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Recovering From Religious Trauma Syndrome & Freeing My Spirit

Five plus years ago when I started writing about polygamy, growing up in a fundamentalist cult, the effects of religious abuse, and the need for spiritual freedom, I was way out there on the leading edge. It was very scary for me, out there all by myself, and having no evidence to back up what I knew caused me pain as a child and affected me as an adult.

No one was talking about religious abuse or spiritual trauma, but they are now!

Thank Love I am no longer alone and others have had the courage to come forward to tell their truth. What I experienced and worked through on my own, finally has a label. It is being recognized in the professional therapy world as Religious Trauma Syndrome and there are vast numbers of us who have been affected by it. Having a label for my trauma, working the process that I outlined in my book Transcending Fear, and helping others understand their story, gives me all the more courage to speak my truth and teach what I know I am here to teach.

My purpose is to teach spiritual freedom.

I am a spiritual liberation catalyst, intuitive life mentor and spiritual coach. Whew that’s a mouthful I know. In short, I teach the difference between religion and spiritualty and how to transcend fear-based dogma so that you can follow your own spiritual path without fear, guilt or shame. If you are perfectly content with your present religious beliefs, fabulous! You are where your soul presently wants you to be and where you feel resonance. It is not my purpose to change your mind and I do not judge your path. You are where you are and your path is yours.

My purpose is to serve those who feel a tug for something else. You know who you are. Deep inside the dogma doesn’t work for you anymore and you are looking for higher understanding.

Perhaps you left religion ages ago but still feel guilty for not believing what you “should” believe. Maybe there is residual shame that is blocking you from fully loving life. Perhaps your deep-seeded beliefs about money are preventing you from success. Or maybe it’s not so obvious but you feel unfulfilled and you can’t quite figure out what is missing. Maybe, like me, you have been dealing with issues of unworthiness and low self-esteem. Fear-based beliefs lead to feelings of inadequacy and almost always stem from our experiences as children. What you were fed mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as a child affects your choices and perceptions as an adult.

Spiritual freedom is freeing your spirit, aka energy, from the confines of fear so that you can live a life you love and love the life you live.

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The Birth Of My New Brand

This week I have been giving birth and I finally pushed out my new baby.

I know, I know. I’ve been talking about this new website and brand for entirely too long. Actually, I’ve been trying to do it myself for too long, and I finally got smart enough to ask for help.

So, what took me so long to own up to who I am and what I teach? I’m stepping out on a limb and being completely transparent here. The truth is, the only thing stopping me was my own sense of personal worth. That is why I am now so excited about teaching the process to others and owning the title of “Personal Worth Expert.”

Personal worth is more than just the money in your bank account; it’s the passion in your purpose account and the love in your life account. Here on the blog each week we will be talking about cutting edge tools and insights to help you get past the past and elevate your value.

If you are ready to own what you are really worth then I invite you to take a ride with me on Fearless Fridays.

Let’s make this new adventure fun and fabulous as you add your feedback each week and invite your friends to play along.