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Resistance Is Futile

There is so much happening in the world right now that sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. All of it depends on which side of the kaleidoscope each of us are choosing to look through. koliedescopeLooking through the wide lends, backward through to the eyepiece, there is only one limiting perspective. This limited perspective is often the viewpoint of those around the viewer and many times based on outmoded beliefs that don’t really serve anyone. Many people simply can’t see any other perspective because that one-way aligns with what they have always believed. The idea of believing something new often creates inner-chaos. This inner-chaos is what psychologists refer to as Cognitive Dissonance. Those who are open-minded enough to understand that their limiting beliefs may not be in alignment with their greatest good, have no trouble turning the kaleidoscope around and seeing the beauty of multiple perspectives.

This morning, as I spent time at the gym giving my body it’s much needed exercise, the concept of seeing resistance from multiple perspectives came through. The #Resist movement is gaining momentum for the movers and the shakers who are using this time to move humanity forward and shake up the status quo. Aka, free humanity from the controls of fear and patriarchy so that we can all live together in balance and harmony. Ultimately, that is what we all seek, whether we realize it or not.

What came through in my questioning was a multiple perspective of resistance and the energy needed to create the world we all say we desire. For those who are a follower of Abraham, this is especially juicy.

“As our Dear One Abraham teaches and many spiritual teachers understand, what you resist persists. Resistance as a form of fighting against. Againstness has never solved anything. Againstness only keeps you stuck in the very thing you resist. As long has your focus is on what you don’t want, you will get more of the same, simply because that is all that you can see. Resisting what you don’t want causes a force to constrain you and as such, resistance is futile. In your againstness and resistance you are pulled back and assimilated into the fear, the very thing you are attempting to fight against. Imagine that you are a rubber-band, pulling away from what you resist. This pulling away from, resistance, can only holdup for so long before it swings backward, into the very thing you are attempting to pull yourself from. If your focus is on what is behind you, fighting against becomes exhausting. If you are able to change your focus from what you are against, and rather resistance is futilemaintain your holding pattern, this allows you to then persist forward. Rather than fighting against, you can resist being assimilated by holding in your truth and resilience while looking forward. This holding stance gives you the ability to refuse being assimilated while not fighting against the old consciousness. Holding in neutrality than allows you to focus on what you want without being pulled back and out of shape as you lose yourself in the fear. From neutrality you are able to tap into the persistence necessary to push forward. Push forward long enough and the pulling of the past has no choice but to eventually let go and propel you forward. Persistence is powered by love and is far more powerful than resistance which is forced by fear. This isn’t to say of course that you turn blindly the other way so that you cannot see what is behind you. Looking in the rear view mirror as you progress forward is a safety check and a measure for how far you have come. Persist rather than resist is the consciousness that is necessary to create permanent forward movement. Decline to be assimilated and pulled backward, hold yourself with grace and dignity, and move forward with conscious action into the desired future that serves all life on earth, rather than the few who see themselves as being above all others. Persist, rather than resist, is the focus that you seek.”

I asked once why Yeshuah (the teacher many call Jesus) used metaphors and why the Divine Feminine speaks to me in metaphors. She replied that metaphors and stories allow human beings to understand what is being taught from the perspective of where they presently are. One of the issues with our religiosities is that many teachers are metaphoretelling people what to think based on where the teacher is, rather than creating a space for students to learn and understand based on where the student is. Some are regurgitating hand-me-down teachings, rather than asking for a new understanding based on where we presently are. Being unable to see from a new perspective, multiple perspectives, is why humanity is stuck where it is. We simply cannot move into our next phase of our collective evolution as long as we focus on the past.

The #Resist movement is working, not because of what it is resisting but because of what it is persisting. Women, and forward-thinking men, are no longer accepting what they cannot change, because they have accepted that they themselves are the change. While there are some who are “fighting against,” the core energy of the movement itself is “pushing for.”  This pushing is how we give birth and nurture a new reality based in love, rather than holding in the constraints of fear.

And yes, just in case you were wondering, I am a Star Trek fan.

Until next time be fearless, fabulous and free!


I Have Been Outed

Five years ago I wrote a page of intentions for myself and titled the page, “I’m Coming Out.” It was a list of intentions for myself and who I wanted to be professionally. At that point I was well aware of my spiritual gifts but not yet ready to own them.

No wonder I wasn’t able to meet the intentions on my list – I wasn’t delivering the message I know I am here to deliver! My intentions were written in future tense rather than claiming it as the present. What we say as our present state of being is what creates our reality. “I Am” are the two most powerful words in the Universe. There is no such day as someday and the only time that is real is now. Several months ago I started coming from under wraps regarding my gifts and I’ve changed my intentions to “I Am Now!” What is really amazing, is how everything has started falling into place as if by magic. Coming out of the spiritual closet, completely owning my gifts and teaching what I am really on planet Earth to teach, has opened doors that I once only dreamed of.

