the most painful stories have the greatest ability to affect the world. How you tell and use your story makes all the difference!

Until next time, Be Bold, Be Courageous & Speak Your Truth!