My purpose is to teach spiritual freedom and evolution into higher understanding of spirit. It is to teach Her side of the story as the Divine Feminine teaches it to me.

Religion as a whole is undergoing a huge shift as humanity collectively outgrows the fear-based beliefs found in much of religious dogma and we return to unconditional love. I was raised A.U.B., short for Apostolic United Brethren, although I didn’t even know it had a name until a few years ago. I grew up simply calling it “The Work.” It is a belief system I walked away from over thirty years ago because it never felt right for me. I had a gift of understanding that allowed me to see a bigger picture than what I had been taught by my parents and religious leaders. I had insights and questions that were beyond their ability to explain to me and instead, I was taught to be afraid of my my explainable gifts. Fear and lack of understanding eventually drove me to find my own path.

Fear-based religious dogma itself causes the separation from God and keeps humanity stuck in hell on earth. That is the power of fear. It is so sneaky that many people don’t even know how to recognize it and yet it is written into our religiosities and disguised as love. Even those who teach it don’t recognize it as fear. 

We are ascending into a higher understanding of spirit which is based in love, resurrecting the Divine Feminine and seeing the second-coming of Christ Consciousness of unconditional love. We are in the midst of the great time that was once foretold. The term “apocalypse” that so many of us were taught to fear simply means “a great awakening.” Many  people don’t recognize that we are in the midst of The Ascension because it doesn’t look the way our religions taught us it would look like, based in the interpretations of men in their own understanding.

I suspect what everyone is really searching for is connecting with and understanding of their own possibility. In short, we are collectively outgrowing our archaic fear-based beliefs in search of higher understanding. 

So, what is this coming out all about?  Five years ago I discovered I have a spiritual gift that I never imagined was even possible. Particularly because I had the misconception that only men could have such a gift based on my childhood religious teachings. I have a gift of direct knowing, that is, knowing what I cannot possibly know based on anything I have read or heard. My knowing comes directly from Source, or what others call God. Five years ago I began channeling an energy named Victoria, and took on her name so that I could teach and embody her messages through me. Now I am openly admitting that I am an Oracle, more specifically an Oracle of Freedom and teacher of the messages of the Divine Feminine. The Universe and what we have called God, is so much bigger, much more loving and so much more vast than our young minds have been able to comprehend… until now.

My messaging and branding are all shifting into this higher knowing as I openly teach what She teaches me.

Stay tuned as my brand evolves and my blog along with it. It will no longer be about me and my past and instead focuses entirely on uplifting the whole of humanity. There are enough other people out there talking about the pain – I am here to teach a new perspective and higher possibility for all humankind where no one gets left behind.


She is Risen

Knowing what I now know through listening to my inner truth, Easter has a whole new meaning from what I once believed. For me it is a celebration of the Divine Feminine.

As a little girl I was taught that Easter was a Pagan holiday and should not be celebrated. Although I had no idea what “Pagan” meant, it was clear by the way my parents talked about it that was evil and it was something to fear. In the tiny commune of my childhood only holidays that were sanctioned by our unique brand of religion were recognized and celebrated. We celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus on the 6th of April every year, rather than following the phases of the sun and moon that determine Easter’s dates.Resurrecting Divine Feminine

By the time I reached high school the eggs, bunnies and other Pagan Easter traditions could no longer be squelched, although for many years I felt very confused about what bunnies and eggs and phases of the moon had to do with The Christ’s resurrection. As I began researching what I call “the evolution of belief,” I began to understand how Christian holidays merged with pre-existing traditions that celebrated and worshiped the Mother. Individuals were allowed to keep their traditions if they disavowed their beliefs and became Christian, or succumb to death for not conforming.  As religion came to rule the world, humans began to see worshiping the Divine Feminine as something to fear, feminine gifts were considered witchcraft and all things feminine were reduced to near nothingness. The more than men and their religions ruled the world the less valuable women and spirituality became.

Unfortunately, in our collective evolution, much of humanity stopped recognizing the Divine Feminine when man created God in man’s image.  Slowly She almost ceased to exist. Were in not for the indigenous peoples and polytheistic beliefs, we may have destroyed Her, and ourselves, altogether.

This time of year is a celebration of the Divine Feminine, whether we recognize it or not. Easter is celebration of the return of warmth and renewal. It is a celebration of
the nurturing, loving, healing, giving Mother. It is a celebration of the birthing and renewing life. It is a celebration of the Earth restoring life in all of Her abundance. It is a celebration of Her generosity and unconditional love. It is a celebration of the light and hope for the future. It is a recognition of our own resurrection and ascension in the cycle of life.

Each year when we celebrate all of the Goddesses represented by Easter traditions, and the resurrection of Jesus in Christianity, we are celebrating life being restored to it’s fullness as new life emerges from the depths of the earth to live again, renewed and whole it is perfection. We are celebrating Her resurrection.

Love is rising!  

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